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Some Basic Operation Knowledge of Roller Drum Heat Press

rotary heat transfer machineMany customers don’t know much about operation knowledge of roller drum heat press. Today, I will make a brief introduction to it. Hope will be helpful to you.

Roller drum heat press in the electrical aspects of the computer and programmable controller as the center of the IPC for the host computer to the computer communication with the printing unit of the single-chip system to stop data collection and exchange of the whole machine to monitor. Software, in the window on the basis of the development of graphical computer monitoring software, the interface beautiful, intuitive and easy to understand Chinese. To improve the reliability of printing unit.

Ink will not be infiltrated to the screen, the concentration is stable, suitable for high quality printing. Solvent is an important part of the screen printing ink local, different regions, temperature, humidity, ink performance is also different. Some people say that 90% of the screen printing process with the solvent. Roller drum heat press UV ink is free of volatile substances, ink viscosity change is very small, easy to operate, a good deal with these problems, so that a substantial improvement in print quality. In addition, due to the fast curing speed of the ink, shortening the residence time of the printed matter in the boring process, reducing the possibility of dust pollution.

Without volatile solvents, the human body and the environment is not a negative impact. At present, the screen printing ink from the output and species, the volatile dry solvent ink accounted for the mainstream. Because of its boring time is slow, in the boring process 60% of the solvent must be volatile, the environment pollution. Seeking pollution is small, dry fast, less energy consumption of ink, has become the printing industry common purpose.

sublimation heat transfer machine

Roller heat transfer machine on some of the ink layer thickness, the substrate is common, simple and sensitive operation. Ordinary solvent ink, ink solid content of about 40%, and UV ink solid content after curing close to 100%, 2 to 5 times the ordinary ink. If you use thick film screen printing UV ink, the effect is better.

Technology is through the dye on the external force, so that the dye spray through the nozzle to the fabric to form a color point. Digital radiation or digital radiation of the drum heat press is a kind of radiation technology of digital image technology. The digital printing technology controls the radiation and non-spray of the nozzle and the movement in the xy direction, and can form the corresponding accurate image on the printed medium.

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