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200mm*1.7m Roll Type Heat Transfer Machine

200mm*1.7m Roll Type Heat Transfer Machine


heat press transfer machineSUBLI-20Series Roll type heat transfer machine is an entry-level, 1.2m width, oil heated, multi-functional mini-rotary heat transfer press.

Oil heated cylinder with 2 electronic thermostats (one for oil, and one for drum exterior), Adjustable speed with digital control.

Idea for Garments, Apparel, Soft Signage, Mouse Pad, Carpet, Flag, Tent, Blanket, Curtain, Polyester Fabric in Rolls or Piece.


Sublimation roll heat press Features:

1, the machine uses genuine original electrical accessories, temperature control precision, long life

2, the use of heating oil heating, uniform heating

3, digital temperature and speed control, adjustable speed

4, three meters long machine with double bench, with the underlying conveyor belt, enabling customers to transfer class pieces pieces

5, the machine with a pressurized system to meet the different requirements of different products to pressure

6, the use of imported heating pipes, heat evenly, durable, imported blankets, blankets difficult deviation

7, the machine is out of style blankets, blankets difficult to burn, with three put two closing means to facilitate customers’ retractable products.roller heat press machine

Roller heat press machine Applications:

Clothing industry (sportswear, uniforms, classes clothes, uniforms, bathing suits, diving suits, fashion, T-shirts, socks, denim)
Advertising industry (costumes, flags, banners, umbrellas, advertising products)
Bedding (sheets, blankets, quilt, mattress, mosquito nets, drapery, draperies, pillows, towels, pillowcases)
Household items (sofa sets, sofa cushions, mats, cushion, pillow, curtains, shower curtains, towels, bath towels, towel dry hair)
Outdoor supplies (tents, mountaineering bags, traveling bags, sleeping bags)
Shoe bags (cloth bags, bags, shopping bags, handbags, shoulder bags, woven bags, canvas shoes)
Jewelry Accessories (scarves, scarf, scarves, shawls, gloves, wrist, masks, goggles, hats, hairbands)
Ribbon products (parapets, hair band, belt, tied belt, elastic belt, shoelaces, shoulder belt, gift belt, with pets .

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textile heat press machine

How To Correct Blanket By Hand For Roll To Roll Heat Press Machine?

How To Correct Blanket By Hand For Roll To Roll Heat Press Machine?

Our factory is made of DuPont raw materials which used in the manufacture of Shanghai, the drum is a double explosion-proof drum, double layer than the single layer of more secure, more reliable.

Mechanical configuration, we also presented two gas up the shaft, mechanical weight of about 2500kg, effective door format can be customized according to customer needs.


1. To protect workers hand into the roller (when they are working)

2. Correct the deviation of blanket automatically, intelligent adjustment.

3.To avoid the scissor damage the blanket

4. Correct the deviation of conveyor automatically, To avoid damage the conveyor because of the deviation.

5. The Blanket fled the roller completely, About 8cm distance. Don’t need cooling when you want to stop the machine, More save energy and To prevent the blanket burn out.

6. Machina has explosion-proof equipment, More safety.

7. The Blanket synchronously forward and backward automatically, More save manpower. It can also adjust by hand.

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We are a sublimation paper professional supplier. Our company can supply any need for sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink, printer, Epson ink, heat transfer paper, Roll calendar machine for textile printing!
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How To Maintain Multi-function Roller Heat Press In Daily Life?

Do you know how to maintain the roller heat transfer machine? Here’re the tips to maintain your roll to roll heat press:

roller heat press

1.To inspect the power supply if power on or not and the ground wire whether normal.

2.To inspect the heat press machine inside if clean or not,which need to be keeping clean.

3.To inspect the roller and blanket inside regularly which whether there are sheetmetal and sundries fall into ,abnormal condition need to be handled in advance when there are exceptional conditions.

4.To inspect the wire connection whether there are combustion phenomena and need to be settled in time.

5.Clear away variable frequency radiation of fuselage cover and dust.

rotary heat transfer machine

6.To inspect regularly the cover around of engine, if accumulating stuff ,which should keep clean and insure the motor cooling in time .

7.All the bearings of machine need to be add hot butter within one week to insure the bearings function well.

8.Emergency stop switch of the roller heat press should be used less as far as possible ,stutter stop not exceeding 3 minutes.

9.To inspect frequently the electric wire ,circuit whether from aging.

10.Add butter for each part of machine,when it start up each time, and conduction oil should be added regularly.

Okay, these all above are my share about the tips to maintain your roll to roll heat press. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Thanks for your reading.

Do You Know How To Extend Service Life Of Your Roller Calender Heat Press?



With the development of the digital sublimation printing business, more and more customer change their flatbed heat press machine to the roller calender heat press, because this machine not only can save their time also can help save much money. As a manufacture, today we will share you the tips that how to extend service life of your machine.

roll drum heat press

roll drum heat press

First, remember to keep your roll to roll transfer machine clean, this is basic, and also important. Check every part of the machine regularly to make sure they can work normally. Each time before you start operating, remember the machine must be refueling according to the rules.


Second, the roller heat press machine on the gas source processor, should close the gas 2 times a day; aerosol oil, adjusted to 4-5 drops per minute, and in the refueling to gas. Joint head: drops of butter (a week / time, 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days / times). Be careful when pressing the emergency stop button. Often use this button is harmful for the chain, towline and the belt.

dye sublimation machine

dye sublimation machine

Third, sometimes the optical axis will drop oil twice a week. The best method to avoid this situation is using the good quality media. When cleaning of the table glue, we should avoid table adhesive to the end of the wheel. If you find that the end of the wheel sticky plastic, dry wipe it, or it will influence the heat transfer printing result.


All efforts will be rewarded. As long as you do the maintenance carefully, your heat press machine will have a longer service life. We do heat press machine business for about 8 year, we have different size and colour machine, if have any interest, pls feel free to contact me!


What Should We Pay Attention To When We Use A Roll To Roll Heat Press Machine?

What Should We Pay Attention To When We Use A Roll To Roll Heat Press Machine?

heat transfer printingRoll to roll heat press machine are used for pieces to pieces and roll to roll sublimate printing

1. Temperature and time

Sublimation transfer process requires temperature control in the 180 ℃ ~ 230 ℃ range, the time is about 10 ~ 30s, while paying attention to the reasonable allocation of temperature and time.

2. Sublimation ink

Sublimation transfer technology, the key material mainly by disperse dyes, connecting materials, solvents and a small amount of additives. Dyes should have good sublimation transferability and permeability. And reached a certain degree of fastness indicators, molecular weight of 23O ~ 380, sublimation temperature of 180 ℃ ~ 240 ℃ commonly used digital transfer printing dye anthraquinone dyes, azo dyes and cationic dyes and so on.

The connection material to the dye with a small affinity, easy to release dye gas, and the appropriate printability, preservation and thermal transfer adaptability, commonly used in the connection material for the low viscosity of ethyl cellulose, ethyl ethyl cellulose (EHEC), long oil modified alkyd resin. Commonly used solvents are turpentine, terpineol, high boiling alkanol, aralkane, cellosolve and so on.sublimation roll heat press

3. Pressure

Pressure is also one of the important parameters of the sublimation transfer process. For example, if the pressure is too small, the gap between the fabric and the transfer paper is large, the yarn is round, the ink gas molecules collide with the air and escape, resulting in poor printing effect, while the ink is also easy But the pressure is appropriate, the yarn is flat and the transfer paper between the gap is appropriate, the transfer coloring effect is good, clear pattern, smooth lines Fine: If the pressure is too large, it is phone to deformation, fluff and heavy fabric morphological changes and other issues, resulting in rough and color rendering and other shortcomings. Therefore, the control of the transfer pressure on the printed pattern, clear pattern, visual effects and so very critical.

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