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Attentions When Installing Roll Heat Transfer Machine

Roll heat transfer machine with exquisite images, not affected by the impact of printing materials, environmental protection and other advantages, which are accepted by people. Especially the printing equipment industry, its emergence is an update on the printing industry. But because of its cost, it is also higher relative to other equipment, so we should be extra careful during the installation, then what should be pay attention to during the installation? Now we are introducing you how to install the digital roll heat press machine:

roll heat transfer machine

1.Only using the power supply type on the digital heat transfer printing machine label. Use the power cord supplied with the Digital heat transfer printing machine, do not use other power cables, if use other power cords, it may cause fire and electric shock.

2. The Digital heat transfer printing machine power cord can only be used for this product, for other settings may cause fire and electric shock. Do not use damaged or cracked power cords.

3. If the Digital roll heat transfer printing machine uses an additional power cord, make sure that the total number of amps of the additional power cord device inserted does not exceed the rated amperage of the power cord. Also make sure that the total number of amps of all the devices plugged into the wall outlet does not exceed the wall outlet rating Ampere.

4. Do not block or cover a variety of openings of the Digital heat transfer printing machine chassis . If the power plug is damaged, replace the power cord or contact the service center.

5. Do not move, lift, pressure movement platform.

sublimation printing

6.The digital heat transfer printing machine placed in a more stable ground, if the digital heat transfer printing machine tilted a certain angle, it will affect the quality of the machine output.

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Choose A Suitable Calender Heat Press For Transfer Printing

All plotter manufacturers recommend installing the plotter in rooms where there is constant temperature and humidity control, for rapid drying of the ink. This is because sublimation paper swells up when it is very wet, running the risk of being touched by the heads on the printing carriage, which would completely ruin the job.

It is also advisable to leave the rolls of paper for at least 24 hours in the room where they will be used, possibly in a vertical position for them to acclimatise to optimum room conditions.

calender heat press

The best fibre for dye-sublimation printing is polyester because it offers the best reaction to the thermal shocks caused by the high temperatures that can reach up to 215°C and the residence time that can often reach well over 60 seconds. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and advice with due care when handling or moving the equipment on account of the high temperatures and potentially dangerous operating conditions that demand your complete attention throughout the production process.

The calender machine enables roll to roll fabric processing and the use of practically any type of fabric including woven or knitted fabrics, as well as stretch yarns, non wovens, rugs with low pile. For higher piles, such as carpet, flat presses (especially aspired versions) produce more in-depth absorption of the ink. They are generally used for transfer printing on fabric pre-cut to the required shape, and this is called “garment-laid print”.

Bear in mind that every fabric has its own properties and must be tested to define how it should be worked, and that every batch can give a different end result. Therefore, it is always wise to do a quality test run before starting actual production, even if you are using the same fabric/design.

rotary heat transfer machine

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Do You Know How To Use Roller Printing Machine Correctly?

If you want to use the roller printing machine correctly, then we need to do three things. The first thing is to do a comprehensive reading and understanding of the equipment instructions. This is very important. Do not feel that the device’s instructions are too thick to read, or feel that you can see the various buttons on the machine successfully and there is no need to see the instructions. The instructions must be seen so that you can have a better understanding of the design principles and components of the device. So you can be better aware of some vulnerable parts of the device when it is used.

roller printing machine

For the correct use of the roller heat press machine, the second thing needs people to pay attention and insist on it, that is to you must have a comprehensive inspection of the equipment before the use of the machine. That is, before we use this device, We should all check it out to make sure that the function of this device is perfect and good to use, so that it can be officially started. This is very important for everyone, so that the son can get better use effect, let everybody can get better enjoyment in this respect.

These are very important for us, and the third thing to use a roller printing machine is that the accurate setting of the related printing parameters of this equipment. Each rotary heat transfer calenderkind of different printing demand has its own different parameters. We need to understand these aspects well before printing and the corresponding adjustment in the equipment. This can ensure that the printing effect is accurate.

rotary heat transfer machine

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How To Maintain Multi-function Roller Heat Press In Daily Life?

Do you know how to maintain the roller heat transfer machine? Here’re the tips to maintain your roll to roll heat press:

roller heat press

1.To inspect the power supply if power on or not and the ground wire whether normal.

2.To inspect the heat press machine inside if clean or not,which need to be keeping clean.

3.To inspect the roller and blanket inside regularly which whether there are sheetmetal and sundries fall into ,abnormal condition need to be handled in advance when there are exceptional conditions.

4.To inspect the wire connection whether there are combustion phenomena and need to be settled in time.

5.Clear away variable frequency radiation of fuselage cover and dust.

rotary heat transfer machine

6.To inspect regularly the cover around of engine, if accumulating stuff ,which should keep clean and insure the motor cooling in time .

7.All the bearings of machine need to be add hot butter within one week to insure the bearings function well.

8.Emergency stop switch of the roller heat press should be used less as far as possible ,stutter stop not exceeding 3 minutes.

9.To inspect frequently the electric wire ,circuit whether from aging.

10.Add butter for each part of machine,when it start up each time, and conduction oil should be added regularly.

Okay, these all above are my share about the tips to maintain your roll to roll heat press. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Thanks for your reading.

Select the Right Type of Roll to Roll Heat Press for Your Business

According to the standard design of the drawings of the clothing, after the cut but has not been sewing clothes, it can be cloth can also be paper, so in order to carry out the roll heat press printing process, select the right type of roll to roll heat press must be very key, which will be a direct impact on the quality of clothing printing the key. From the printed pattern can be seen, if the quality can be better, certainly can get the customer’s Unanimous trust.

roll to roll heat press

Of course, can also be on the shoe material, when use roll heat press machine to print piece by piece, if the roller diameter in the appropriate circumstances, will certainly be able to ensure that the printing of the graphic clarity and bright and beautiful to get a better presentation, Its transfer performance will definitely get the customer’s full trust, so when purchase of equipment, need from the actual situation to start that we can get more customers trust.

Overall, the choice of a more reliable piece of roller printing machine can certainly provide more convenience for garment processing, but also in the overall effect will be very in place, and then the performance of the quality will be very prominent, for the roller heat press machine,we should have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment performance and type of model, when have a comprehensive understanding, that can to ensure that the printing process can provide greater convenience.

roller heat press

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