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What are the printing methods of rotary printing machine?

With the continuous update of the printing industry, the technology is also continuously enhanced, and more printing machine equipment can better meet the market demand. The appearance of rotary printing machine reflects this point very well. The printing pattern is exquisite, and there is no restriction on the printing fabric, and the covering area is small. What are the printing methods of rotary printing machine? This is not very well known to the layman, today I would like to share with you the rotary printing machine how many kinds of printing methods?

There are mainly the following:

1. Swimming movement of rotary printing machine

The dye in the transfer paper ink layer is selected according to the nature of the fibre. The fabric is first soaked and rolled by the mixture of solid color auxiliaries and pastes, and then transferred by thermal pressure in the wet state, so that the dye is transferred from the printing paper of the rotary printing machine to the fabric and fixed, and finally through steaming, washing and other wet processing. When dye transfer, there should be greater pressure between the fabric and transfer paper.

2. Melting method of roller printing machine

Transfer paper ink layer with dyes and wax as the basic components. Through fusion pressure, the ink layer embedded into the fabric, so that part of the ink to the fiber, and then according to the nature of the dye posttreatment. When using the melting method, greater pressure is required, and the transfer rate of the dye increases with the increase of pressure.

3. Sublimation of rotary heat press machine

This is the most commonly used method, using the sublimation characteristics of disperse dyes, using disperse dyes with molecular weight of 250~400, particle diameter of 0.2~2 micron, as well as water-soluble carriers (such as sodium alginate) or alcohol soluble carriers (such as ethyl cellulose), oil soluble resins to make inks. In 200 ~ 230 ° C roller printing machine processing 20 to 30 seconds, make the disperse dye transfer onto polyester and other synthetic fibers and fixation.

4. Ink layer stripping method of roller printing machine

Use the ink that can produce stronger adhesion to the fiber after the heat, can make the entire ink layer spin printing paper to transfer to the fabric under less pressure, and then according to the properties of the dye do the corresponding fixation.