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Rotary Heat Transfer Machine and Platen Heat Press

In the technique of sublimation printing, a heat press is a necessary machine that performs a vital role. As we all know, there are two types of heat press computer in the market: rotary heat transfer machine and platen heat press. Do you comprehend the distinction between them? Read the following and the publisher will share with you the answer. 🙂

rotary heat transfer machine

Rotary Drum Heat Press
Rotary Drum Heat Press Calender is regularly used to print material always(roll to roll) and to print giant material parts such as signs and symptoms and banners which can also be too massive for a trendy platen press. Drum machines can additionally be used to print sports activities clothing and different reduce apparel parts. Drum machines are greater productive than platen machines for sublimation printing to reduce clothing components and are consequently used when production extent is high. Drum machines are now not used alternatively to print onto rigid substrates such as wood, steel or ceramic tile.

heat press machine Platen Heat Press
Platen presses are frequently used for printing on character pieces such as reduce apparel parts, T-shirts, sports activities apparel, tote bags, etc. It is also used to print on rigid substrates such as wood, metals and ceramic tiles.

Platen presses are regularly used for printing on man or woman pieces such as reduce clothing parts, T-shirts, sports activities apparel, tote bags, etc. Platen presses are additionally used to print on rigid substrates such as wood, metals and ceramic tiles. Rotary heat transfer machines are regularly used to print material consistently(roll to roll) and to print large material components such as signs and banners which may also be too large for a popular platen press. Drum machines can also be used to print sports activities garb and others reduce clothing parts. Calender heat presses are greater productive than platen machines for sublimation printing on cut clothing parts and are consequently used when manufacturing extent is high. Drum machines are not used then again to print onto rigid substrates such as wood, metal or ceramic tile.

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What’s The Function Of Rotary Heat Press Machine?

Rotary heat press machine can apply in the gem, metal plate, clay tile, fired, plastic, wood, gypsum stone, cardboard, cards and other porousness and impermeability materials. it can print legitimately to high-caliber, never blurred photographs, a wide scope of item applications, the market request potential.

The highlights of rotary heat transfer machine:

rotary heat press machine

1. Multifunction

It can apply for assortment of materials, such us metal, fired tile, artistic, plastic, wood, gypsum stone, cardboard, and so on.

2.Print impact

Reasonable printing impacts, printers utilizing conservative and great quick drying ink, sparing clients working costs.

3.stable quality

No extra support of refined structure to counteract print head stopping adaptable alteration between the print stage and the careful separation between the print head, print increasingly exact.

4.Small venture

Effectively complete high-effectiveness printing orders Digital printing shop to build business scope, improve the market intensity of the best arrangement.

The benefits of the rotary drum heat press:

1.Simple and advantageous activity: no plate and rehash the chromatography procedure, simple to keep up.

2.Print speed: low information costs, fast printing is completely material to mechanical large scale manufacturing.

3.To beat the material limits: Can print any medium inside the predefined thickness, totally conquer the conventional printing techniques can just utilize exceptional paper and extraordinary details, you can utilize extremely slight or very thick articles, the thickness of up to the thickness of the item It is 18 centimeters.

roller heat transfer machine

4.Automatic Cleaning System: Significant head blocking capacity According to the purchaser’s decision to cycle in different methods of programmed cleaning of the print head, so to counteract spout stopping up.

5.High-exactness printing impeccable: The utilization of the organization’s generation of exceptional ink, the yield of the picture practical impacts, to photograph quality. Picture waterproof, sun security, scraped spot obstruction, never blur.

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What Are the Main Advantages of the Rotary Printing Machine?

There are numerous kinds of printing machines in the present market. At the point when we pick, we not just need to take a gander at the particular extent of utilization, yet in addition need to comprehend the upsides of utilization. The roller printing machine is famous in the market as a printing gear, and it is likewise utilized in numerous businesses. How about we take a gander at the particular focal points of utilizing it.

rotary printing machine

1. As per our understanding, it very well may be discovered that in the genuine mechanical hardware, covers are imported crude materials. So when the roller heat press machine is utilized explicitly, we can find that the genuine assistance life is long. The most significant thing is the general audio effect is awesome. For whatever length of time that we as a whole need to know in detail, we can have a superior comprehension of these gadgets.

2. From the current market circumstance, the item is very easy to understand as far as explicit structure, and it is moderately straightforward in activity. The refined plan and cleaning not just ensure the nature of the printing machine, however alsothe entire exchange impact is generally excellent during the time spent use. With the goal that we can comprehend the estimation of this hardware in detail, and it likewise deals wellin the current market.

From the over two points of interest, we can see that the general shape and genuine structure can be seen when really choosing the roller printing machine. In the event that these are better planned, we can know the real focal points when we use it. The most significant thing is that the exchange impact of the roller printing machine has been bolstered and preferred by numerous individuals. Numerous businesses are refreshing the utilization of such printing machines, with the goal that items can be sold in numerous spots in more structures. It is surely the correct decision.

roller heat press

We Nanjing Fei Yue Digital is a company specializing in sublimation transfer printing equipment and materials. We provide the best quality product in a affordable price. If you are looking for a partner and are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

The Main Advantages of the Roller Heat Transfer Machine

There are many types of printing machines in the current market. When we choose, we not only need to look at the specific scope of use, but also need to understand the advantages of use. The roller printing machine is very popular in the market as a printing equipment, and it is also used in many industries. Let’s look at the specific advantages of using it.

roller heat tranfser machine

1. According to our understanding, it can be found that in the actual mechanical equipment, blankets are imported raw materials. So when the roller printing machine is used specifically, we can find that the actual service life is very long. The most important thing is the overall sound effect is very good. As long as we all want to know in detail, we can have a better understanding of these devices.

2. From the existing market situation, the product is very user-friendly in terms of specific design, and it is relatively simple in operation. The refined design and polishing not only guarantee the quality of the printing machine, but alsothe whole transfer effect is very good in the process of use. So that we can understand the value of this equipment in detail, and it also sales wellin the existing market.

rotary heat transfer machine

From the above two advantages, we can see that the overall shape and actual design can be seen when actually selecting the roller heat press machine. If these are better designed, we can know the actual advantages when we choose to use it. The most important thing is that the transfer effect of the roller printing machine has been supported and liked by many people. Many industries are updating the use of such printing machines, so that products can be sold in many places in more forms. It is indeed the right choice.

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How to Choose a Industrial Heat Press Machine?

An industrial heat press machine (or simply “heat press”) is used to apply for large format fabrics. How do you pick the right rotary heat press?  Take your time and consider your goals, not just the price. And today’s article is to share how to choose the machine.

industrial heat press machineTwo key factors when choosing a rotary heat press machine are the diameter and the width of the drum. Drums can vary in diameter from 20 cm to 2 m+, and the wider the diameter of the drum, the higher the press’s production speed. This is because the substrate needs to be in contact with the heated drum for an average of 40 seconds to achieve effective sublimation. This means that it can pass twice as quickly over a 40 cm drum compared with a 20 cm drum due to the larger contact area.

There is also a wide range of drum widths available, from 400 mm (working width) to 5000 mm+. It makes sense to match the width of the drum to the width of your printer, or you could opt for a wider drum to future-proof your investment in the event that you move up to a wider printer at a later date.

sublimation heat transfer machineIn terms of production speed, a rotary heat press calender with a 35 cm drum will keep pace with two or three Mimaki JV33, TS34 or Epson 7000 printers. Traditionally, industrial heat press machine runs much faster than the printers. However, things are beginning to change with more productive digital printers coming onto the market. Our company has a printer that can print at up 400 m square per hour, and we need a 1 m drum heat press to keep up with it.

Our company is a machine manufacturer with over 10 years of experience producing industrial rotary heat press. We take care of each customer’s idea and, if necessary, our team can make the special size of rotary heat press machine for the customer. Any question, please contact us. Thank you for your reading