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3 Tips to Use the Roller Printing Machine Correctly

roller printing machineIf you want to use the roller printing machine correctly, then we need to follow these 3 tips. The first thing is to do a comprehensive reading and understanding of the equipment instructions. This is very important. Do not feel that the device’s instructions are too thick to read, or feel that you can see the various buttons on the machine successfully and there is no need to see the instructions. The instructions must be seen so that you can have a better understanding of the design principles and components of the device. So you can be better aware of some vulnerable parts of the device when it is used.

For the correct use of the rotary printing machine, the second thing needs people to pay attention and insist on it, that is to you must have a comprehensive inspection of the equipment before the use of the machine. That is, before we use this device, We should all check it out to make sure that the function of this device is perfect and good to use, so that it can be officially started. This is very important for everyone, so that the son can get better use effect, let everybody can get better enjoyment in this respect.

These are very important for us, and the third thing to use a roller printing machine is that the accurate setting of the related printing parameters of this equipment. Each rotary heat transfer calenderkind of different printing demand has its own different parameters. We need to understand these aspects well before printing and the corresponding adjustment in the equipment. This can ensure that the printing effect is accurate.

rotary heat transfer machine

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 Manual And Automatic Heat Presses – Which Will Be Better For You?



Both manual and automatic heat presses are widely available. A new style of press that is semi-automatic has entered the market as well, allowing for a manual closing process with an automatic, electromagnetic opening. Digital technology in newer machines enables precise control of heat and pressure levels and timing. Today we will share you how to choose a suitable heat press machine.

heat transfer printing machine

heat transfer printing machine

Firstly, the heat press machine have many different models: large format press machine and desktop heat press machine. So before you buy the press machine, have a check with your printer. If your sublimation printer is the desktop model you only need to buy a desktop model press machine, while if your sublimation is in large format then you must choose the calender rotary heat press machine.


Secondly, you must know that the wide format sublimation printer also have different width: 1.2m, 1.6m, 1.8m etc. So know the specific size of your printer and the your heat press machine should better bigger than your printer so that you can ensure no matter what the size of your sublimation paper after printing, it can be transferred successfully.

roll drum heat press

roll drum heat press

The heat transfer printing machine needed to be heated to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit for sublimation inks to transfer from the paper to the polymer fibers. This transfer has to be smooth and even for the process to work properly and for the image transfer to be consistent from one pressing to the next. This requires the printer has a good stability, so that it can transmit the inks onto the sublimation paper and make the patterns be stable and vividly both in the paper and fabric.


All in all, choose the right printing and transferring machine in your whole transfer process can guarantee your working getting a better result and effect. Some times not the high price product can get the best performance, but the most suitable sometimes may be more important.

roller drum heat transfer machine

Whats the Main Effect For The Quality of Roller Heat Press Machine



High-quality of roller heat press machine cost-effective higher, and with the sublimation thermal transfer process continues to develop, it can be better for a variety of materials to provide roller printing services to ensure that the quality of the overall printing can be more prominent, So we should be more comprehensive understanding of the characteristics and advantages of the machine,that will be more to meet the actual requirements.


roller heat press machine

roller heat press machine


Especially when use textile calender machine doing shoe material , will have more opportunities use roll heat press machine to do it,and when purchasing high-quality equipment will certainly be able to better grasp the price, the benefits of the performance will be Very prominent, the advantages of its advantages will be very in place, For roller heat press machine need to pay enough attention


In contrast, if the quality can be a reasonable protection, this time from the choice of pieces of roller heat printing machine production enterprises to start, they are in the equipment performance support is very focused, but also can provide the best after-sales service, So be sure to have a more comprehensive understanding of this, and then in the advantages of the characteristics will be greatly improved rapidly.


roller drum heat transfer machine

roller drum heat transfer machine


In summary, the choice of more reliable roller heat press machine production enterprises, it is to ensure that equipment in the pieces when the overall effect of printing better, but also in terms of quality protection can be more in place, and then get more customers Full trust, so this should have more understanding will be more in line with the actual requirements of our customers.

rotary heat press machine

Introduce the Two Key Factors When Choose a Rotary Heat Press Machine




Everyone want buy a good products when start their business, so they will learn the main features of the machine, we sells heat press machine for many years, today we will introduce you the two key factors when choosing a rotary heat press machine

heat press machine

heat press machine

As we know, the main part of rotary heat press are the diameter and the width of the drum. Drums can vary in diameter from 20 cm to 2 m+; and the wider the diameter of the drum, the higher the press’s production speed. This is because the substrate needs to be in contact with the heated drum for an average of 40 seconds to achieve effective sublimation. This means that it can pass twice as quickly over a 40 cm drum compared with a 20 cm drum due to the larger contact area.

heat press machine

heat press machine

There is also a wide range of drum widths available, from 400 mm (working width) to 5000 mm+. It makes sense to match the width of the drum to the width of your printer; or you could opt for a wider drum to future-proof your investment in the event that you move up to a wider printer at a later date.

In terms of production speed, a rotary press with a 35 cm drum will keep pace with two or three Mimaki JV33, TS34 or Epson 7000 printers. Traditionally, presses run much faster than the printers; however things are beginning to change with more productive digital printers coming onto market.

rotary heat press machine

rotary heat press machine

The ‘sport’ style or rotary press, which incorporates an automated table at the front, is an especially versatile choice, as it enables the continuous printing of single panels/pieces as well as conventional roll-to-roll sublimation.

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heat press machine

How to Choose Suitable Calender Heat Press Machine?

For garment industry, calender heat press machine is essential. Roller printing machine will show the effect will be better. Now the production of printing on the market more manufacturers. But need to remind is that the purchase of equipment, pay attention to the performance of equipment. Because different manufacturers in the manufacturing process used in the technology and technology are not the same. If you do not notice the purchase process, it may have a certain impact on the normal use of the future.

calender heat press machine

However, most of the calender heat press machine in the use of the effect is still a great guarantee, the first printing machine manufacturers in the production process using the technical process is very advanced. In fact, when buying equipment, people are most concerned about is the printing effect, and with the general printing press, because the operation of the way more special, so the requirements of this will be even higher. Manufacturers in order to solve this problem. In addition to the production process will use advanced technology, but also from abroad to buy a lot of advanced parts. So basically a device in the production of all the quality of the material parts are guaranteed, so that no matter how long the use of the results brought about by the use will not be any impact.

Followed by rotary heat press machine in the market when the price advantage of the relatively large, the basic printing machine manufacturers in the sales price will be strictly in accordance with the relevant standards to carry out, so no matter when the purchase, the price is not There will be problems.

rotary heat transfer machine

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How to Select Appropriate Type of Roller Heat Press Machine?

According to the standard design of the drawings of the clothing, after the cut but has not been sewing clothes, it can be cloth can also be paper, so in order to carry out the roll heat press printing process, select the appropriate type of roller heat press machine must be very key, which will be a direct impact on the quality of clothing printing the key. From the printed pattern can be seen, if the quality can be better, certainly can get the customer’s Unanimous trust.

Of course, can also be on the shoe material, when use roller heat press machine to print piece by piece, if the roller diameter in the appropriate circumstances, will certainly be able to ensure that the printing of the graphic clarity and bright and beautiful to get a better presentation, Its transfer performance will definitely get the customer’s full trust, so when purchase of equipment, need from the actual situation to start that we can get more customers trust.

Overall, the choice of a more reliable piece of roller printing machine can certainly provide more convenience for garment processing, but also in the overall effect will be very in place, and then the performance of the quality will be very prominent, for the roller heat press machine,we should have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment performance and type of model, when have a comprehensive understanding, that can to ensure that the printing process can provide greater convenience.

sublimation printing

FeiYue Digital Technology Co., Ltd mainly manages sublimation printing materials such as sublimation paper, inkjet printer, digital printing inks, calendering machines and accessories, operating this industry has been more than 10 years experience. After continuous improvement of the product, to ensure product quality can also be profit at the same time to the minimum, to ensure that customers enjoy the best price and the best quality products.

Do you know the different types of printing machines?

Roller printing machine

1785 began to create the use of printing equipment, the first component of the roller printing machine. Drum printing machine is a kind of thermal transfer printing machinery equipment, according to the diameter of the drum is different from different varieties and prices.

Flat screen printing machine

Flat screen printing machine printing plate is a flat screen version, flat screen printing machine with both guide and board. The guide tape flat screen printing machine is called the guide tape printing machine, which is suitable for printing large areas of water pulp in clothing cutting pieces, but not for printing glue pulp.

Flag printing machine

Flag printing machine first for the advertising industry flag cloth do digital printing, its application field is very wide, flag machine operation is brief, the machine printing cost is low, computer fool operation, is the comparison of commonly used printing equipment!

What is the main reason for the failure of each part of rotary printing machine?

Today to detail the main reasons for the failure of various parts of the rotary printing machine.

The open ground (bottom). The pattern on the printed fabric is partially exposed to the ground color. Causes: low wool efficiency, thick size, too fast speed, low pressure, too shallow overshading. If the shaft core is bent, it will cause color difference between left, middle and right.

Knife blade. Forming a single or multiple colored line on the surface of the fabric. The main reason is that the scraper has a small gap (the blade has not been polished for a long time, the surface of the cylinder is rough, etc.) or some impurities (fluff, undissolved substance in the color paste, etc.), which leads to the color paste on the cylinder not being scraped clean.

Jump cut. The horizontal band left on the fabric by the shimmer of the cylinder which is not scraped by the flashing of the blade. The main reason may be that the blade is installed too low, causing the blade to flash or the hammer pressure is insufficient, of course, the sleeve is installed improperly and the gear bite is tightened can also cause the jump knife.

Dragging. Drag a small part of the same or different color of the non-pattern under the pattern. The reason may be that 1. The blade is installed too high 2. The fabric cannot be absorbed in an instant due to the thick color paste, and 3 sleeves are not arranged reasonably in the pattern. Generally can use to adjust knife Angle, color paste thickness and add knife to solve.

Splash. A splash of color from the blade landed on the fabric. If the scraper is installed too low, the speed is too fast, the slurry is too thin, and the cylinder is horizontal, this defect is easy to occur. If the problem cannot be solved through adjustment, a piece of cloth can be put on the top of the cylinder to keep out. In addition, if there is a sand hole on the cylinder, the resulting color points are made in a regular circle, different from spatter.

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What are the advantages of ribbon printing machine?

Ribbon printing machine work process is to take the pattern of transfer paper thermal transfer ribbon, the advantage is stable operation, product effect is clear, no off color, pattern color full registration, the whole volume, multiple printed at the same time, high speed efficiency. Strong performance (security) accurate. Long service life, high accuracy, uniform color transfer printing, mould positioning error is small, can transfer more product at the same time zone. Ribbon printing machine by thermal transfer technology in addition to the traditional printing effect, also can do ordinary printing can achieve special effect.

The advantages of ribbon printing machine have? The following to concrete is introduced.

1. The ribbon printing machine positioning precision

A.Thermal transfer printing paper. Color paper with inflatable shaft positioning; Inflatable shaft is equipped with a scale can be precise positioning color paper; Paper can be about any adjustments, paper speed can be adjusted according to the rate of heat transfer products.

B. Ribbon positioning. Adjusted by activity type mold, rectifying, convenient and can be adjusted freely, positioning can complete set or single regulation in two ways, mould positioning error is small, can transfer more ribbon at the same time.

C. Interleaving paper positioning. Automatic correction lining. Won’t shift around. Avoid printing paper with the color of the blanket. Improve the quality of ribbon printing machine thermal transfer printing.

2. The ribbon printing machine control adopts the most advanced technology, imported components, automatic spacing, accurate, safety, high reliability, long service life.

3. When power failure or shutdown, manual crank make blanket and drum separation, better protection of blankets, prolong its life.

4. The machine adopts two put two functions. Can be customized according to customer requirements. Optional charge/put, gassing axis positioning is better.

5. Ribbon printing machine blanket in U.S. imports “dupont” blankets, thickness of 0.8 mile, transfer printing effect is good, long service life.

How’s that? Introduced so much, you learn more about the ribbon sublimation rotary heat press machine?

What is the function of roll to roll sublimation heat transfer calender?

Roll to roll sublimation heat transfer calender can do, including children’s wear, underwear, printing, T-shirt printing all kinds of clothing such as printing, it is the supply and demand of printing equipment clothing company.

The performance of the roll to roll sublimation heat transfer calender effect? Roller printing machine unlimited fabrics, including cotton and polyester, spandex, chemical fiber, such as the or the mixture of chemical fiber and cotton, and denim fabric, linen material, etc., can be directly printed. Both the white fabric, and light color fabric, and brunet fabrics, can be printed on a variety of colorful patterns.

Rotary printing, rotary printing like newspaper printing, is a kind of printed fabric can produce more than 6000 yards per hour high-speed technology, this method also called mechanical printing, rotary printing, design by carving copper drum (or roller) printed on the fabric. Copper can be carved out closely arranged on the roller is very delicate fine lines, thus can print is very delicate and soft design. Such as fine, dense Leeds, vortex pattern suiting printing is through rotary printing the design. Cylinder engraving should be exactly the same as that of draft design of pattern designers, each color each need a carved roller Jane. (in the textile industry specific printing processing, roller printing, six roller printing and other commonly used to represent the five or six color matching color rotary printing.

Roller printing machine printing, the cylinder compression pressure roller. Pressure roller is equipped with a number of around a cylinder, cylinder said a few a few matching color printing machine. When printing, equipped with cylinder below to pulp roll will paste to the cylinder. For unless the design part of the paste, the side of the cylinder is equipped with starched knife. In order to improve the elasticity of the pressure roller, to prevent the paste to the fabric with negative pressure roller, general printing, use back cloth. To paste the color, cylinder profile with small yarn scraper, and can prevent the fabric down the cylinder into paste.

Rotary printing is often used for printing with a very fine line design in peja, vortex pattern suiting printing and many seasons have a lot of the main printing design. Transfer printing roller printing machine is directly on the product, and realize high temperature distillation, can be printed on most of the material.


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