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The Instructions for Installing Blanket of Sublimation Calender Printing Machine

Due to the loss of blankets in the production process of Sublimation Canlender Printing Machine, the original blankets can not be used when changing blankets. Because the blanket is directly mounted on the surface of the drum, if the quality of the blanket installation is not good. It will directly affect the normal operation of the heat transfer printing machine.

The last step of the inspection process is to adjust and install the deflection of the blanket. Is the blanket running smoothly? After installation, whether the blanket is well shaped and will not run off.

Whether the staff for the installation of blankets is professional, and whether the operation is standard.

Sublimation calender printing machine blanket installation, generally using the following two methods

1. Fix the blanket on the surface of the drum, pass the shaft through the blanket, clip it in the blanket fixing slot, rotate the blanket tightening ring, adjust the thickness of the blanket, make it pass through another shaft below, then tighten the screws, fix the mechanical shaft, and check the width of both sides of the blanket.

2. The machine must be kept level during the installation of the blanket. The machine level method can use the other end of the machine seat to place the two sides of the anchor bolts 1 and 2, such as h, b2, b3 and b4, which need high height. Then use the level meter to level the upper surface of the machine seat. When the machine seat is horizontal in both directions, tighten the anchor bolts 1 and 2. Finally, add the human spacer plate on both sides of the anchor bolt 3 and the reading side, and use the same method for leveling. After leveling, tighten the | bolt 3 and 4 of the footing, and the sample base will be installed. This method is three-point leveling installation method at construction site S.

After the installation of the machine blanket, it is usually a test run, the new blanket will have a little deviation, after a few operations after the design, it is ok.

Okay, these all above are my share about the right steps of installing blanket to the roll to roll heat transfer machine. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.