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How is the Multifunction Sublimation Oil Drum Printing Machine Pressurized?

How is the multi-function oil drum printing machine pressurized? Now Fei Yue Digital machinery technician to talk to you.

The installation of multi – function roller printing machine is divided into lining cloth and white cloth. Adopted tight type lining cloth into cloth, calico cloth adopted more loose type, in the form of overfeeding feeding, make the fabric with the appearance of cloth ring suspension, with photocell control into cloth super feed roller speed, ensure the white cloth is flabby condition into the car, fabric tension, to excellent printing effect. The unlined printing machine is only installed with white cloth.

Pressure mechanism of garment oil drum printing machine:

the pressure mechanism exerts pressure on the cylinder through the bearing at both ends of the shaft. Average around in order to make clear print design, printing paste, pressure must be appropriate size, pressure is too light, the patterns of the printed color is shallow, and grinning, too heavy will be vague distortion, will increase additional power loss, aggravate wear parts. Usually thick lines, large decorative patterns and as a light version of the rollers with light pressure, fine lines, cloud lines and snowflakes with pressure.

The line pressure range is 100 — 600N/cm, usually 200 — 400N/cm. The total pressure of each tube can reach 2 x 104 — 8 x 104 n depending on the length of the tube.

In addition, the pressure mechanism shall meet the following process and operation requirements:

1. It can not only control the advance and fall of the cylinder and bearing seat, but also accurately adjust the pressure on the left and right sides respectively.

2. The pressure system should be flexible, and when the joint of the cloth is bent through the pressure point or shaft, it can act as a buffer and reduce the pressure passivity.

Summary:This is all I tell you the knowlege about how does the sublimation rotary transfer machine work. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.