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How to Improve the Working Efficiency of the Sublimation Roller Digital Printing Machine?

In recent years, the sublimation roller digital printing machine apply in digital printing field has become very common, so the textile dyeing and finishing industry has also benefited. The emergence and application of the digital printing of the drum is the best illustration.

Sublimation roller digital printing machine is an economical and efficient color inkjet printing output device. Especially with the rapid development of digital color printing technology, the concept of making digital printing has gradually been accepted by consumers, and is widely used in all walks of life.

The printing image of the drum digital printing machine is not clear. The phenomenon is: the image is blurred; there is a broken figure in the image: the fineness of the spray nozzle is improperly adjusted. Mainly due to the choice of inkjet resolution and the gray cloth does not match.


The solution is that the surface cannot be as smooth as paper due to the weaving of the grey fabric. Infinitely improving image sharpness is not only ineffective, but also affects the improvement of the ejection speed. The difficulty of adding software and hardware should be based on the fineness of the pattern and the smoothness of the fabric. The resolution is adjusted to the height of the nozzle.

The nozzle of the drum digital printing machine is too low, which is easy to block the nozzle, affecting the color of the pattern; the nozzle is too high. The ink moves with the left and right of the nozzle. There is a certain height from the fabric. A parabola will be produced at a certain angle. The boundary of the printed pattern will be blurred, the precision will be poor, and the color will not be bright enough. Therefore, when printing, adjust the nozzle to the proper height. The height is adjusted, and the effect will be doubled, so that customers can do it with their own intentions.

In fact, when you buy the roller digital printing machine, it is preset to a height, but because it has been used for a long time, the nozzle has accumulated dust, and the loss of use causes the size of the nozzle to be different. Usually mechanical inspection is the best preventive measure.

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