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Rotary Heat Press Machine Completes The Process Of Heat Transfer Printing

Rotary Heat Press Machine Completes The Process Of Heat Transfer Printing

textile calender machineRotary heat press machine is a form of heat transfer machinery and equipment. It is divided into exceptional types and costs in accordance with the diameter of the cylinder.

The roller heat press machine is also very acquainted with equipment. What is the process of completing the fabric printing machines on the roller printing machine?

First, the temperature of the sublimation roll heat press is raised to a certain degree according to the circumstance of the printed fabric, normally between 190 and 220 degrees.

At equal time, we want to prepare the material and paper needed for printing. If it is a printed piece, we additionally need to put together a backing paper, so that some of the ink pigments uncovered at some stage in printing will stick to the fabric after high temperature, affecting the basic effect.

Then simply put the material and flower paper into the roll sublimation machine, and the printing is completed when the cloth comes out. The entire system is very simple.rotary drum heat press

It can be said that the rotary warmness switch machine is a right preference for thermal transfer, no longer solely with strong operability, but also with especially low cost.

However, it ought to be cited that because the strain curler of the roll sublimation machine is in a high temperature and excessive pressure state at work, security is the most important.

The fabric printing machine is suitable for sublimation transfer of massive banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, clothing fabrics, towels, sheets, mousepads, and other products, specifically non-stop transfer of a piece of fabric.

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