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Do You Want The High Quality Blanket For Your Rotary Heat Calender?



Calender are an affordable, easy to use rotary heat press for all your dye sublimation paper transfer and direct-to-fabric applications. For machine, the daily maintenance is essential. If you buy a rotary heat calender, learn some maintaining tips is very important. and here are some tips we can provide.

roll to roll heat press

roll to roll heat press

Heat transfer printing felts also called Nomex endless Felt, Calender heat press felt, sublimation heat press blanket, It is made of 100% nomex. They are the most important component of the heat transfer printing machines which print the pattern from paper to fabric helping with pressure and temperature.


The quality of the blanket printing machine affects the quality and effect of the transfer. The blanket, as an important component of the roller printing machine, is not the body of the diamond, and the life of our blanket is usually about 2 years. However, the improper deformation of the worker often causes the felt to become deformed, dirty, burnt or burnt.

Heat transfer printing felts can offer heat transfer printing felt with original and special dimensions for every brand heat transfer printing machines and household textiles ironing machines.

Heat transfer printing felts

Heat transfer printing felts

DuPont raw materials for blankets made of special materials to withstand high temperatures up to 250 ° C, alkali, acid and chemical resistant. The surface of the felt is flat, uniform in density and good in abrasion resistance. It runs smoothly, is not easy to run off, and has a long service life. Because our blankets have such advantages, they are very popular among the majority of businesses.


Any one need the high quality heat transfer machine blankets pls feel free to contact us!

heat transfer press machine

How Can You Control The Cost For Your Rotary Heat Press



If you are looking at rotary heat presses, make sure the adjustable pressure knob can help you control how much force you apply on the garment. Some machines have poor pressure knobs and if you are constantly using too much force, it can hurt your back. Apply too little force and your design won’t stick on the garment.


Roll type heat transfer machine

Roll type heat transfer machine


One of the factors when looking at how well the heat transfer press machine distributes heat evenly. You can only do this if you are looking at a demo or you are buying a used one from someone else. Make sure you test it by turning it on and hover your hand close to the platen to feel the heat. You do not want to buy a heat press with no digital timer. You don’t want to run the risk of burning your t-shirts or tote bags.


For a standard heat transfer, the temperature requirements are about 350 degrees Fahrenheit and usually 10 seconds is enough to print a garment. It will vary if you are doing thick garments such as hoodies and sweat shirts.

manual heat transfer machine

manual heat transfer machine

Heat transfer printing machine’s size is very important ,different size means different applications .In general , heat press machine have two types :flat heat press machine and rotary heat press machine .Flat heat press machine always have A3,A4 size, rotary heat press machine have many size :420*1700, 420*1900, 420*2500 and so on .You should choose right size for your digital printing base on your facts.


That all that as manufacture i can advice you, hope this will helpful to you!

3 Tips For You When Decide Buy A New Heat Press Machine



Heat press machine is a important machine in sublimation printing process ,the quality of heat press machine influence sublimation printing results. So it is very important to choose high quality and suitable heat press machine for your digital printing .


How to choose high quality heat press transfer machine? I think many people may ask this question ,of course , it is a good question. As far as I know ,when you buy heat press machine , you should consider eight points .

heat press transfer machine

heat press transfer machine

1) Your budget

This is often the biggest factor with most beginners. Soon-to-be new roll machine sublimation heat press owners ponder about this all the time. My answer is that you should only spend within your limits. If your budget is $500, go for the Gecko heat press machine I recommended.


2) Quality

Now you often pay for what you get. A high quality roll drum heat press that is durable is going to cost a lot more. Almost all heat press machines offer lifetime warranty for the heat platen since they are extremely durable and has no issues.


roller heat press machine

roller heat press machine


3) After-sale service

Is the company reliable when it comes to helping the customer. Are they quick at resolving issues? Which presses are easily maintained on site and do not need to be returned? A heat press with no support means you won’t be able to do anything if it breaks down.

The Importance of Spare Parts for The Rotary Heat Press

roll heat press machineEveryone knows that the rotary heat press is a final material in the whole sublimation transferring process so it must play a very important role. If you can’t operate it in a right way, all the operations above will be destroyed.

For such a large transfer machine, it must have many important spare parts, so that it can maintain the normal operation of the machine. While do you know what should you take care about the spare parts when you buy and operate your machine? Read the following and I will share you more.

1. Blanket

The blanket is a very important accessory for the roll heat press machine. It is similar to the print head for your sublimation digital inkjet printer. Because the heat press is just a process for you to transfer the patterns from the sublimation paper onto the fabric. So the patterns transferred is the final result to check the effect.

The role of the blanket is to help you correct the deviation in your transfer process. Sometimes in a long transfer process, the fabric and the sublimation paper may get to a wrong direction when transfer, then the patterns will get a worse effect.

2. Roll of The Machine

The heat and temperature in the transfer process is freed by the roll. So if your roll has poor quality, the temperature may can’t be spread completely. Make sure your roll is a good seamless tube roller, so that when you transfer the tempareture and pressure is average. Also with this high quality can help you save your power.

3. Steel plate

A high quality rotary heat press machine must made by the high quality steel plate. The high quality steel has high density then patterns heated and transferred will have a high accuracy. Can help you reduce the error.

calender heat press machine

4. Lathe of Your Machine

Make sure if your lathe has a high quality, a good lathe is also very important. It can bring you a better produce effect. Especially in the rotary heat transfer, it can gairantee the working efficiency of the blanket and avoid the wrong direction.

Okay, these all above are some important spare parts for your calender heat press machine. Make sure the quality of the spare parts and your transfer effect will be better in the future. Of course if you have any other needs or questions welcoem to contact us at any time. We will provide you with the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.

How to Select the Appropriate Roller Heat Press Machine?

According to the standard design of the drawings of the clothing, after the cut but has not been sewing clothes, it can be cloth can also be paper, so in order to carry out the roll heat press printing process, select the appropriate type of film roller heat press machine must be very key, which will be a direct impact on the quality of clothing printing the key. From the printed pattern can be seen, if the quality can be better, certainly can get the customer’s unanimous trust.

roller heat press machine

Of course, can also be on the shoe material, when use roll heat press machine to print piece by piece, if the roller diameter in the appropriate circumstances, will certainly be able to ensure that the printing of the graphic clarity and bright and beautiful to get a better presentation, Its transfer performance will definitely get the customer’s full trust, so when purchase of equipment, need from the actual situation to start that we can get more customers trust.

Overall, the choice of a more reliable piece of roller printing machine can certainly provide more convenience for garment processing, but also in the overall effect will be very in place, and then the performance of the quality will be very prominent, for the roller heat press machine,we should have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment performance and type of model, when have a comprehensive understanding, that can to ensure that the printing process can provide greater convenience.

calender heat press

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