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Some Suggestions to You When Using a Roller Heat Press Machine

   Compared with flat heat press machine, roller heat press machine are usually applied to the industrial printing. We usually think roller heat press machine is harder to operate than the flat heat press machine. Then, what should we pay attention when using such a large machine?

Heat Pressing

   1. First, set an appropriate speed and temperature for the machine before starting. And make sure the temperature is stable when working.

   2. Adjust the pressure between the blanket and drum, make sure the pressure is suitable for the paper with different weight.

   3. Make sure the heat press surface, transfer paper and surface of substrate must be close, can not have gaps, otherwise it will make the transferred graphics blur.

   4. Make a test before mass production to make sure whether the speed and temperature are suitable.

   5. Try to clean the things immovably attached to the transfer paper and the textile, or it will influence the image’s quality after transfer printing.

   6. The sublimation paper should keep dry all the time. Too much moisture will affect the paper’s quality, and it will cause many problems in sublimation printing such as the direct of the image is sideling.

roller heat press machine

   7. Cut the front part of the paper and fabric into inverted v-shape, and put the middle part into the heat press machine first. It can help the whole breadth enter the heat press machine at the same time steadily.

   8. The sublimation paper and textile should be separated quickly when transfer printing. If not, it will be easy to cause ghosting.

applications of roller heat press machine

   Please remember, no matter what machine you are operating, the security is always the first concern. When sublimation printing something with the roller heat press machine, keep away from the heat drum when it is working, or you will be easy to get hurt.

New Roller Heat Press Machine installation

   Today, our technicians has installed a new roll to roll heat press machine. Now we will show you the details.

420*1800mm heat press machine

420*1800mm heat press machine

420*1800mm heat press machine

   For this roller heat press machine, the size is 420*1800mm,  420mm mean the diameter of heating drum, 1800mm mean the length of the working table.  Here are the features of this machine.
   1. Roll-to-roll or Piece-by-piece processing
   2. Double layer drum – 420mm / 16.5″ in diameter
   3. Filing Oil Drum to 100% (Saving 30% Power)
   4. 18 heating elements
   5. 75% Nome Drum Blanket Coverage
   6. Maximum transfer speed:2.6m/min(8.5ft)
   7. Fabric / Transfer Paper / Tissue Paper Tension Controlled
   8. Auto Power On / Off

420*1800mm heat press machine

420*1800mm heat press machine

   If you are interested in our roller heat press machine, please kindly contact us.


Flatbed Heat Press Machine & Rotary Heat Press Machine, Which One is Suitable for You?

   As the heat transfer printing becomes more and more popular, there are all kinds of heat press machine in the market. They have different brand, different size, different shape and different price. We usually divide these heat press machine into 2 types: flatbed heat press and roller heat press. Which one is more suitable for you? Here are some tips.

heat transfer printing

   Flatbed heat press machine is usually suitable for house-hold or someone who own a small workshop for DIY or personalized gifts making. We usually use it for t-shirts, bags, pillows and other small things.

flatbed heat press machine

   For roller heat press machine, it is usually used for industrial printing. If the you want to print on large format fabrics like bed sheets, curtains or all over garment printing, roller heat press machine is a better choice. And if you own a big business, even you just print on small things, a roller heat press machine is also essential. You can print the same images on the transfer paper, and put the panel on the machine for transfer printing, it will be much quicker.

roller heat press machine

   It is obvious that flatbed heat press is much cheaper than the roller heat press machine. But roller heat press machine has a stronger productivity. Make a decision based on the long run planing.