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How About Our Roller Heat Press Machine & What Material Can Use On It?

The roller heat press machine is a very simple machine that transports heat and pressure for a restricted time period to any substance. The machines also have revolutionized the printing process and may be used in the home and to your small to moderate printing home. The strain and warmth help to move prints on the surface with precision. Roll heat press machines are specially intended for transferring pressure and heat on various substances for digital inkjet printing.


heat press

heat press


As we can see that heat transfer is a significant step for different sorts of printing. Heat press machines arrive with the electronic timer and thermostat for controlling heat and time whilst printing. This permits you to use different cloth and distinct kinds of printing methods. Connected with specialist dye-sublimation printing creation, the oil drum variant is a more expensive calendar media that requires an air compressor to operate it. Offered in mid-to-high volume manufacturing versions, they vary from shop-sized into industrial-sized presses. The petroleum inside their drums takes more time to heat up compared to the atmosphere in their electric sockets, but they keep heat much better over long intervals and guarantee better heat-pressing consistency.

Unlike another roll to roll heat press machine exemplified within this particular post, calendar heat presses do not have heating cubes. Rather, they use petroleum or heated drums to heat move from a printed roll of dye-sublimation transfer paper on polyester cloth — the roll of heat transfer paper has been connected calendar press to the media and fed through together with the cloth.

Calendar presses are perfect for users that wish to concentrate in cut and sew clothes and soft-signage. They can’t be used, but to press stiff substrates. Prices vary a whole lot and a lot of the price is based on if it is electrical or petroleum-based and about the dimensions of their drum — a much larger drum means a greater price. But a larger drum means better manufacturing and quicker output.

Unlike a bigger roll-to-roll heat press machine, calendar presses call for a 240V electrical socket using a double throw (2 poles) setup. Large-format, oil drum calendar press. Some are easy roll-fed designs and many others are made to enable pre-cut cloth pieces to be fed individually.

roll to roll heat press

roll to roll heat press


How About the Features & General Maintenance of heat press machine?


The Roll to roll heat press machine provides step-less speed with adjusting options. And the digital temperature along with speed controller for more efficient production. It features a pneumatic automatic anti-deviation device with a pressure regulating device that adjusts the range of tension as well as uniformity of pressure. Its timing shutdown device schedule cooling time prevents causing damage to its felt belt. When the operation is finished, the power-off protection feature shuts down the machine.

If there is any unexpected power failure, its protection system automatically removes the felt strip from the heating roller to prevent it from burning. The automatic separation system makes it easy to separate the waste paper from the transfer printing paper. It is equipped with a pressurized system to meet different working requirements of a wide variety of materials. The user can put fabric, transfer paper, and protecting paper at the same time for convenient transfer printing paper.


canlender heat press

calendar heat press

Be sure always to lubricate all the bearings of the machine. Regularly clean the dust from all accessories of the machine. If you find dust in the circuit board as well as in the fans, considering blowing the dust with an air gun. After a few months of usage, you might find the oil tank empty. Consider refueling the tank before it interrupts operation. You can only refuel the tank with 3 liters of oil at a time. Before starting the machine, pour the fuel into the tank. Don’t heat it yet. Before heating the machine up, allow the oil to flow into the bottom of the tank. Wait until the temperature reaches to check whether there is any oil in the tank or not.

When you use the turbine reducer, pay close attention to the instruction manual. After using it for a long time, there can be some noise. Consider replacing the oil frequently. Remove and screws and release the oil and replace it with the same amount of oil. It’s recommended to replace the oil after 200 hours of working to ensure a constant flow of work. If you involve the machine in long high-temperature operations, it might leak a small amount of oil; don’t freak out, it’s quite normal.


sublimation heat press

sublimation heat press


What Type of Printing can Make Use of Heat Press Machine?


As we know the heat press machine can be used in many types of printing for transferring the digital print on any material. You can use Heat Press machines for these types of printing.

Heat transfer Vinyl Printing

In this method, the design is printed on vinyl sheets. Heat Press transfer the design on the surface and the carrier sheet is removed afterward.

Digital dye sublimation Printing

In sublimation printing, the design is transferred to a special paper using special ink. With heat, ink is soaked into the fabric evaporating the carrier sheets.

Plastisol Transfer

Plastisol is a special ink with melted PVC or plastic pigments. The printed design printed on special paper, and later it is transferred to any surface with heat transfer that’s why we say it also can use a heat transfer machine.

Laser Transfer Paper

Laser printers are used to print designs on special laser printable transfer paper. The design is transferred on different materials using heat press machines.

Inkjet Transfer Paper

It has the same process of printing design using an inkjet printer on a special two-layered paper that is later transferred to any fabric with a heat press machine.


However, before you embark on purchasing and running a company, ensure that you are well knowledgeable about different print types, papers, fabrics, and inks. Knowing every in detail may deliver finesse and quality to your own work. With a heat press is simple, but you want to understand which sort of ink matches a cloth for a lasting design. Overall, heat press machines have a great deal of utility. It’s possible to purchase one and show off your creativity in various ways. You may also begin a little enterprise.

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How To Maintain The Pneumatic Bearing Of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine In Daily Life?

How to maintain the pneumatic bearing of rotary heat transfer machine in daily life?

1.Inspecting the tool ,workpiece and attachment is in order or not, circuit and pipeline whether the integrity .

2.Cleaning quickly after the pneumatic bearing was used ,and also should inspect the machine whether oil leak,water leakage, electric leakage,and fault removing timely if the machine is breakdown.

3.Oil a machine regularly,which need to add pure oil, otherwise ,which will hinder normal operation and running of the machine and more.

Pneumatic bearing traits of heat transfer machine:

1.Air pressure type scroll also name flatulence shaft, which is as per air compression principle,make them change external diameter,and then they would combine with roll pipe tightly, which is beneficial to deliver and roll for the toll material. At last, the air pressure type scroll would promote operation of rational ,concise,accurate and their automation.

2.The inside main parts of the bearing were expanded delivery when air into internal and occur expansion. and then the external diameter of main bearing would enlarge, which will promoter roll pipe precisely fixing on the axis main body .

3.Expanded parts would shrink when internal air was discharged,and than the bearing core can be took out expediently.

4.Manufacturer introduced that the axis main bodies are made by high stresses steels or aluminum alloy .

5.The pneumatic bearing can be customized as per their requests.

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Rotary Heat Transfer Machine With Different Heating Methods

Steam heating and electric heating are two traditional heating methods. Now our Sublistar rotary heat transfer machine mainy use oil heating. The advantages of heat conduction oil heating are: high heat capacity, uniform temperature, can be heated to a high temperature under normal pressure, low heat loss, can reduce production costs, its disadvantages are slow heating speed, not easy to carry out temperature control.

rotary heat press

Hot pressing plate function of rotary heat press can be evaluated from several aspects, first is the use of pressing plate material, then the accuracy of processing, the end is hot pressing plate medium channel placement.

The hot pressing plate is generally made of the whole restrained steel plate through deep hole drilling. It is mainly used for oil heating and steam heating. The other is to use welding pipe surface paste aluminum plate method, first used for electric heating. With the whole plate can prevent sealing bad leakage, together with high stiffness and strength, but the hot plate is thick; The latter as a result of the general choice of thin plate method, due to welding and processing will occur in the stress, high processing accuracy.

Hot pressing plate thin easy to preheat and temperature control, but the requirements of the workpiece, workpiece thickness will cause deformation, affect the subsequent processing quality; The thick hot pressing plate is beneficial to increase the heat capacity and forward strength and stiffness, but it will increase the size of the press and consume more steel.

The flatness of the hot pressing plate and the upper and lower surfaces should be ensured enough parallelism when making and processing. The flatness tolerance of the hot pressing plate should be within the range of 0.1-0.18mm, the parallelism tolerance should be within the range of 0.15-027mm, and the surface roughness of the hot pressing plate should be 3.2m. The temperature difference in the whole space of hot plate should not exceed 2-3℃, if the temperature difference is too large, will make the moisture content uneven, the product is easy to warp, the strength of the product and appearance quality will be affected.

rotary heat transfer machine

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Choose A Suitable Calender Heat Press For Heat Transfer Printing

All plotter manufacturers recommend installing the plotter in rooms where there is constant temperature and humidity control, for rapid drying of the ink. This is because sublimation paper swells up when it is very wet, running the risk of being touched by the heads on the printing carriage, which would completely ruin the job.

calender heat press

It is also advisable to leave the rolls of paper for at least 24 hours in the room where they will be used, possibly in a vertical position for them to acclimatise to optimum room conditions.

The best fibre for dye-sublimation printing is polyester because it offers the best reaction to the thermal shocks caused by the high temperatures that can reach up to 215°C and the residence time that can often reach well over 60 seconds. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and advice with due care when handling or moving the equipment on account of the high temperatures and potentially dangerous operating conditions that demand your complete attention throughout the production process.

The calender machine enables roll to roll fabric processing and the use of practically any type of fabric including woven or knitted fabrics, as well as stretch yarns, non wovens, rugs with low pile. For higher piles, such as carpet, flat presses (especially aspired versions) produce more in-depth absorption of the ink. They are generally used for transfer printing on fabric pre-cut to the required shape, and this is called “garment-laid print”

rotary heat press

Bear in mind that every fabric has its own properties and must be tested to define how it should be worked, and that every batch can give a different end result. Therefore, it is always wise to do a quality test run before starting actual production, even if you are using the same fabric/design.

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calender sublimation machine

What’s The Function Of Rotary Heat Press In Sublimation Printing?

What’s The Function Of Rotary Heat Press In Sublimation Printing? While a seemingly simple piece of equipment, heat presses machine are essential for sublimation and heat transfer. Let’s have a look at it.

A rotary hot press, also known as a calendar transfer machine, is used to continuously transfer the dye sublimation print onto the fabric. Machines like this are used in many types of applications. You can use it to print fabric rolls, make signage, make flags, use cut parts to cut and sew garments, and even make ribbons or long strips.

rotary heat press

Rotary presses are usually manufactured in two different ways, ranging from 10-220″. Both types of presses are called roll-to-roll rotary presses and cutting parts rotary presses.

Roll-to-roll rotary press: This type of rotary press is used to transfer your design to a roll of fabric. Items required to use a roll-to-roll rotary press include pre-printed transfer paper, tissue and fabric. The pre-printed transfer paper has a slight tack and is used to hold the fabric in place. The thin paper keeps sublimation ink from entering the belt around the drum. The fabric you use will always consist of polyester, polyester blend or some other polyester coated substrate. A roll-to-roll spinning machine usually has three expansions and three rewinds. The three items listed above are loaded onto the unwinding bar of the rotary press. They gather together and pass through a press, wrapping around a heated drum. This part of the process is called “residence time”, which is where the sublimation process takes place. The rewinding rod then rolls up the now printed fabric, used transfer paper and used tissue.

rotary heat transfer machine

Cutting parts rotary press: This type of rotary press machine is used to transfer your design to pre-cut fabrics, but it can also produce fabric rolls. You still need pre-printed transfer paper and tissue for this rotary press, as well as cut fabric pieces. The cutting part rotary press has a workbench attached to the front of the press that allows your production team to place pre-cut fabric on pre-printed transfer paper. The preprinted transfer paper is loaded on the deployment bar and fed into the heated drum area. The cut parts are placed on pre-printed transfer paper and fed into the printer. Presses that are set up for cutting parts typically have three expansions and three rewinds. This allows the press to operate like a roll-to-roll rotary press, if desired.

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