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What should be paid attention to when the roller printing machine is in foaming process?

What should be paid attention to when the roller printing machine is in foaming process?

Foaming printing is one of the common processes of the roller printing machine, which is developed on the basis of the pulp printing technology. Its principle is to add several chemicals with high expansion coefficient in a certain proportion to the pulp printing dye. After drying, the printing position is foamed at a high temperature of 200-300 degrees to achieve a three-dimensional effect similar to “embossing”. Foaming printing process visual substrate requirements do high, medium and low foaming effect very impressive. Foamy printing is so popular because it has a strong three-dimensional feel, with the printing surface prominent and expanded. It is widely used in cotton, nylon and other materials.

Three methods: high foaming, low foaming and suede foaming are commonly used in rotary printing. As these methods are combined with other colors of the gelatine printing process, so there are some needs to pay attention in the work.

1. If it is multiple color foam printing, pay special attention to a slightly shorter drying time, at the time of pulp drying is not the best, and then in the last one color printed the initiate can together at the same time, printed and issued by the bubble in the machine, because the machine printing special uniform and shave is printed equal the number of times, until the whole batch of products after printing, you will immediately find unexpected effect, consistency especially good and special level, this is the advantage of printing machine.

2. Foam printing should be arranged as far as possible after all printing plates. Because the printing process in advance of the printing foam, the drying process in the middle of the foam will be very high, and will also affect other printing. And to print in the last version, you have to go more than a few ovens, you can complete all the foaming printing process, thereby saving a foaming process.

3. The foaming printing color area must be printed on the fabric, and the background color cannot be printed, otherwise the washing fastness will be deteriorated.


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