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Services for Calender Heat Press

  At Sublistar, we can provide you with not only the best quality rotary heat
transfer machine and related consumables, we also offer you with the best quality
sublimation transfer service and suggeations.

  Sublistar heat transfer offers technical support to its customers via email or
telephone. We are happy to help you with issues regarding installation and
setup, or if you are having trouble with the operation of your machine.

Sales: Sales@sublicalender.com
Phone: +86 25 83228894

Support Hours
Sublistar calender heat press support is open Monday to Friday, 9:00 am ­-
6:00 pm & Saturday from 9:00 am ­- 6:00 pm.

Support Procedure
All received emails will be answered as soon as possible. Please be as descriptive
of your needs and questions as possible in your email. If you need to access a
technician via. phone support call +86 25 83228894. A receptionist will note
what your needs and questions so that our technical staff will contact you and
provide you the service at the first time.

Support Duration
With the purchase of each Sublistar calender unit the purchasing client is
entitled to lifetime technical support. However, this support entitlement is non-

Extent of our Support
Sublistar calender will fully support the machines sold by Sublistar calender and
it’s affiliates.
This includes all manufacturer’s parts. We will also support the following
Double circulating oil for explosion-proof
This high quality circulating oil can ensure no color difference, the error would
not exceed 1℃
Chinese QB2450 international steel plate
The QB2450 international steel plate has high density. Hlp your patterns
transferred with good efficiency.
Great Wall thermal oil
With minerals in the terminal oil, can support the open burning. And in the
turning it would not coking

Problem Solving
It is our commitment to fix all problems as quickly as possible after they are
brought to our attention. If you have any questions about our support policies
please contact us.

Onsite Training
If you or your company prefers personal, onsite installation and training we
offer a full days training( with training fee). Our larger format lasers may include
up to 3 days install and training service.

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