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Remember Three Points! Helping You to Find a Quality Oil Roller Heat Transfer Machine Manufacturer Quickly

With the popularity of personalized clothing, the development of the dye-sublimation transfer printing industry in the past few years can really be described as rapid, and large and small oil roller heat transfer machine brands have mushroomed. For the majority of agent franchisees, before choosing a brand for agent joining. The first thing to do is to comprehensively examine the scale, strength, product market share, development direction, etc.

So, from what aspects do you want to select Oil Roller Heat Transfer Machine manufacturers? Below, Skyimage heat transfer machine manager will give you an emphasis on the experience of the past 10 years.

Focus one first, to examine the manufacturer’s hardware strength

Before selecting an agent to join, what aspects of the manufacturer should be examined? The first is a field visit to the hardware capabilities of the plant, equipment, assembly line, laboratory, etc. that represent the manufacturer’s production and technology research and development capabilities. Outstanding hardware strength can better provide backing support for the majority of agent franchisees.

For example, Skyimage factory, currently has 5000 square meters of production plants, has a professional grinder, stamping, cutting equipment, a number of production lines, batch testing products laboratory, professional wooden box packaging workshop.

Focus on second, examine the advantages of the manufacturer’s brand

Printing equipment as non-standard products, many parts are customized, such as the operating frame, roller, air expansion shaft, etc. Currently on the market there are some fake and shoddy, three non-product accessories, which seriously affect the performance and life of the machine. Therefore, when purchasing machines, businesses must strictly control the source.

Focus on the third, visit the manufacturer service system

The printing equipment needs regular maintenance and replacement of parts during use. At this time, the after-sales service of printing equipment manufacturers is very important. With the perfect service system of the manufacturers, it is also possible to provide more support and market development assistance for the franchisees.

Examining the printing equipment manufacturers, in addition to the above three points. The Skyimage heat press mechanical reminds you that you can also pay attention to the shipping capacity of the manufacturers, whether they have a complete industrial chain, the level of storage management, and the processing and processing conditions.