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Sublimation Textile Printing On Home Textiles

Sublimation Textile Printing On Home Textiles

sublimation printing machinesCurtain material is a sizable section of our home material print production. We have specialized in support printing answer on polyester and proof-treated fabric, which are not solely to serve the aesthetic cause for the give up product however also has one or greater imperative useful qualities.

Home textiles are not only curtains. We print on carpets, upholstery, cloth for pillows, tea cloths, towels, desk mats, and tablecloths – there are nearly no limits.

Home cloth is a trend-oriented market and with a long standpoint too. The so-called megatrends supply the producers and designers’ instruction as nicely as innovative freedom. The popularity of prints in these megatrends is increasing. Well, sure of course!

The digital fabric printing technology is a treasure chest of exact graphics, unlimited shade palettes, and photographic reproduction. Beautiful prints of deer, owls, and polar bears would not have been an option 15 years ago. Floral prints on unlimited repeat lengths make our pillows and carpets special and bring nature into the dwelling room.sublimation textile

Home textiles of polyester are robust products

Polyester is a very robust synthetic material. Its useful and durable features make it a preferred choice for home textiles.

Polyester is particularly suitable for dye-sub print. We use the sublimation transfer printing technique that gives the best chances of managing the colorants and create a beautiful and very long-lasting result.


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