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Why Choosing Rotary Heat Transfer Calender?

heat press

Why Choosing Rotary Heat Transfer Calender?

Why Choosing Rotary Heat Transfer Calender?

rotary heat transfer machine

Roll to roll heat transfer machine is mainly used for the purpose of coil sublimation transfer printing ink, multilayer composite material mounting, flannelette
or thick material hot drilling.

Roller with over 600mm adopts double roller core design, which is fuel-efficient and power-saving. It has multi-functions such as electronic non-contact heating module, precise automatic constant temperature control, pneumatic booster, automatic roller winding, inflatable shaft, automatic edge correction etc.This is the basic parameter introduction; special requirements could be tailor-made according to customers’ request.

What about rotary heat transfer machine features?

1, the machine used genuine original electrical accessories, temperature control precision, long service life
2, the use of oil heating method, heating evenlyroll to roll heat transfer printing
3, digital temperature and speed controller, adjustable speed
4, the machine with three meters long double deck, the bottom with a conveyor belt, to facilitate the transfer of pieces of pieces
5, the machine with a pressurized system, to meet the different requirements of different products on the pressure
6, the use of imported heating pipe, heat evenly, durable, the use of imported blankets, blankets are not easy to deviation
7, the machine blanket for the off-style, blankets are not easy to burn out, with three put two devices, to facilitate customers to retract products
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