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3 Tips to Use the Roller Printing Machine Correctly

roller printing machineIf you want to use the roller printing machine correctly, then we need to follow these 3 tips. The first thing is to do a comprehensive reading and understanding of the equipment instructions. This is very important. Do not feel that the device’s instructions are too thick to read, or feel that you can see the various buttons on the machine successfully and there is no need to see the instructions. The instructions must be seen so that you can have a better understanding of the design principles and components of the device. So you can be better aware of some vulnerable parts of the device when it is used.

For the correct use of the rotary printing machine, the second thing needs people to pay attention and insist on it, that is to you must have a comprehensive inspection of the equipment before the use of the machine. That is, before we use this device, We should all check it out to make sure that the function of this device is perfect and good to use, so that it can be officially started. This is very important for everyone, so that the son can get better use effect, let everybody can get better enjoyment in this respect.

These are very important for us, and the third thing to use a roller printing machine is that the accurate setting of the related printing parameters of this equipment. Each rotary heat transfer calenderkind of different printing demand has its own different parameters. We need to understand these aspects well before printing and the corresponding adjustment in the equipment. This can ensure that the printing effect is accurate.

rotary heat transfer machine

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Whats the Main Effect For The Quality of Roller Heat Press Machine



High-quality of roller heat press machine cost-effective higher, and with the sublimation thermal transfer process continues to develop, it can be better for a variety of materials to provide roller printing services to ensure that the quality of the overall printing can be more prominent, So we should be more comprehensive understanding of the characteristics and advantages of the machine,that will be more to meet the actual requirements.


roller heat press machine

roller heat press machine


Especially when use textile calender machine doing shoe material , will have more opportunities use roll heat press machine to do it,and when purchasing high-quality equipment will certainly be able to better grasp the price, the benefits of the performance will be Very prominent, the advantages of its advantages will be very in place, For roller heat press machine need to pay enough attention


In contrast, if the quality can be a reasonable protection, this time from the choice of pieces of roller heat printing machine production enterprises to start, they are in the equipment performance support is very focused, but also can provide the best after-sales service, So be sure to have a more comprehensive understanding of this, and then in the advantages of the characteristics will be greatly improved rapidly.


roller drum heat transfer machine

roller drum heat transfer machine


In summary, the choice of more reliable roller heat press machine production enterprises, it is to ensure that equipment in the pieces when the overall effect of printing better, but also in terms of quality protection can be more in place, and then get more customers Full trust, so this should have more understanding will be more in line with the actual requirements of our customers.

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How Do You Think Roll to Roll Heat Press Machine & Sublimation Heat Transfer Printing



In fact, from a person’s point of view, it is difficult to tell the difference between sublimation printing and dye sublimation heat press products. Roll to roll heat press machine is also an easier alternative to sublimation printing, and it is more affordable as well. This makes it the go-to choice for many people.


Where Sublimation Printing is concerned, you need to have orders in bulk quantities to make up for your initial investment. However sublimation heat pressing makes the job a lot easier to handle, and is preferred by many T-Shirt entrepreneurs over Sublimation Printing.


heat press machine

heat press machine


Good alternative to Sublimation Printing, a heat Pressing machine can help you to make quality customized T-Shirts, all from the comfort of your very own work space. Although sublimation printing is good from the perspective of lasting quality, a Heat Pressing machine gets the job done just as well.


It may look difficult at first, but once you have a general knack for the process, a heat pressing machine is relatively easy to use. You can either opt for a basic

rotary heat transfer machine, or a professional one. The basic one is something you can use at home, and is good for personal requirements. While a professional one is made for bulk quantity orders and has more sophisticated heat and temperature settings. No matter which you pick, the basic process remains the same.


textile calender machine

textile calender machine


First turn the device on, and then flip the thermostat setting towards the right until you see a red light. When you see your desired temperature on the device, then turn the knob back towards the left. Your desired temperature will be maintained as the heating light switches between on and off. If your machine has come equipped with a digital timer, then press that timer. The moment you hear an alarm, press stop to allow it to reset.



rotary heat press machine

The Features of Roller Heat Transfer Machine

The Features of Roller Heat Transfer Machine

Roller heat transfer machineRoll-to-Roll Large Format Heat Transfer Machine, available for dye sublimation ink prints, oil heating. It fully represents the advantage of the speed and good elect in transfer printing. It adopts the oil heating mode to control the temperature, achieving speed in warming and good effect in the heat preservation, as well as improving the productivity. In addition, it has functions such as automatic blanket , automatic lifting backing paper and automatic rolling picture etc.

Features of heat press machine :

*Automatically fix the position of the cloth and the paper, suitable for printing rolling cloth, fabric tape or umbrella cloth and so on.

*Using new technology, import elements control, high accuracy.

*Accurate heating, automatic space, safe and durable.

*Heating wheel uses sealed conducting oil, it could be guaranteed. The temperature is more even and durable.

Widely application:

Roller heat transfer Machines For Transfer Printing on Fabric & Fusing on Flags, Banners, Sports Clothing, Textiles & More.

Usually used for textile/ home decoration(curtain, bed sheet, pillow, sofa)/ banners/non-woven fabric/mosepad etc.

rotary heat press machine


1 Ideal machine to print on roll to roll fabrics and cut pieces

2 Easy operation through continuous system

3 Eletronic contactor switching for noise free and zero maintenance

4 Rewind roller adopted to roll the finished printed paper

5 Easy to use digital micro controller to control all the parameters like, drum rotation, temperature etc

6 Speed can be adjusted as per the printing cycle .

7 Very precise heating through out the length of the cylinder

8 Very large width there by no limations of fabric size

9 Low noise while the machine is in running condition.

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What is Blanket of Roll To Roll Transfer Printing Machine?

Roll To Roll Transfer Printing Machine used Industry Endless blanket have a relatively high temperature resistance, our belt have two specification: 160-180℃ and 230-260℃. All of the felt belt could meet the different needs of different customers. The interior of the blanket is specially added with a kind of base cloth which are made of endless industrial silk, which can ensure that the blanket does not run out of position after being machined, does not arch up, has a long service life, and the shrinkage rate is controlled at about 2%.

blanket of rotary heat transfer machine

Features of Blanket:

1.The blanket belt adopts the imported high-temperature-resistant aramid fabric. And the medium substrate can be divided into two kinds,namely polyester dry net and Kevlar substrate.

2.The use temperature can reach less than 250℃. At the end of usage,the convergence shrinkage is 2% and the extending rate is 3%.

3.It is the transferring printing blanket belt special for all kinds of textile fabrics,curtain cloth and decoration cloth.

4.This blanket also named as Thermal Transfer Printing Felt, Heat Resistance Roller Sleeve, High Temperature Seamless Blankets. This blanket is the most important component of Roll To Roll Transfer Printing Machine.

5.The specifications of all the products above can be customized according to the needs of the clients.

roll to roll transfer printing machine

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How Does Roller Heat Transfer Machine Work on Sublimation Paper?

Sublimation papers are designed for use with roller heat transfer machine. The paper incorporates a thermal adhesive that sticks the fabric to the paper. This prevents the paper from lifting up or moving when the press is opened, thus avoiding an undesirable blurring or doubling of the images known as “ghosting”.

roller heat transfer machine

Typical settings when performing sublimation for textile are approximately 400 deg F, with a dwell time of about 40-45 seconds and most polyesters handle this roller heat transfer machine high heat without problems. Some specialized materials can yellow, loose their elasticity or melt at 400 deg, so in these cases the temperature can be lowered and the dwell time increased, however it should be noted that sublimation doesn’t occur properly as temps drop below 320 deg F. During sublimation the paper must be held tightly under pressure against the fabric to ensure sharp transfers.

Looking like something you might expect to see in an industrial laundry, roller heat presses are large, made from a lot of heavy-duty metal and usually more expensive than Flatbeds. They are however generally faster than flatbed presses, require less operator attendance and are the only option if you intend to produce rolled goods.

roller heat transfer machine

Paper and fabric are fed together (often on a roll) into the unit and a heat resistant belt holds the fabric tightly against the rotating drum. The fabric and paper exit out the other side of the drum where they separate and are wound up on their own individual take-up spools.

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How to Maintain Roller Heat Transfer Machine Correctly?

rotary heat transfer machineSublimation printing is being more and more popular. When customers consider buying machines, except care the cost, but also care how to maintain machines. Now Feiyue Digital will be together with you to discuss how to maintain roller heat transfer machine.

1. The handling of machine breakdown:
The machine could occur breakdown during working, breakdown handling can be divided into two types: non-stop working and stop working.

1) Handling of non-stop working breakdown:
A. When finding heating blanket with small stuff, you can clean it with brush. If can not, you can removed it when it stops.

B. When finding blanket with small stripes, you can use small stone to grind it . If can not, you should send it to repair. But it’s seldom to appear such problem.

C. If you find color difference between both sides and middle place, you can adjust the transferure on both sides, or adjust the space between roller drum and blanket.

D. If you find the parts are loosing during working, you should fasten the screw in time.

E. If you find heating transfer with false designs, you can slow down the machine.

F. When finding the blanket and conveyor belt deviate to one side, you can adjust manually, and our roller heat press has automatic function of deviation correction for blanket and conveyor belt..

G. When finding the fabric with staining, you should turn on drying system to dry the fabric and avoid the staining.

H. When finding the fabric or blanket tension is too strong or too small, you should adjust the speed between units or tension device in time, make sure proper tension.

I. When the moisture is uneven of fabric, you could adjust the transferure.

2) The handling of stop working breakdown:
A.If some sharp material into the roller, stop it and take it out.

B.During heat transfer, if find fabric too much thread, and wind into the roller, you should stop machine and deal with it in time.

C. When the blanket used for long time, and blanket too thin,heating not steady, you should stop machine and take out to change a new one.

rotary heat transfer machine

2. Machine maintenance:
1) Check screws, parts, roller, axis, blanket etc frequently.

2) Before operating roller heat transfer machine, you need to make oil to the active parts

3) Clean the machine every week.

In the future, roller heat transfer machine will develop towards to total automatic. maintenance becomes more easy. At the same time, the stability of the machine will be toward high efficiency.

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Brief Introduction to Multi-functional Roller Heat Transfer Machine

Roller heat transfer machine for wide format printing on Fabric, Flags, Banners, Sports Clothing, Textiles and so on, fast and safe, one machine multi-purpose, economic and practical, no matter roll type or sheet one, all can use.

rotary heat transfer machine

Roller heat transfer machine mainly do 1.7m, 1.9m two normal roller width, with 420mm, 600mm,800mm three different roller diameter. It mainly depends on the different requirements of the customers .

And about this type machine, there are also two issues need we to care :

1. How to operate the roller heat transfer machine ?

First of all, get ready to put the protective paper, cloth and sublimation transfer paper, when the oil temperature reaches set temperature, send the paper and fabric (cloth above on the paper) together into the host, then the waste paper will be recycled with gas expanding shaft, gas expansion shaft material passes through the conveyor belt.

sublimation printing

2. How to realize the heating of oil heater?

The external oil tank is heated, and the valve oil enters the drum through the valve oil, realizing the oil temperature circulation. The oil temperature reaches the set temperature, and the valve automatically closes.

Today’s article is shared here. We Fei Yue Digital Technology Co., Ltd mainly manages sublimation paper, inkjet printer, digital printing inks, calendering machines and accessories. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Thanks for your reading.

What are the Benefits of Sublimation Roller Heat Transfer Machine?

According to the difference between the diameter of the drum, you can have different types of models, so the purchase of clothing roller heat transfer machine must be given enough attention, the benefits of the presentation is very important, but in the purchase of the brand when the pros and cons of the benefits More, it can maximize the customer to provide the best service, but also in the advantages of the characteristics will be very prominent, so the reliability of the performance will be greatly improved, the advantages of its performance is in place.Now, I want to share you three benefit of sublimation roller heat transfer machine.

Benefit 1: Environmental Printing

Before doing the sublimation transfer, we need to print the patterns firstly and then use the paper printed to transfer onto the fabric with the heat press machine. Our heat press machine can meet the green printing standards. Eepecially in china, inorder to product the environmet the government ask strict requirements of the green printing. It will not produce environmental pollution problems, which makes everyone can be very assured to use.

Benefit 2: Added Value of This Machine

When you use our rotary heat press machine, the pass rate of the patterns transferred are very high.The loss of the product is much smaller than other printing and transferring method and there will no the problem of printing errors

Benefit 3: High Transfer Printing Rate

At last, our heat press machine also has a high transfer rate. The patterns can be transferred onto the fabric with different colors. This performance has a very good increase in its practicality. And its adhesion is also very strong, the color does not fall after printing, no deformation, no discoloration.

Okay, These all above are my share about the benefits of rotary heat press machine. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.

What’s the Advantages of High-quality Sublimation Multifunction Roller Heat Transfer Machine?

What’s the advantages of multifunction roller heat transfer machine ?

In the market, sublimation multifunction roller heat transfer machine has a lot of advantages, such as high precision, high cost performance, long stability and long service life. All are well recognized, and it has greater advantage when using. Its benefits are also very prominent. And then will be very good in terms of reliability performance, need to pay more attention to meet the actual requirements. It should meet requirements of a variety of materials during roller heat transfer printing processing. And can be more in line with the requirements in the bright pattern color, which can get more customers full trust, so be sure to pay more attention to it.

It will certainly be able to win the full trust of customers if you can meet the quality requirements. And multi-function roller heat press machine can better provide customers with a lot of convenience. Customers can have been trusted, so that we must have a more comprehensive understanding, or will not be able to bring us more convenience, and then can get more customers’ understanding.

How to choose it?

The choice of equipment can have more prominent advantages in the performance, can work in a variety of clothing fabrics, leather products, large-scale blessing and flags and other materials. If the product quality can be effectively protected, naturally can get customers more understanding. Andto achieve the degree of recognition will be greatly improved.

In general, after confirming the multi-function roller heat press machine production and sales enterprises. We can choose reasonable from its advantages and features to ensure that it can meet production and living requirements. And thus achieve the desired results. So in view of this, we must have more comprehensive understanding to meet the actual needs, but also to get more customers’ full trust.

Okay, These all above are my share about the advantages of sublimation multifunction roller heat press machine. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading