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What are the advantages of calender heat press in nylon printing industry?

Nylon cloth printing is not as common as cotton, terylene and other bulk textile printing in silk screen printing, but it is also a relatively common content of fabric printing. Nylon cloth is often used to make all kinds of travel bags, clothing, poncho, household appliances and equipment covers, advertising banners and some advertising. In nylon printing, not only clear patterns and bright colors are required, but the most important thing is to ensure the fastness of the printing to meet the requirements, and the fastness of the printing is also the quality problem that must be paid special attention to in nylon printing.

Due to low thermal plasticity, most manufacturers use acid dyestuff to color nylon fabric through the process of screen printing. However, nylon fabric after screen printing, such as soaping color fastness, washing color fastness, sun color fastness, perspiration color fastness, etc., is always unsatisfactory, unable to break through grade 4. The breakthrough point of color fastness of nylon printing fabric has been a problem solved by textile technology.

FeiYue printing machinery has been focusing on the research, development and production of printing machines for more than 10 years. It has passed various tests for the nylon printing process, mastered the technical core, and completely solved the nylon thermal transfer printing process. In the fabric application, also from the 15D nylon fabric to nylon Oxford fabric can be produced.

The transfer effect of using FeiYue roller transfer printing machine has three characteristics:

1. The pattern of transfer printing fabric (fabric) is characterized by vivid patterns, detailed patterns, clear levels and strong three-dimensional sense. Transfer printing can print natural scenery and artistic patterns.

2. After the transfer printing, it can be packaged and delivered without post-treatment, featuring short production cycle and high production efficiency.

3. Transfer printing fabrics (fabrics) do not have environmental pollution problems. Due to dry processing, there is no water washing, evaporation, drying and other processes, no waste gas and waste water discharge.

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What is the requirement of rotary printing machine for transfer fabric?

In the market more heat sublimation transfer printing equipment, small output, most of the heat transfer stamping machine to solve, for the small batch, small heat transfer stamping more flexible. However, for large volume printing, rotary printing machine is the best choice.

The rotary heat transfer machine also has certain requirements for the transfer of the fabric, the rotary printing machine is the best effect on the pure polyester fabric, because the cotton fiber is not dispersed dye color on the polyester blended fabric, the color to be lighter than the pure polyester fabric, large flower shape and “snowflake” (white) phenomenon. Pure polyamide fabric can also transfer printing, but less color, wet treatment fastness. The transfer printing process consumes twice the length of the fabric, the waste paper and the residual dye after printing are difficult to recover, and the printing color is difficult, so it is mainly used for partial printing of some fabrics, such as deformed silk fabric and knitwear, as well as some decorative printing.

Of course, roller printing machine is not omnipotent, nor is the transfer effect perfect. For cotton, real silk, linen and other fabrics pattern printing, roller printing machine is not competent. This had to be done by printing patterns on the fabric using a direct spray printing machine.

Why digital printing machine plays an important role in the garment industry?

Why digital printing machine plays an important role in the garment industry? Let me share them with you. Digital printing technology is a combination of computer, new materials, precision machinery and other new technological achievements developed, combined with innovative design technology and engineering technology, can be said to be a breakthrough of traditional printing methods. It is one of the high technologies of textile production and the fastest developing frontier technology of textile processing.

The basis analysis of digital printing machine occupies an important position in the garment industry:

As the digital printing production process completely completes the computerization of digital production, so production flexibility is greatly enhanced. In addition, as a result of the use of computer technology to print a series of images of the same image with different colors, and in the process of production designers to the image to color constant correction has become digital printing production is different from the traditional printing production of a major technical advantage.

Digital printing machine realizes the production process of small batch and quick reaction, and production batch is free from any restrictions. In the process of printing, the use of dye is distributed according to the needs of the computer, so that no waste of dye or waste water occurs in the process of printing. In the process of computer controlled printing, no noise is made, so that there is no pollution in the process of printing, and the green production process is completed. The production process of textile printing is freed from the previous high energy consumption, high pollution and high noise, and the production process of low energy consumption and no pollution is completed.

Compared with traditional printing technology, digital printing has made fundamental changes, and the technological process is greatly simplified. And don’t need to plate making, the technology can do small batch and many varieties, fast delivery, water saving, energy saving, saving dyestuff, civilized, clean production, the end of printing and dyeing production environment and then completely changes appearance, fashion, personalized supply the necessary condition for garment industry, so the digital printing in the clothing industry occupies an important position.

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A brief analysis of market positioning of roller printing machine

What is the market position of roller printing machine? I understand the market positioning of rotary heat transfer machine as follows.

Personalized gift market

The domestic gift market has reached 9.8 billion, which has become a popular trend of gifts. Print your own photos or favorite pictures, ICONS and words on the gifts, and get rid of the stereotyped faces of the gifts, which can better reflect the value of the gifts and the gift giver’s originality.

Home decoration and furniture market

Domestic home decoration market reached tens of billions of personalized home decoration is also quietly popular. The household style that user is fond of according to him, on adornment picture, ceramic tile, furniture, floor print the photograph that he likes or image, decorate his home with the style that he likes, build the individual character space that belongs to him truly.

Personalized supplies market

A significant portion of the popular market for mobile phones and digital products is young and fashionable, and printing your own logo on these products is the best way to show your personality. Some carry-on items, such as makeup mirrors, lighters, wallets and backpacks, are also good ways for these users to show their own personality.

Personalized image consumer goods market

With the rapid development of digital imaging, people are no longer confined to printing their photos on photographic paper. Universal digital printing system can print any image on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramics, canvas, etc. The effect of products printed on different materials is different from that of people. People can print their photos on different materials, which enriches the expression form and effect of photos.

Film, game, animation, popular culture peripheral product market

Universal digital printing system can also be based on the trend of the current popular film, animation, hip-hop and other images or pop elements printed on some items.

Advertising and signage market

High quality, high price, medium and small batches of advertising and signage production, such as various metal membership CARDS, attendance CARDS, chest CARDS, hangtag, licensing and other color printing, which is difficult to achieve the current printing technology.

Professional proofing

One molding, no platemaking, some materials can be used repeatedly, low cost; Direct computer typesetting, modification, production, simple operation, high efficiency, significantly reduced costs.

Professional high quality small batch

Printing ink-jet printing directly, no plate-making, no transfer and film, high image quality, accurate color positioning; Printing media rich, a wide customer base.

How to prevent wrinkle when rotary heat transfer machine works?

The process of printing on the fabric with concave copper drum is called roller printing, also known as copper roller printing. The carved drum is called a cylinder. When printing, first make the surface of the cylinder stained with color paste, and then use sharp and flat scraping to scrape off the surface color paste of the uncut part of the cylinder, leaving color paste in the concave pattern. When the cylinder is printed on the fabric, the color paste is transferred to the fabric and printed patterns. Each cylinder prints a kind of color paste, if at the same time in the printing equipment installed several cylinders, may continue to print color patterns. Roller printing has the advantages of clear pattern gallery, full color and high productivity.

How to prevent wrinkle when rotary heat transfer machine works? The methods include:

Dyeing printing roller resists in dark cloth to offset some of the reducing agents; Work, scraper, sharp blade, low position, slightly heavy hammer; Surface finish of polished cylinder is improved; 1, 000 test eccentricity on automobile front cylinder; Color consistency, when necessary, control the lubricating oil properly; Insoluble azo dye printed fancy light cloth to prevent scratching, whiteness, often in the foundation of chromophenol, adding appropriate amount of sodium bisulfite (but should be noted in the blue green brown black salt, salt V should not be used.)

In the roller printing machine operation, if there are various creases. Some are due to the wrinkles of the semi-product itself, some are due to the crimp caused by the edge of the fabric, some are due to the uneven splicing, or tilt, resulting in uneven fabric tension and wrinkles, these belong to the process before printing should be corrected in time, especially after the mercerizing setting is difficult to correct some creases, printing. But most of the printing process of wrinkles, such as poisson locks, roller pressure unevenness, tension is differ, the distance of two guide roller contact is too big, printing part of moisture, special printing paste shrinkage and weight, cotton and wool step village is not straight, on both sides of the dry cotton pulp, and the expansion of the middle part of the other, there’s a big difference in the roller, tended to wrinkle. Creases and guides, uneven surfaces tarnish too much.

In addition, some of the molecular structure of synthetic dyes on the fabric surface, or too much dye, if frequent wrinkle problems occur, mainly because the accumulation of more dyes on the fabric surface does not easily penetrate into the formation of wrinkles inside the fiber.

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What is the importance and correct maintenance method of rotary heat transfer machine?

Women need cosmetics to beautify their appearance and maintain youthful beauty, and rotary heat transfer machine also needs proper maintenance. The difference is that the machine is maintained for its life, to create more benefits, to make it more effective for us to generate benefits and improve efficiency. If at ordinary times neglect to rotary heat transfer machine maintenance, the first damage is parts, resulting in a shorter machine life. Therefore, we provide some maintenance work and matters needing attention to avoid the loss of time, manpower and financial resources caused by improper maintenance. We hope that every machine will help you produce high economic efficiency.

Main maintenance instructions are as follows:

1. The air source processor on the rotary printing machine shall be closed and drained twice a day; Air mist oil, adjust to 4-5 drops per minute and turn off when refueling.

2. Joint head, drippable butter (one week/time, 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days/time).

3. Smooth shaft (machine movement part), butter twice a week.

4. Emergency stop switch. In the process of use, to minimize the use of the printing machine emergency stop switch, to avoid the impact of emergency stop chain, chain and synchronous belt life.

5. The bottom wheel of the printing machine shall avoid sticking to the bottom wheel when cleaning the rubber of the table. After cleaning, the bottom wheel should be checked for adhesive. If available dry cloth wipe day wipe, or directly affect the printing precision.

Good clothing printing, only a good rotary printing machine can be produced!

What are the common failures of rotary heat transfer machine?

Common failures of rotary heat transfer machine

Tow the pulp

Under the flower pattern, some of the non flower patterns that are of the same color or different colors are pulled out. The reason may be:

1. The scraper device is too high.

2. The color paste is too thick, so that the fabric can not be absorbed instantly and is brought into the stripes by this later flower tube.

3.Flowers placed unreasonable. Generally, it can be solved by adjusting the cutter angle, the thickness of the paste and the knife.

Jump knife

The transverse striations left on the fabric are flicker due to the blinking of the blades. The primary reason may be that the scraper device is too low to make the blade flicker or the weight hammer pressure is not formed, of course, the flower tube device is not appropriate and the gear bite is loose can also form a jump knife.

Knife bar

One or more lines of color are formed on the surface of the fabric. The first is that the scraper has small notches (knife used for a long time, the surface of the flower tube rough, etc.) or sticky impurities (velvet, color paste insoluble matter, etc.) resulting in the color paste on the flower tube not scraped clean.


From the edge of the knife, some spots of color fall onto the fabric. This kind of blemish occurs easily when the scraper device is too low, the speed is too fast, the slurry is too thin, and the flower tube is cross stripe. If the adjustment can not be resolved, it can be covered with a cloth over the top of the flower barrel. In addition, if there are trachoma on the flower tube, the formation of color points are regular according to the circumference, and splash is not the same.

The field

The print patterns are somewhat revealing. Causes: fabric low efficiency, too thick slurry, too fast speed, pressure can not be, shade is too shallow. If the shaft is bent, it will form a left middle right chromatic aberration and even a field.

After knowing the causes of these common failures, do you know how to avoid them and make better use of the roller drum heat transfer machine?

What are the standards of a good roller printing machine?

How can it be regarded as a good and high quality roller printing machine?

For the analysis and selection of this equipment, we may need to pay attention to and understand from such aspects. For example, the first thing we need to pay attention to is to see whether the quality of this equipment is reliable, whether it has good quality assurance. Because if the quality of the equipment does not pass, then we can not use for a long time, and the use of time may be prone to some production accidents or accidents, quality is always our judgment of such equipment, the first reference standard.

After reaching the high quality level, we also need to have a comprehensive understanding of the function of the roller drum heat transfer machine. Although the main function of this kind of equipment is to print, but now with the development of diversification, many devices have also added some other functions. This allows people to use these equipment, can be more convenient, more comprehensive use of the effect, such equipment is undoubtedly more practical, more outstanding. So if you want to be a good printer, then in addition to printing functions, it is better to have some other common functions, just more practical. When you choose a roller printing machine, you will certainly notice the way it is used. This is also an important aspect of judging whether it is good to use. Generally speaking, the simpler the operation of the equipment, the more adjustable the parameters, the better the effect for people to use it. They can really help you, and you can have a better experience in these areas.

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