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How Does Roller Heat Transfer Machine Work on Sublimation Paper?

How Does Roller Heat Transfer Machine Work on Sublimation Paper?

Sublimation papers are designed for use with roller heat transfer machine. The paper incorporates a thermal adhesive that sticks the fabric to the paper. This prevents the paper from lifting up or moving when the press is opened, thus avoiding an undesirable blurring or doubling of the images known as “ghosting”.

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Typical settings when performing sublimation for textile are approximately 400 deg F, with a dwell time of about 40-45 seconds and most polyesters handle this high heat without problems. Some specialized materials can yellow, loose their elasticity or melt at 400 deg, so in these cases the temperature can be lowered and the dwell time increased, however it should be noted that sublimation doesn’t occur properly as temps drop below 320 deg F. During sublimation the paper must be held tightly under pressure against the fabric to ensure sharp transfers.

Looking like something you might expect to see in an industrial laundry, roller heat presses are large, made from a lot of heavy-duty metal and usually more expensive than Flatbeds. They are however generally faster than flatbed presses, require less operator attendance and are the only option if you intend to produce rolled goods.

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Paper and fabric are fed together (often on a roll) into the unit and a heat resistant belt holds the fabric tightly against the rotating drum. The fabric and paper exit out the other side of the drum where they separate and are wound up on their own individual take-up spools.

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How Wide Rotary Oil Filled Drum Heat Press Should You Choose?

Our Sublistar oil filled drum heat press come in a variety of configurations that meet entry level, mid level and extremely large volume requirements. We work closely with you to select the right size heat presses for your current and future production needs.

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Here’re the Advantages of Our Sublistar Heat Press Machine:

1.Ideal machine to print on roll to roll fabrics and cut pieces

2.Easy operation through continuous system

3.Electronic contactor switching for noise free and zero maintenance

4.Rewind roller adopted to roll the finished printed paper

5.Easy to use digital micro controller to control all the parameters like, drum rotation, temperature etc

6.Speed can be adjusted as per the printing cycle .

7.Very precise heating through out the length of the cylinder

8.Very large width there by no limations of fabric size

9 Low noise while the machine is in running condition.

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The oil filled drum rotary heat press offers more uniformity and consistency than the IR or electric heat type. If you are serious about quality, then the Sublistar oil filled drum is the choice.

Often, the heat press units are used for industrial heat fixation of wider fabrics printed direct as well.

Sizes of oil filled drums in the more industrial strength versions run from 420mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1 meter sizes. There is also a 1.5 meter size in the HS or High Speed model for extremely large volume requirements. A detailed chart with drum sizes and drum or press width is available on our web site or by contacting us.

How to Choose Rotary Drum Heat Press , What About Oil Filled Drum Over Rotary Heat Press

A rotary heat press, also known as a calendar transfer machine, is used to continuingly transfer dye-sublimation prints onto a fabric. Machines like this are used in many types of applications. You can use it for printing fabric rolls, creating signage, producing flags, working with cut part pieces for cut-and-sew apparel, and even for making pieces of ribbon or long straps. Then ,how to choose rotary drum heat press is problem.What about oil filled drum over rotary heat press?Now,read the following and I will share you more,then you can find the answer!

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What About Oil Filled Drum Over Rotary Heat Press

Hands down, the Oil Filled Drum Rotary Heat Press over electric heat press units win out every time. Save yourself a lot of money and resources and get the best first and don’t take the cheap shortcut when buying a rotary heat press for production.

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Oil filled rotary heat press units offer the very best in Uniformity across the drum width, as well as Consistency during long runs and short runs, which means that you get Repeatable results and provide The Highest Quality for your production equipment investment! Generally, 100% oil filled drums are more Efficient and can save on electricity costs over the long run.

Buying a costly Rotary Oil Filled Heat Press is a decision that you do not want to make mistakes at. Often, there are lower price units out there and they are tempting,but it may not good.if you want to buy Oil filled rotary heat press ,you can consult our company,then you will get the better level of support and service.We have different size of the heat transfer machine, So far our products are suitable for different market needs and selling well all around the world.If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.