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How to Determine the Quality of Sublimation Rotary Printing Machine?

How to judge the quality of sublimation rotary printing machine? Many customers are afraid to believe the domestic products, are afraid, the quality is not good, the performance is not stable, so today Fei Yue Digital INC. drum printing machine manufacturers tell you some tips.

Judging the quality of sublimation rotary printing machine includes the following points:

1. Environmental protection

Now many printing and dyeing industry, due to the printing process, the need to use water, pollution of the environment is very big, and conducive to long-term development, and countries are now also in promoting industries, to environmental protection printing, roller printing machine be preferred in the printing factory

2. Color fastness

Color fastness to contain the washing fastness, dry rubbing fastness, soaping fastness, etc.. Fastness and measure the important criterion of the printing effect (i.e., no fading), in the beautiful printing need good fastness, good and roller printing machine, color fastness in 3-4, can be long-term preservation, water is not easy to off color, can be long-term preservation.

3. Materials for core parts of the drum

Good drum directly affects the printing effect of products, and the roller printing machine roller surface accuracy requirement is very high, roller surface is uneven and the thickness of the drum, led directly to the finished product quality, and good factory, every detail of product materials can do best, delicate, screw power accessories, impact on the performance of the whole machine.

4. After-sales guarantee

For electronic products, must have a dedicated after-sales service, solve the roller printing machine of the various problems encountered in the process of production, and the ability to solve mechanical problems, prevent from mechanical failure, affect the production of the machine.

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