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What causes horizontal stripes to appear when the garment digital printing machine prints?

What causes horizontal stripes to appear when the garment digital printing machine prints?

In the production process of printing, the garment digital printing machine will more or less have some failures, resulting in the damage of printing products, and even the loss of the company. For example, apparel digital printing machine printing will appear horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes refer to the different colors and shades on the printed product patterns, resulting in the failure of lines. The fault of horizontal stripes can be solved by finding out the “disease” of horizontal stripes.

There are several kinds of fault of horizontal stripes: transportation problem, ink problem, step problem and so on.

Ink problem. Use the ink of pass quality as far as possible, use inferior ink to often can appear to print breakdown, the most important is still can damage shower head, a shower head tens of thousands of pieces, broken did not have. It is recommended to use the imported Korean Inktec heat transfer ink.

Step size problem. Refers to the slow delivery of the medium, resulting in each step is covered by the ink. After passing through multiple passes, the stripes appear uniform, and the stripes are darker than elsewhere. At this time, we can set the step size parameters of each machine to adjust through the operation interface or software.

Transportation. The transportation problem is actually the medium transmission system. For example, if the ribbon of the straight jet printing machine is not uniform, the folded ink can not be sprayed on, and eventually horizontal stripes appear.

Of course, the fault that appears horizontal stripe is not only these 3, still have other reason be caused by. Therefore, when doing printing, our garment digital printing machine needs a lot of observation, to stop the fault immediately, to avoid more fault, and then to remove the fault cause and find a solution.



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