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High Quality Sublimation Calender – Good Partner For Pieces Digital Printing



Sublimation heat press machine is specifically designed to meet the increasing demands for pieces digital printing, it can both do pieces and rolls, The transfer paper is placed side up on the table and feeds continuously into the machine, the waste paper and the transferred fabric exit under the working table. This model is economical and practical after our perfect development during these years.

calender heat press printer

calender heat press printer


It is designed for production and sampling, especially has advantage in pre-cut pieces transfer, and it’s simple to operate. The design also allows for the use of protection paper to protect the belt from contamination. The customers can add more functions to the roller heat press machine and optimize it according to their own requirements and our digital printing solutions.


The sublimation machine suitable for cloth and clothing pieces heat transfer. The working efficiency is 2-3 times that of the conventional. Electronic digital thermostat control, the number of motor variable frequency speed control, high accuracy, teated wheel seal oil heating oil control can effectively ensure the balance and stability of the temperature.

1.7m heat press machine

1.7m heat press machine

Good in pure base fabric structure, flatter surface, Best transfer printing effect, long lifetime, Silicone Power Roller, Durable, wear-resistant, Strong friction, good performance of transmitting, Inflatable Shaft, Easier to take off the fabric and paper, Fabric or paper fix it tighter


Sublicalender is professional sublimation calender manufacturer in China. We can provide you high quality heat press machine with different width and length, if any needs, pls feel free to contact us!

Sublimation Rotary Heat Press – Perfect Machine for Industrial Scaled Producer




The Sublimation rotary heat press with vacuumed heating roller is designed to meet the increasing demand for high quality inkjet Dye-sublimation heat transfer technology. It is the perfect machine for industrial scaled producer who require high production speed and printing quality.


We got some good idea to solve following head ache problems by changing the machine design. This Sublimation rotary heat transfer press with vacuumed heating roller is the best choice for your printing job.

 heat press machine

heat press machine

  1. The heating tubes in the heating drum easily got break and oil leaking occured because the different expansion rate from heating tubes to heating drum body. It is head ache problem for end users.


  1. After one or two years production, the conduct oil got oxidized. It changes into sticky mud like things, poor flowing ability, so temperature difference on different parts of heating drum happened easily while it is the key element to keep the same color shade on transfer printing process.


  1. So you need to change all oxidized oil by fresh oil. First of all, the oxidized oil can not be removed through from the heating drum since they are sticking on the wall inside of the heating drum closely. Secondly, how do you deal with those mud like oxidized oil when they are harmful to environment.
heat press transfer machine

heat press transfer machine

High quality heat presses are the perfect solution for small businesses, include heat transfer papers. This simple machine can make transferring your images to T-shirts, jeans, pillow cases, jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads, ceramic tiles etc any flat surface


Sublicalender is professional roll type heat transfer machine manufacturer in China. We can provide you high quality heat press machine with different width and length, if any needs, pls feel free to contact us!

What’s the Blanket of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine?

This kind of blanket is made of 100% Nomex fiber which is available for the rotary heat transfer machine. The calender printing felt could work on high temperatures to ensure carries the dyestuffs press the pattern on the fabric from printed paper clearly when pre-printed.

rotary heat transfer machine

What is the Felt?
Roll to roll transfer printing machine used Industry Endless blanket have a relatively high temperature resistance, our belt have two specification: 160-180℃ and 230-260℃. All of the felt belt could meet the different needs of different customers. The interior of the blanket is specially added with a kind of base cloth which are made of endless industrial silk, which can ensure that the blanket does not run out of position after being machined, does not arch up, has a long service life, and the shrinkage rate is controlled at about 2%.

calender heat press How to Protect the Blanket?
(1. Work abnormal conditions should immediately stop the check. While the blanket out of the drum, cooling fan to help prevent damage to the carpet belt.
(2. After the end of the transfer work, turn off the “heat” button of roller heating machine, and turn the hand wheel to the blanket out of the drum, the machine stops heating when the temperature dropped to 100 ° C and can turn off the host.
(3. A power outage or staff leave work shall be pneumatic pressure silicon roller lift to prevent burning or scalding blanket.
( Warning: Machine power failure or the operator leave, without shaft lift pressure cloth, likely to cause a burning of blanket.)

Okay, These all above are my share about the knowledge of rotary heat transfer machine blanket. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.

How to Operate A Large Format Dye Sublimation Calender?

A large format dye sublimation calender is different from platen heat press machine,which is easy to operate. Incorrect use of industrial calender heat press may cause damage to the machine or other accident occurs. Therefore, today we are going to introduce about how to operate the wide format roller heating machine.

dye sublimation calender

Check before starting the mechanical transmission part is normal, then lift the feed pressure stick, the tone is just the blanket with the tension, until the temperature for the temperature of your work will commence its work.

1) Make sure the body is well grounded and power wiring is correct, onto the chassis circuit breaker, then press the “power” button of heat transfer machine, and then press the “run” button in the inverter control panel, the frequency modulation in the appropriate position.

rotary heat transfer machine 2) Press the “heating” button, set the desired temperature, the data rely on the customers according to the different composition of the fabric. I plant suggested that the first small piece of fabric and transfer paper transfer, the client reaches the set temperature. If the temperature is too high and too low, can be adjusted accordingly, in order to ensure the quality of a substantial transfer of goods.

3) In the workbench put cloth frame and put the paper rack to put away the fabric and transfer paper, the temperature of the transfer effect, the fabric flat clothing pulled up to the board, put down the pressure stick into the drum. Note that the transfer paper ink the face of the fabric, the fabric above.

4) In the transfer process, customers can turn shades of the printed pattern to adjust the temperature increase or decrease, but also adjust the speed of the cylinder to control.

5) After the end of the transfer work, turn off the “heat” button of dye sublimation calender, and turn the hand wheel to the blanket out of the drum, the machine stops heating when the temperature dropped to 100 ° C and can turn off the host.

rotary heat press 6) Special circumstances, you can turn off the “power” and “heating” button, will automatically shut down when the host is running after a certain time, under normal circumstances is not recommended to use this feature.

7) A power outage or staff leave work shall be pneumatic pressure silicon roller lift to prevent burning or scalding blanket of rotary heat transfer machine.

Any question or need, welcome to contact us. Thank you for your reading.


heat transfer press machine

How Can You Control The Cost For Your Rotary Heat Press



If you are looking at rotary heat presses, make sure the adjustable pressure knob can help you control how much force you apply on the garment. Some machines have poor pressure knobs and if you are constantly using too much force, it can hurt your back. Apply too little force and your design won’t stick on the garment.


Roll type heat transfer machine

Roll type heat transfer machine


One of the factors when looking at how well the heat transfer press machine distributes heat evenly. You can only do this if you are looking at a demo or you are buying a used one from someone else. Make sure you test it by turning it on and hover your hand close to the platen to feel the heat. You do not want to buy a heat press with no digital timer. You don’t want to run the risk of burning your t-shirts or tote bags.


For a standard heat transfer, the temperature requirements are about 350 degrees Fahrenheit and usually 10 seconds is enough to print a garment. It will vary if you are doing thick garments such as hoodies and sweat shirts.

manual heat transfer machine

manual heat transfer machine

Heat transfer printing machine’s size is very important ,different size means different applications .In general , heat press machine have two types :flat heat press machine and rotary heat press machine .Flat heat press machine always have A3,A4 size, rotary heat press machine have many size :420*1700, 420*1900, 420*2500 and so on .You should choose right size for your digital printing base on your facts.


That all that as manufacture i can advice you, hope this will helpful to you!