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How to prevent wrinkle when rotary heat transfer machine works?

The process of printing on the fabric with concave copper drum is called roller printing, also known as copper roller printing. The carved drum is called a cylinder. When printing, first make the surface of the cylinder stained with color paste, and then use sharp and flat scraping to scrape off the surface color paste of the uncut part of the cylinder, leaving color paste in the concave pattern. When the cylinder is printed on the fabric, the color paste is transferred to the fabric and printed patterns. Each cylinder prints a kind of color paste, if at the same time in the printing equipment installed several cylinders, may continue to print color patterns. Roller printing has the advantages of clear pattern gallery, full color and high productivity.

How to prevent wrinkle when rotary heat transfer machine works? The methods include:

Dyeing printing roller resists in dark cloth to offset some of the reducing agents; Work, scraper, sharp blade, low position, slightly heavy hammer; Surface finish of polished cylinder is improved; 1, 000 test eccentricity on automobile front cylinder; Color consistency, when necessary, control the lubricating oil properly; Insoluble azo dye printed fancy light cloth to prevent scratching, whiteness, often in the foundation of chromophenol, adding appropriate amount of sodium bisulfite (but should be noted in the blue green brown black salt, salt V should not be used.)

In the roller printing machine operation, if there are various creases. Some are due to the wrinkles of the semi-product itself, some are due to the crimp caused by the edge of the fabric, some are due to the uneven splicing, or tilt, resulting in uneven fabric tension and wrinkles, these belong to the process before printing should be corrected in time, especially after the mercerizing setting is difficult to correct some creases, printing. But most of the printing process of wrinkles, such as poisson locks, roller pressure unevenness, tension is differ, the distance of two guide roller contact is too big, printing part of moisture, special printing paste shrinkage and weight, cotton and wool step village is not straight, on both sides of the dry cotton pulp, and the expansion of the middle part of the other, there’s a big difference in the roller, tended to wrinkle. Creases and guides, uneven surfaces tarnish too much.

In addition, some of the molecular structure of synthetic dyes on the fabric surface, or too much dye, if frequent wrinkle problems occur, mainly because the accumulation of more dyes on the fabric surface does not easily penetrate into the formation of wrinkles inside the fiber.

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