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Something Need To Consider Before Buying A Heat Press Machine

​Here’re the important things you need to keep in mind when purchasing the best affordable t-shirt printing machine for your t-shirt printing needs.

heat press machine1. Quality
The first thing you want to do when buying your heat press machine for t-shirts is the quality. As much as you want to invest your money in a durable, long-term machine, you’ll need to make sure it comes with the ultimate quality.

The easiest way to detect a durable machine when comparing different models is looking at the weight. Of course, a durable, high-quality machine will be heavier given the materials used to construct it.

Your machine needs to withstand consistent clamping and movements involved. And if you invest in a bad quality, light machine, it will not be able to handle that.

2. Budget
This is especially useful for beginners who are planning to buy their first ever machine.

My simple advice is: spend according to your limits while making sure the machine you buy will meet your basic printing needs.

3. Digital Timer and Temperature Control
Almost all the modern cheap heat press machines are integrated with digital time and temperature controls. These help you set the correct time and temperature values depending on the materials you’re working on.

If you don’t wish to risk burning your customer’s t-shirts or tote bags due to overexposure, you’ll need to consider this feature.

4. Temperature and Time Range
While still on temperature and time aspects of a heat transfer machine, you should take a chance to learn their range.

​For a standard heat press, about 350 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and approx. 10 seconds is adequate to meet your t-shirt printing needs. The range will vary if you’re working on thicker garments- like hoodies or sweatshirts.

heat press machine5. Size
The choice of the heat transfer you buy should primarily be fueled by the space available as well as the size of the garments you’re working on.

I’d suggest that you consider the bigger models- measuring 16 x 20 inch as they offer you a larger working space.

Models smaller than this are great if you’re on a budget- though they might not offer you a comfortable working space when printing on larger garments such as XL tees and hoodies.

If you’re working on kids t-shirts, models as small as 9 x 12 inch will serve you well.

If you’ve limited space at your office or home, consider investing in compact models that are space-efficient.

In addition, there are many other things need to consider. We will share with you next time. We Fei Yue Digital Technology Co., Ltd mainly manages sublimation paper, inkjet printer, digital printing inks, calendering machines and accessories. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Thanks for your reading.


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Why Do You Need to Use a Heat Press for T-shirt Printing?

sublimation printingT-shirt designs are all the rage nowadays. They come in all sorts of textures and thicknesses. They are very easy to spot in a crowd. These are some of the reasons why people flock to them. Here’re just some of the reasons why you need to use a heat press for t-shirt printing.

First, it is ideal for printing colored designs. You can use up to three colors. A heat press is able to work with many different thermal patterns at the same time to create a multi-colored T-shirt. Now why is this a big deal? Well, most T-shirts are actually monochromatic. They only come in one color.

If you are able to print in multiple colors, you stand apart from your local T-shirt competitors. On top of this, your designs would be able to accommodate many patterns, colors and textures. After all, the more choices you give your customers, the more likely they will pick your business for their T-shirt needs.

The second reason why you should consider a heat press is that printing T-shirts produces a durable design. If you print it right, the print will last a lifetime. Compare this with the typical silkscreen which doesn’t last all that long. There’s not enough heat involved, and it’s also a very sensitive process. You have to position everything properly, otherwise the durability might not be there. You can say goodbye to all that unnecessary drama with the right heat transfer equipment.

Another great reason why you should consider this piece of machinery for your T-shirt printing business is that it’s very easy to set up. You just have to make the proper cut lines and everything else pretty much falls into place. Now compare this with the typical silkscreen outfit, it doesn’t even compare. With the silkscreen setup, you have to pay attention to so many details and sadly, the more details you have to pay attention to, the more problems may appear. There’s just so many things that can fall out of place, or things that may be overlooked and the result is all too predictable: a crappy looking T-shirt.

sublimation printingKeep in mind that since the material you’re working with is opaque, you can print onto any colored fabric. You wouldn’t have to worry about the colors of the fabric changing. This is a tremendous competitive advantage of vinyl. This is not the case with other types of T-shirt materials.

Finally, since printing is a fairly easy and straightforward process, you just have to print it when you need it. You don’t have to preprint T-shirts to save time. The typical heat press procedure is over in 20-30 seconds. Compare that with the typical silkscreen process that takes several hours. Given this tremendous competitive advantage, you don’t have to preprint T-shirts in the hopes that they will be sold. You can print T-shirts the moment you get orders for them. You don’t need much lead time. This is a tremendous advantage as far as profitability goes because this reduces the risk of waste for your business.

Now that you have a clear idea of these key competitive advantages, it would be easier for you to decide why you need a heat press machine for T-shirt printing.

How to Make Sure You Can Heat Press a T-shirt Successfully?

   Using a heat press machine appropriately will help you get a good result in sublimation printing a t-shirt. There are many tips we can use to get a better performance. I’d like to share them with you.

heat press machine

   1. When heat pressing on a t-shirt, the collar is crucial. If you want to have a beautiful collars, remember the collar should be hanging off the lower platen of the heat press. This action can make sure the pressure and heat are even in the whole process.

   2.Don’t forget to pre-press the shirt. It can let the garment without wrinkles and moisture, and allows the transfer to adhere to the garment better.

   3.Put the transfer paper in the right place. We usually suggest our customers that the transfer placement should be 3 to 4 fingers below the neckline, depending on the shirt style and transfer.

   4.The heat press machine should have different settings for different materials. Remember to adjust your settings if you prepare to heat press different materials.

   5.Remember to use a cover sheet. Try to use a cover sheet to keep clean of the platen when you don’t use it.It will save a lot of time of cleaning.

heat pressing

   Try to follow these tips, and you will find they are effective.