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heat press machine

Do You Use A Rotary Sublimation Heat Press Machine & You Know Much About it?


Sublimation heat press machine is the main piece of equipment that is driving your business, do research and buy a quality press. It must be reliable and endure the volume of pressing you to want to achieve over time. Make sure it can handle a long run of printing without losing heat.

As we can see sublimation printing is folded the interlining fabrics and prints, following after each cylinder and pressure roller rolling pattern on the printing and drying. And then based on the color properties of the dyes in solid-color or color. Finally, wash the fabric dries, through the printing process. Electronic engraving is also known as optoelectronic engraving. In late 1960 of the 20th century, China imports from the Federal Republic of Germany an electronic engraving machine. China’s firework production pioneered the electronic era. Change from traditional photographic prints to an electronic engraving plate. Electronic engraving technique with the electromechanical engraving, laser engraving, laser burning candle sculpture, and electron beam sculpted four categories. Electromechanical engraving technique, with its excellent image quality, stable and reliable quality carvings, carved with high efficiency in a wide range of applications.

heat press machine

heat press machine

Roller heat press machine was initially used pattern in contact with a copper roller in fabric printing, textile printing, cylinder surface stained with colored pulp, and use a sharp, smooth shaving paste scraping on the surface of the cylinder does not cut part. Printing a set of patterns of fabric needs a few cylinders. Firework is about arranging with light to dark, from small to large. In this kind of printing you can print production products, but the pattern likely to have defective, you need to take the time to carve, and time-consuming.

Sublimation transfer machines only can meet some of the first capital of the enterprise. Make small investments, but there will be always hope. And the quantity of product, inventory is much better. Later someone developed the thermal transfer printing machine which can satisfy small and medium enterprises, and also can control the size of production, will not cause water pollution, emission-free. The most important is the ease of operation, good printing effects, bright colors, and low cost.

In the heat printing business, you are going to need suppliers for heat transfers, blank apparel, and vinyl if you choose to cut vinyl. There are so many places to get all of these, so look for a supplier that meets your business needs, whether it’s speed, quality, one-stop-shop, etc. After you find your suppliers and know your raw material and overhead costs, you can start to create your pricing structure. There are many methods out there for pricing, so again, do your research. Your costs, your market, competition, and your desired profit margin are all pieces to the pricing puzzle.

rotary heat press

rotary heat press


What are the maintenance methods for roller heat press machines?

Rotary heat press machine is one of the heat transfer printing machinery and equipment, suitable for large banners, banners, non-woven fabrics, clothing fabrics, towels, sheets, mouse pad, and other goods for sublimation transfer. Here we share the next maintenance methods of the roller heat press machine. Detailed points are as follows:

1.Please punctual cleaning roller heat press machine shell, adhere to the roller heat press machine equipment neat. And the room should avoid dust, can not be prone to a machine which is easy produce smoke and dust. At least once a week to check the machine situation, if hairy and other debris, please use tweezers or facial tissue to remove debris.

2.Often check the roller heat press machine safety valve, bearings, transmission parts to make sure the action sensitive and reliable.

3.Each time before operating, the roller heat press machine on the activities of the site must be refueling according to the rules.

4.The roller heat press machine on the gas source processor, the need to close the gas every day 2 times; aerosol oil, adjusted to 4-5 drops per minute, and in the refueling to gas.

5.Joint head: drops of butter (a week/time, 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days/times).

6. In the use of the process, the emergency stop switch, on the roller heat press machine should to minimum use to avoid shortening the life of the chain, towline, belt.

7.For the optical axis, the situation in the machine sometimes will occur, you can drop oil twice a week, do not use poor quality of the media, if the media is too bad, it is easy to break the machine.

8.For the end of the wheel of the roller heat press machine, in the cleaning of the table glue, we should avoid table adhesive to the end of the wheel, after cleaning, please check whether the bottom wheel sticky plastic, if available, please dry wipe it, otherwise, it will directly affect the quality of the printing.


roll to roll heat press

roll to roll heat press

How to maintain a roller heat press machine?

When customers consider buying machines, except care the cost, but also care how to maintain machines, today we will be together with you to discuss how to maintain roller heat press machine. The machine could occur breakdown during working, breakdown handling can be divided into two types: non-stop working and stop working.

Handling of non-stop working breakdown:

a). When finding a heating blanket with the small stuff, you can clean it with a brush. If can not, you can remove it when it stops.

b). When finding a blanket with small stripes, you can use the small stone to grind it. If can not, you should send it to repair. But it’s seldom to appear such problem.

c). If you find the color differences between both sides and the middle place, you can adjust the pressure on both sides, or adjust the space between the roller drum and blanket.

d). If you find the parts are losing during working, you should fasten the screw in time.

e). If you find a heating press with false designs, you can slow down the machine.

f). When finding the blanket and conveyor belt deviate to one side, you can adjust manually, and our roller heat press machine has an automatic function of deviation correction for the blanket and conveyor belt.

g). When finding the fabric with staining, you should turn on the drying system to dry the fabric and avoid the staining.

h). When finding the fabric or blanket tension is too strong or too small, you should adjust the speed between units or tension device in time, make sure proper tension.

i). When the moisture is uneven in the fabric, you could adjust the pressure.

The handling of stop working breakdown:

a).If some sharp material into the roller, stop it and take it out.

b). During heat transfer, if find fabric too much thread, and wind into the roller, you should stop the machine and deal with it in time.

c). When the blanket used for a long time, and the blanket too thin, heating not steady, you should stop the machine and take it out to change a new one.

In the future, the roller heat press machine will develop towards to total automatic. maintenance becomes easier. At the same time, the stability of the machine will be toward high efficiency. We have all sizes of sublimation rotary heat press machines, if you have any need pls feel free to contact us!


What’s the Right Way to Choose a Sublimation Calender Machine? The Roller Heat Press must be Suitable for Your Inkjet Printer?

Do you know what’s the right way to choose a sublimation calender machine? What should you care for when select the roller heat press machine? And the heat transfer machine must be suitable for you digital inkjet printer? There are many questions need to solve before you buy the heat press machine. If you can’t answer these questions! Here I would like to introduce them to you, then you will know the answer.

Three steps for you to choose Sublimation Calender Machine

Firstly, same as the sublimation printer, the heat press machine also have many different models: large format press machine and desktop heat press machine. So before you buy the press machine, have a check with your printer. If your sublimation printer is the desktop model you only need to buy a desktop model press machine, while if your sublimation printer is in large format then you must choose the calendar rotary heat press machine.

The Roller Heat Press must be Suitable for Your digital Inkjet Printer?

Secondly, even if your sublimation printer is in wide format, you also need to take care the specific width. You must know that the wide format sublimation printer also have different width: 1.2m, 1.6m, 1.8m etc. So know the specific size of your printer and the your heat press machine should better bigger than your printer so that you can ensure no matter what the size of your sublimation paper after printing. Then it can be transferred successfully.

Consistent Heat? From the surface, there is no heat requirement for the printer. But you should know the heat transfer is happened after the inkjet printing. The roller heat press machine needed to be heated to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit for sublimation inks to transfer from the paper to the polymer fibers. This transfer has to be smooth and even for the process to work properly and for the image transfer to be consistent from one pressing to the next. This requires the printer has a good stability, so that it can transmit the inks onto the sublimation paper and make the patterns be stable and vividly both in the paper and fabric.

All in all, choose the right printing and transferring machine in your whole transfer process can guarantee your working getting a better result and effect. Some times not the high price product can get the best performance. But the most suitable sometimes may be more important.

Well, These all above are my share about the way of choosing a roller heat press machine. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.