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Electric Heated and Oil Heated Rotary Heat Press Machine

A rotary heat press machine presses fabrics, non-curved objects, and pieces such as mouse pads or doormats, as large as the heat platen and table allows. This mahine is available in two heating element configurations in the market—electric heated and oil heated. Each one has its own merits. Today’s article is going to share what is the difference between those two kinds of heat transfer machines?

rotary heat press machine

Oil heated rotary calender transfer machines are recommended for use in large production. The cost of an oil heat press is higher than an electric of a similar drum size, so it’s not a necessary expense to make when pairing speed with most digital equipment.

heat press machineThe true benefits for oil heat transfer machines are apparent with larger drums. Smaller oil drums, for example those of eight inches in diameter, contain less than two cubic feet of oil but still require a longer heat up and cool down than an electric press of even larger dimensions, which turns into higher power consumption.
( Note: Drum diameters vary from eight up to 55 inches and larger. The speed of heat transfer calender machine is dictated by the size of the drum and consistency of the heating element. The larger the drum diameter, the faster production speeds can be achieved.)

roll press machine

Electric calenders machine offer a lower cost investment, quicker warm up and cool down, simplicity, and the ability to handle most applications with ease. On the other end, oil configurations provide consistency, a variety of size options, efficiency, and the ability to better handle thicker materials.

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roll press machine

Factory Supplier You High Quality And Price Roll Type Heat Press Machine



A textile calender machine may print multiple pieces of fabric or garments, using a single heat transfer. The industrial heat press machine runs the fabric under the platen the required number of times until all the transfers is complete.Heat press printing is commonly used in the creation of t shirts, logo garments and advertising banners. It is reasonably economical and can produce a high volume of printed items during a single session.


roll type heat transfer machine

roll type heat transfer machine


Heat transfer printing of the kind referred to above, though, creates a much larger potential volume of waste than sublimation printing using a digital printer, as it requires the transfer themselves to be created, which become refused once a job is complete. The sublimation printer has no such run-off and so is commonly seen as more environmentally friendly.


The heat press machine is always used in the second part of the sublimation printing process. In this case, the heat is used to seal the dye inside the fabric – after it has been injected by the sublimation printer. The heat press ensures that the ink, which has been infused into the fibres of the fabric being printed, is stable and won’t run when the garment or item is washed. Also after print your design onto fabric using pressure and heat.


roll press machine

roll press machine


One variant of the heat press requires a heat transfer of some kind, which is loaded into one half of the press. The fabric to be printed on is then loaded into the other half of the press, many heat press machines are variations on a basic clamshell design. The transfer is then held in place on the fabric by the weight of the press, which seals the heat reactive ink to the fibres.


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roller drum heat transfer machine

Whats the Main Effect For The Quality of Roller Heat Press Machine



High-quality of roller heat press machine cost-effective higher, and with the sublimation thermal transfer process continues to develop, it can be better for a variety of materials to provide roller printing services to ensure that the quality of the overall printing can be more prominent, So we should be more comprehensive understanding of the characteristics and advantages of the machine,that will be more to meet the actual requirements.


roller heat press machine

roller heat press machine


Especially when use textile calender machine doing shoe material , will have more opportunities use roll heat press machine to do it,and when purchasing high-quality equipment will certainly be able to better grasp the price, the benefits of the performance will be Very prominent, the advantages of its advantages will be very in place, For roller heat press machine need to pay enough attention


In contrast, if the quality can be a reasonable protection, this time from the choice of pieces of roller heat printing machine production enterprises to start, they are in the equipment performance support is very focused, but also can provide the best after-sales service, So be sure to have a more comprehensive understanding of this, and then in the advantages of the characteristics will be greatly improved rapidly.


roller drum heat transfer machine

roller drum heat transfer machine


In summary, the choice of more reliable roller heat press machine production enterprises, it is to ensure that equipment in the pieces when the overall effect of printing better, but also in terms of quality protection can be more in place, and then get more customers Full trust, so this should have more understanding will be more in line with the actual requirements of our customers.

Important Features of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

Rotary heat transfer machine consists of a variety of features, but the most important include the device’s size, heat distribution, and textile alignment.

rotary heat transfer machine

Device’s Size
Heat presses are available in two options, small format and large format. Generally, when our client purchases a rotary heat press machine, he/she will consider two factors: (1. Size of the sublimation printer; (2. Future requirements to what will be produced. Most of them prefer to buy a calender that is wider than their current printer in anticipation of growth and changes in the market.
Note: It is recommended that your press has between 0.5- and one-inch margins around all four sides.

sublimation printing Heat Distribution
Large format heat presses should distribute even pressure and accurate heat across the entire platen area. And heat recovery also must be quick and within five degrees of the set temperature. Failure to maintain heat means inferior applications.
Note: Heat press machine should have at least one year warranty and five years on the heating element.

heat transfer machineTextile Alignment
You should also pay attention to transfer paper and textile alignment. A sharp print is the result of a high resolution design and printer, as well as a transfer process where the alignment between the paper and the textile is perfect. In a heat transfer machine, this process is uncontrolled when the press is opened. Upon lifting the top-section textile, the paper may be lifted simultaneously and in a split second the gassed inks deposit on the textile, destroying the sharp image.The use of sticky paper is the most common way to limit this effect.

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Rotary Heat Transfer Machine For Sublimation Printing

Rotary Heat Transfer Machine For Sublimation Printing

rotary heat press machinePrinting is only the first step of the dye sublimation process. For sublimation to take place, you need heat and pressure. Heat presses come in a variation of sizes and shapes, but you need a heat transfer machine (or we also call it calender) for roll-to-roll sublimation. Fei Yue Digital company  is very professional supplier of roll to roll heat transfer machine.

We always can supply customers size as below:

Diameter of heat drum: 377mm, 480mm, 600mm

Width of table: 1.2m, 1.7m, 1.9m, 2.5m, 3.2m


1, the machine uses genuine original electrical accessories, temperature control precision, long life

2, the use of heating oil heating, uniform heating

3, digital temperature and speed control, adjustable speed

4, three meters long machine with double bench, with the underlying conveyor belt, enabling customers to transfer class pieces pieces

5, the machine with a pressurized system to meet the different requirements of different products to pressure

6, the use of imported heating pipes, heat evenly, durable, imported blankets, blankets difficult deviation

7, the machine is out of style blankets, blankets difficult to burn, with three put two closing means to facilitate customers retractable products.digital sublimation printing


Clothing industry (sportswear, uniforms, classes clothes, uniforms, bathing suits, diving suits, fashion, T-shirts, socks, denim)
Advertising industry (costumes, flags, banners, umbrellas, advertising products)
Bedding (sheets, blankets, quilt, mattress, mosquito nets, drapery, draperies, pillows, towels, pillow cases)
Household items (sofa sets, sofa cushions, mats, cushion, pillow, curtains, shower curtains, towels, bath towels, towel dry hair)
Outdoor supplies (tents, mountaineering bags, traveling bags, sleeping bags)
Shoes bags (cloth bags, bags, shopping bags, handbags, shoulder bags, woven bags, canvas shoes)
Jewelry Accessories (scarves, scarf, scarves, shawls, gloves, wrist, masks, goggles, hats, hair bands)
Ribbon products (parapets, hair band, belt, tied belt, elastic belt, shoelaces, shoulder belt, gift belt, with pets

Roll-to-Roll Large Format Heat Transfer Machine, available for dye sublimation ink prints, oil heating. It fully represents the advantage of the speed and good elect in transfer printing. It adopts the oil heating mode to control the temperature, achieving speed in warming and good effect in the heat preservation, as well as improving the productivity. In addition, it has functions such as automatic blanket , automatic lifting backing paper and automatic rolling picture etc.

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How to maintain roller heat press machine?

How to maintain roller heat press machine?

Roller heat transfer machine is used to print a design onto a garment, it represents the advantage of the speed and good effect in transfer printing.
With the development of textile digital printing, Sublimation transfer technology is being more popular. When customers consider buying machines, except
care the cost, but also care how to maintain machines, Now FeiYue Digital company will be together with you to discuss how to maintain roller heat press

roller heat press machine

1. The handling of machine breakdown:
The machine could occur breakdown during working, breakdown handling can be divided into two types: non-stop working and stop working.

1). Handling of non-stop working breakdown:
A. When finding heating blanket with small stuff, you can clean it with brush. If can not, you can removed it when it stops.

B. When finding blanket with small stripes, you can use small stone to grind it . If can not, you should send it to repair. But it’s seldom to appear such problem.

C. If you find color difference between both sides and middle place, you can adjust the pressure on both sides, or adjust the space between roller drum and blanket.

D. If you find the parts are loosing during working, you should fasten the screw in time.

E. If you find heating press with false designs, you can slow down the machine.

F. When finding the blanket and conveyor belt deviate to one side, you can adjust manually, and our roller heat press machine has automatic function of deviation

correction for blanket and conveyor belt..

G. When finding the fabric with staining, you should turn on drying system to dry the fabric and avoid the staining.

H. When finding the fabric or blanket tension is too strong or too small, you should adjust the speed between units or tension device in time, make sure proper tension.

I. When the moisture is uneven of fabric, you could adjust the pressure.

roll sublimation printing

2). The handling of stop working breakdown:

A.If some sharp material into the roller, stop it and take it out.

B.During heat transfer, if find fabric too much thread, and wind into the roller, you should stop machine and deal with it in time.

C. When the blanket used for long time, and blanket too thin,heating not steady, you should stop machine and take out to change a new one.

2. Machine maintenance:

A.Check screws, parts, roller, axis, blanket etc frequently.
B. Before operating rotary  heat transfer  machine, you need to make oil to the active parts
C.Clean the machine every week.

In the future, roller heat press machine will develop towards to total automatic. maintenance becomes more easy. At the same time, the stability of the machine will be toward high efficiency.

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Do You Know What is A Rotary Heat Transfer Machine?

A rotary heat transfer machine, also known as a calender heat press, is widely used into the different fabrics, such as polyester, spandex, and etc.  Can be used to sublimated logo or type, solvent type ink, high temperature and pressure, and a certain amount of time, heat transfer printedhemp, chemical fiber and other material. Consistent temperature, without any color error even in continuous transfer printing, thus to get a clear printing effect.

rotary heat transfer machine

Rotary heat press is used to transfer our designs on to a roll of fabric. The items we will need with a rotary heat transfer machine include pre-printed transfer paper, tissue paper, and fabric. The pre-printed transfer paper has a slight tackiness to it, and it’s used to hold the fabric in place. The tissue paper keeps the sublimation ink from getting on to the belt that goes around the drum. The fabric we use will always be composed of polyester, a polyester blend, or some other kind of polyester-coated substrate.

calender heat pressCalender heat press machines typically come with three unwinds and three rewinds. The three items listed above are loaded onto the unwind rods of the rotary press. They come together and go through the press, looping around the heated drum. This part of the process is called the “dwell time,” and this is where the sublimation process happens. The rewind rods then roll up the now-printed fabrics, the used transfer paper, and used tissue paper.

heat press machineOur company has different size of the heat transfer machine, So far our products are suitable for different market needs and selling well all around the world. We can provide you the max heat drum 1200mm, also for the print width our company can provide the largest 3.2m. Our aim is to provide customers with satisfied products to establish long-term business cooperation. Any question or need, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.

Roller Transfer Machine

Lets Talk About the High Speed Calender Sublimation Textile Roller Transfer Machine



Heat press machine is the high grade heat transfer printing equipment, and can achieve automatic pressing after pushing and pulling the base platform with the production efficiency 2-3 times higher than the manual press machine.it also save power,and can press product of several centimeters thick with balanced pressure and convenient operation.

roller transfer machine

roller transfer machine

The roller transfer machine can heat transfer the color pattern and text of sublimation and solvent ink on cotton, linen, chemical fiber, nylon and other fabrics and ceramics.


It is the ideal equipment for small businesses. This simple machine can make transferring your images to T-shirts, jeans, pillow cases, textiles, ceramic tiles etc any flat surface.


roller transfer machine

roller transfer machine

This machine is newly developed in 2019, improved from the original model of “down delivery” to the “Up delivery”. Therefore, it is more convenient to transfer printing on clothing and cuttings with more accurate location. Using the pneumatic pressing or hydraulic press for wool blanket marks the color of the products darker, and brighter, which greatly speed up the transfer printing.

heat press

heat press

it is equipped with external oil box which makes it convenient to add heat conduction oil, it has high security performance with the unique advantage of anti-explosion through automatic turn off, the external oil box which makes it convenient to add heat conduction oil, it has high security performance with the unique advantage of anti-explosion through automatic turn off, also the blanket ad belt are separated. Adopt simultaneous shaft adjustment and pressure balancing shaft to make sure the pressure on the blanket is consistent with that on the heating roller, Thus completely solve the problem of cooling the blanket while turning off the machine or while power off, and give more protection to the blanket and extend its using life.


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Some Useful Tips about Rotary Heat Press Machine

Rotary heat press machine is a large format machine which is a designing device which transfers a graphic design on a substrate. The usage of calender has became a modern way to make various garments look attractive. And today’s article will share you something you should know about it.

Rotary Heat Press Machine

Applying Too Much Heat
As we all known, the process of heat transfer printing requires a lot of heat, so never be scared of using a lot it to transfer the artwork to your fabrics appropriately. Because if you don’t use enough heat, you might end up with your design not sticking properly which may cause an issue during washing. Therefore, the rule is just follow the temperature settings recommended on your transfer paper.

Choosing The Right Fabric
Note that not all fabrics are suitable for heat press printing. Any garment that melts when put on a hot surface (i.e, heat sensitive materials) should never be heat printed on. And the most popular fabrics for roll to roll heat transfer machine include nylon, spandex, cotton, polyester, and Lycra.

Heat Transfer Printing Positioning Your Garment Properly
None of your clients will buy/wear crooked cloths! And to prevent that from happening, always make sure that the the sublimation transfer paper is correctly aligned to the back of your fabric.

ALWAYS Test Print
Before you can print your design from dye sublimation paper to your fabric, always make sure you test it by simply printing it on an old garment. This step will give you an idea of how your end product will look like after printing.

Heat Press MachineOne More Tip
Before placing your garment on a  rotary heat press machine for printing, always make a point of stretching it. This helps prevent your prints from cracking.


Our company is a machine manufacturer with over 10 years of experience producing heat transfer machine.  Any question, please contact us. Our team will provide the best service for you. Thank you for your reading.

Several techniques for judging the quality of roller printing machine

How to judge the quality of roller printing machine? Many customers do not believe the domestic products, are afraid, quality is not good, performance is not stable, here is a brief analysis of the roller drum heat transfer machine quality of which points?

1. Environmental protection function

Now many printing and dyeing industries, because printing process, need to use water, pollution to the environment is very large, and conducive to the long-term development, and the country is now promoting various industries, turning to environmental printing, rotary printing machine has become the first choice of printing manufacturers

2. Color fastness

Color fastness includes washing fastness, dry rubbing fastness, soaping fastness, etc. Color fastness is also an important criterion to measure the effect of printing (i.e., no discoloration). Good color fastness is required in beautiful printing, while roller printing machine has a color fastness of 3-4, which can be saved for a long time.

3. Material used for the core parts of the roller

Good drum directly affects the printing effect of products, and the roller printing machine roller surface accuracy requirement is very high, roller surface is uneven and the thickness of the drum, led directly to the finished product quality, and good factory, every detail of product materials can do best, delicate, screw power accessories, impact on the performance of the whole machine.

4. After-sales guarantee

For electronic products, there must be a special after-sales service to solve various problems encountered in the production process of rotary heat press machine, as well as to solve mechanical problems in time, so as to prevent mechanical failures from affecting the production of the machine.