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Why Some Clients Prefer Roll to Roll Heat Press Machine?

Roll to roll heat press machine is an industrial machine to print on roll to roll fabrics and cut pieces, and it is easy operation through the continuous system. Today’s article will introduce why our clients prefer this kind of machine.

roll to roll heat press machine

The Usage of Roll to Roll Heat Transfer Machine 

Roll to roll calenders are suitable for various applications in several markets sectors. From technical textiles, recyclable carpet to the printed textile and promotional items. The list is not complete but gives a good impression on our capabilities, experience, and applications. We have developed machines which are suitable for continuous roll-to-roll transfer printing and/or fixation of directly printed material.  Accurate control of temperature results in the best possible quality print and reproducible products, with brilliant colors.

Benefits of Roll to Roll Heat Press Machine

Benefits of roll-to-roll heat transfer machine include high production rates and yields. As it allows devices to be fabricated automatically in mass quantities, this technique can help reduce the cost of manufacturing through an economy of scale. Although initial capital costs can be high to set up such a system, these costs can often be recovered through the economic advantages during production.

roll to roll heat transfer machine Characteristic of Roll to Roll Calender

(1. Aligning Blanket Automatically
(2. Detecting Temperature on the Surface
(3. Filling Oil Drum to 100% Full (Saving 30% Power)
(4. Controlling Temperature Precisely (Controllable Silicon Solid State Relay)

(5. Minimizing Maintenance Effort (Slip Ring)

(6. Fabric/Transfer Paper/Tissue Paper Tension Controlled by Compressed Air

(7. Daily Power On/off

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Introduction of Roatry sublimation heat transfer machine

Introduction of Roatry sublimation heat transfer machine

roll to roll heat pressHeat transfer printing is clean and environmentally safe, which makes it attractive in today’s health and safety conscience work environments. different from traditional textile printing, there are no polluted liquid by-product. The only by-product is paper, sublimation transfer paper, heat transfer paper. Heat Transfer printing is the primary element in apparel manufacturing operations. It is the perfect medium for the demands of today’s market- short run and sample production.

Generally, sublimation heat transfer machine is divided into two kinds, flated heat transfer machine and rotary heat transfer machine. of course, they use different heat rtansfer materials, and printing for different product.

Flated heat transfer machine, usually it’s suitable for shirts printing, operators often use A3 or A4 size sublimation treansfer paper for polyester or t-shirt heat transfer paper for cotton. the temperature and time setting is based on printed product.

sublimation roll heat press

Roatry sublimation heat transfer machine is applied for continuous roll to roll heat transfer printing, it’s very high effective, high speed, high-volume printing to meet customer demand. different from flated heat transfer machine, rotary heat transfer machine heat transfer images from roll size sublimation inkjet transfer paper and has wide application, such as mouse pad/pieces, bedding, curtains, large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, apparel fabrics, towels, blankets, and other products.

Heat transfer printing is very essential step for heat transfer printing, so how to choose heat transfer machine depends on customers’ situation.

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What is Blanket of Roll To Roll Transfer Printing Machine?

Roll To Roll Transfer Printing Machine used Industry Endless blanket have a relatively high temperature resistance, our belt have two specification: 160-180℃ and 230-260℃. All of the felt belt could meet the different needs of different customers. The interior of the blanket is specially added with a kind of base cloth which are made of endless industrial silk, which can ensure that the blanket does not run out of position after being machined, does not arch up, has a long service life, and the shrinkage rate is controlled at about 2%.

blanket of rotary heat transfer machine

Features of Blanket:

1.The blanket belt adopts the imported high-temperature-resistant aramid fabric. And the medium substrate can be divided into two kinds,namely polyester dry net and Kevlar substrate.

2.The use temperature can reach less than 250℃. At the end of usage,the convergence shrinkage is 2% and the extending rate is 3%.

3.It is the transferring printing blanket belt special for all kinds of textile fabrics,curtain cloth and decoration cloth.

4.This blanket also named as Thermal Transfer Printing Felt, Heat Resistance Roller Sleeve, High Temperature Seamless Blankets. This blanket is the most important component of Roll To Roll Transfer Printing Machine.

5.The specifications of all the products above can be customized according to the needs of the clients.

roll to roll transfer printing machine

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Roll-To-Roll Heat Transfer Machine vs. Cut Parts Rotary Press

rotary heat transfer machineA rotary heat press, also known as a calendar transfer machine, is used to continuingly transfer dye-sublimation prints onto a fabric. Machines like this are used in many types of applications. You can use it for printing fabric rolls, creating signage, producing flags, working with cut part pieces for cut-and-sew apparel, and even for making pieces of ribbon or long straps.

Rotary presses are typically manufactured two different ways and come in widths that range from 10–220″. The two types of presses are referred to as a roll-to-roll heat transfer machine and a cut part rotary press (the latter features a table).

1. Roll-to-roll heat transfer machine
This type of rotary press is used to transfer your designs on to a roll of fabric. The items you will need with a roll-to-roll heat transfer machine include pre-printed transfer paper, tissue paper, and fabric. The pre-printed transfer paper has a slight tackiness to it, and it’s used to hold the fabric in place. The tissue paper keeps the sublimation ink from getting on to the belt that goes around the drum. The fabric you use will always be composed of polyester, a polyester blend, or some other kind of polyester-coated substrate. Roll-to-roll heat transfer machine typically come with three unwinds and three rewinds. The three items listed above are loaded onto the unwind rods of the rotary press. They come together and go through the press, looping around the heated drum. This part of the process is called the “dwell time,” and this is where the sublimation process happens. The rewind rods then roll up the now-printed fabrics, the used transfer paper, and used tissue paper.
rotary heat transfer machine

2. Cut parts rotary press
This type of rotary heat press is used to transfer your design on to pre-cut pieces of fabric, but it can also create rolls of fabric. You still need pre-printed transfer paper and tissue paper for this kind of rotary press, as well as your cut pieces of fabric. Cut parts rotary presses have a table attached to the front of the press, giving your production team the ability to lay down pre-cut fabrics on to the pre-printed transfer paper. The pre-printed transfer paper is loaded on the unwind rod and fed into the heated drum area. The cut parts are laid down on the pre-printed transfer paper and fed into the printer. A press that is set up for cut part application typically comes with three unwinds and three rewinds as well. This affords the press the ability to operate like a roll-to-roll heat transfer machine if needed.
Specialized rotary press accessories are available, but they are optional items. For example, if you are working with ribbons or straps, you can purchase a rotary press that has webbing features. Some manufacturers have this as an optional item to add on when purchasing your press.

As with all new equipment, there will be a learning curve until you feel comfortable using your machine. Feel confident knowing that this is a low learning curve, and it’s just a small matter of time before you’re a master at operating your rotary press. Three basic variables affect your results: heat, pressure, and time. Some ink manufacturers give a recommendation on the dwell time. Based on that recommendation, you will need to experiment by adjusting the temperature and time to achieve ideal results.

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