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What’s The Function Of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine?

Rotary heat transfer machine can apply in the crystal, metal plate, ceramic tile, ceramic, plastic, wood, gypsum stone, cardboard, cards and other permeability and impermeability materials. it can print directly to high-quality, never faded photos, a wide range of product applications, the market demand potential.

The Features Of Heat Press Machine:

1. Multifunction

It can apply for variety of materials, such us metal, ceramic tile, ceramic, plastic, wood, gypsum stone, cardboard, etc.

2.Print effect

Realistic printing effects, printers using economical and high-quality fast-drying ink, saving customers operating costs.

3.stable quality

No additional maintenance of sophisticated design to prevent print head plugging flexible adjustment between the print platform and the exact distance between the print head, print more accurate.

4.Small investment

Easily complete high-efficiency printing orders Digital printing shop to increase business scope, improve the market competitiveness of the best solution.

The advantages of the Rotary Drum Heat Press:

1)Simple and convenient operation: no plate and repeat the chromatography process, easy to maintain;
2)Print speed: low input costs, high-speed printing is fully applicable to industrial mass production;
3)To overcome the material boundaries: Can print any medium within the specified thickness, completely overcome the traditional printing methods can only use special paper and special specifications, you can use very thin or very thick objects, the thickness of up to the thickness of the object It is 18 centimeters

4)Automatic Cleaning System: Significant head blocking function According to the consumer’s choice to cycle in various modes of automatic cleaning of the print head, so to prevent nozzle clogging.
5)High-precision printing perfect: The use of the company’s production of special ink, the output of the image realistic effects, to photo quality. Image waterproof, sun protection, abrasion resistance, never fade.


How To Protect Our Roller Drum Heat Press Machine?

A roller drum heat press machine is the heart of your dye sublimation printing business. You have to continually take care of it if you favor it to supply you the satisfactory at all times. The rotary heat press calender requires some maintenance to run efficiently, simply like any other machine.  And these upkeep assessments ought to be carried out at ordinary intervals for an effectively jogging machine. Note that suited maintenance will extend the lifespan of your heat press machine.

roller drum heat press machine

1. Dust Heat Press Regular
Built up dirt can make the machine run hotter. Therefore, maintain dust off each the exterior and indoors elements of your calender heat press.

calender heat press2. Lubricate Heat Press Machine
Apply excessive heat and excessive stress lubricant or a white grease to the pistons and rods of your heat press machine with a cotton swab or a rag. It will help the lowering and lifting of the platens become a smoother motion. You must solely want to do this about as soon as a year. Of course, it’s ok to do it extra than as soon as a year.

3. Minimum Use Emergency Stop Switch
During the use of the process, the emergency stop switch, on the curler heat press machine has to minimal use to keep away from shortening the life of the chain, towline, belt.

4. Check Machine ordinary
Please frequently check the roller heat press machine security valve, bearings, transmission components to make certain the motion-sensitive and reliable.

sublimation machine 5. Refuel Heat Transfer Machine Before Operating
Each time earlier than operating, roller drum heat press machine on the activities of the website online have to be refueling in accordance with the rules.

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Roller Transfer Machine

How Does Roller Heat Transfer Machine Make Pressure?

How does roller heat transfer machine make pressure? Now I will explain the principle of it.

roller heat transfer machine

Roller heat press machine installed into interlining cloths and white cloth into the installation.Interlining cloth using a tight,white cloth into the use of loose,using manual feed mode,so that the fabric shape surrounded by hanging, photoelectric tube control the speed of cloth to ensure cloth is slack into the drum,so that the fabric the same tension,each the best effect of transfer.Non-interlining printing machines only a white cloth into the fabric installed.

Clothing pressure mechanism of roller printing machine: pressure mechanism through the cylinder axis bearings at both ends of cylinder pressure. In order to make printed patterned clear about printing paste evenly, size must be appropriate pressure, pressure is too light, light printed pattern color, and never show too much is vague distortion, also added to increase power consumption, increase parts wear. Usually bold, large patterns of cylinder pressure and as a light version of the roll with light pressure, thin cylinder with pressure lines, moire, and snowflakes.

rotary heat transfer machine

In addition, the pressure mechanism should meet the following technological and operational requirements:

1. Both centralized control of cylinder and bearings of advance and retreat, and pressures of accurate adjust left and right sides respectively.

2. The system should be flexible, when joint press point or axis is bent, will have a dampening effect, passive pressure reduction.

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Do You Want The High Quality Blanket For Your Rotary Heat Calender?



Calender are an affordable, easy to use rotary heat press for all your dye sublimation paper transfer and direct-to-fabric applications. For machine, the daily maintenance is essential. If you buy a rotary heat calender, learn some maintaining tips is very important. and here are some tips we can provide.

roll to roll heat press

roll to roll heat press

Heat transfer printing felts also called Nomex endless Felt, Calender heat press felt, sublimation heat press blanket, It is made of 100% nomex. They are the most important component of the heat transfer printing machines which print the pattern from paper to fabric helping with pressure and temperature.


The quality of the blanket printing machine affects the quality and effect of the transfer. The blanket, as an important component of the roller printing machine, is not the body of the diamond, and the life of our blanket is usually about 2 years. However, the improper deformation of the worker often causes the felt to become deformed, dirty, burnt or burnt.

Heat transfer printing felts can offer heat transfer printing felt with original and special dimensions for every brand heat transfer printing machines and household textiles ironing machines.

Heat transfer printing felts

Heat transfer printing felts

DuPont raw materials for blankets made of special materials to withstand high temperatures up to 250 ° C, alkali, acid and chemical resistant. The surface of the felt is flat, uniform in density and good in abrasion resistance. It runs smoothly, is not easy to run off, and has a long service life. Because our blankets have such advantages, they are very popular among the majority of businesses.


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heat transfer press machine

How Can You Control The Cost For Your Rotary Heat Press



If you are looking at rotary heat presses, make sure the adjustable pressure knob can help you control how much force you apply on the garment. Some machines have poor pressure knobs and if you are constantly using too much force, it can hurt your back. Apply too little force and your design won’t stick on the garment.


Roll type heat transfer machine

Roll type heat transfer machine


One of the factors when looking at how well the heat transfer press machine distributes heat evenly. You can only do this if you are looking at a demo or you are buying a used one from someone else. Make sure you test it by turning it on and hover your hand close to the platen to feel the heat. You do not want to buy a heat press with no digital timer. You don’t want to run the risk of burning your t-shirts or tote bags.


For a standard heat transfer, the temperature requirements are about 350 degrees Fahrenheit and usually 10 seconds is enough to print a garment. It will vary if you are doing thick garments such as hoodies and sweat shirts.

manual heat transfer machine

manual heat transfer machine

Heat transfer printing machine’s size is very important ,different size means different applications .In general , heat press machine have two types :flat heat press machine and rotary heat press machine .Flat heat press machine always have A3,A4 size, rotary heat press machine have many size :420*1700, 420*1900, 420*2500 and so on .You should choose right size for your digital printing base on your facts.


That all that as manufacture i can advice you, hope this will helpful to you!