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There’re So Many Advantages of Using A Heat Transfer Printing Machine, Do You Know?

There’re many advantages of our heat transfer printing machine. Today, I will share some with you.

1.The color is bright, the level is rich: multiple sets of color technology combinations, the color is more perfect.

2.Washable and anti-sun: long-term preservation does not fade, repeated use, color fastness can reach 4 levels.

3.Environmental protection and pollution-free: the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, green processing, no negative effects on the human body.

4.The new concept of thermal transfer printing: the printing process is simple, greatly simplifying the thermal transfer printing process.

5.The production cycle is short: direct proofing, saving plate making costs and cycles, a flower-shaped print.

calender heat transfer machine

6.It is not limited by the size of the flower shape return: it overcomes the problem of the traditional printing back limit and cannot be printed.

7.Arbitrary flower shape design: the design space is infinite, the pattern color is accurate, and there is no third color produced by the overprint in the traditional printing.

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What are the characteristics and classification of heat transfer machine?

Heat transfer machine is the general name of the printing machine using heat transfer printing technology, heat transfer printing machine includes plane hot stamping machine, high pressure hot stamping machine, shaking hot stamping machine, cup machine, pan machine, cap machine, drum machine and other heat transfer printing machine. The range that can print is very wide, include planar hot stamping already, also include cup, dish, cap these curved surface hot stamping, heat transfer is a new technology, domestic just just entered right track.

The characteristics of heat transfer printing machine are:

1. Beautiful pictures, with ordinary hot stamping machine, heat transfer machine can be completed.

2. Color pattern once forming, no need to register color.

3. Simple operation, exquisite printing and low production cost.

4. Small loss of products, high added value, strong decorative technology.

5. High covering power and strong adhesion.

6. Meet the green printing standards, no environmental pollution.

Thermal transfer press can be divided according to the type of machine. Heat transfer machine is generally divided into: hot stamping machine, high pressure hot stamping machine, shaking hot stamping machine, baking cup machine, baking pan machine, baking cap machine, drum transfer machine these categories.

How does the calender heat press complete heat transfer printing?

How does the calender heat press complete heat transfer printing? Clothing drum printing machine is one of the heat transfer printing machines. It can be divided into different types and prices according to the diameter of drum.

First of all, according to the situation of printing fabric, the temperature of the clothing roller printing machine is raised to a certain height, generally speaking, it is between 190 and 220 degrees.

At the same time, the fabric and paper needed for printing should be prepared. If it is a cutting piece, the lining paper should also be prepared to avoid the part of ink and pigment exposed during printing sticking to the fabric after high temperature and affecting the overall effect.

Then as long as the material and paper into the clothing roller printing machine, until the cloth out of the time has been completed printing, the whole process is very simple.


It can be said that the clothing roller printing machine is a good choice for heat transfer printing, not only has strong operability, but also has low cost. However, it should be noted that the pressure roller of the clothing roller printing machine is in the state of high temperature and pressure at work, so safety is the most important.

Applicable objects:

Clothing roller printing machine is suitable for sublimation transfer of large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, clothing fabrics, towels, sheets, mouse pads and other products, especially for continuous transfer of pieces of cloth.


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What causes horizontal stripes to appear when the garment digital printing machine prints?

In the production process of printing, the garment digital printing machine will more or less have some failures, resulting in the damage of printing products, and even the loss of the company. For example, apparel digital printing machine printing will appear horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes refer to the different colors and shades on the printed product patterns, resulting in the failure of lines. The fault of horizontal stripes can be solved by finding out the “disease” of horizontal stripes.

There are several kinds of fault of horizontal stripes: transportation problem, ink problem, step problem and so on.

Ink problem. Use the ink of pass quality as far as possible, use inferior ink to often can appear to print breakdown, the most important is still can damage shower head, a shower head tens of thousands of pieces, broken did not have. It is recommended to use the imported Korean Inktec heat transfer ink.

Step size problem. Refers to the slow delivery of the medium, resulting in each step is covered by the ink. After passing through multiple passes, the stripes appear uniform, and the stripes are darker than elsewhere. At this time, we can set the step size parameters of each machine to adjust through the operation interface or software.

Transportation. The transportation problem is actually the medium transmission system. For example, if the ribbon of the straight jet printing machine is not uniform, the folded ink can not be sprayed on, and eventually horizontal stripes appear.

Of course, the fault that appears horizontal stripe is not only these 3, still have other reason be caused by. Therefore, when doing printing, our garment digital printing machine needs a lot of observation, to stop the fault immediately, to avoid more fault, and then to remove the fault cause and find a solution.


Three advantages of heat transfer printing machine, can you guess?

Heat transfer printing is a new printing and dyeing technology which is emerging in the world in recent years. First, use advanced printing techniques to dye special prints (waterborne or oily), print all the necessary patterns on special paper to make transfer printing paper with various patterns, and then on heat transfer printing machine. The transfer printing paper printed on the side of the printed pattern and the printed fabric, through the heat and pressure, using the paper dye sublimation, transfer to the printed fabric, in the printed fabric to form the required patterns. Thermal transfer printing machine is more and more popular nowadays, and its three advantages cannot be separated.

1. Simple steps.

It does not require plate making, printing, repeated color steps, screen printing and heat transfer methods required by various types of tools, materials. Using a printer, you only need to prepare an ordinary computer. One operator can operate the printing operation completely independently, save manpower and material resources, and the way is simple, instant desirable. The experience requirement to operator is low, want to know simple picture processing software to be ok only.

2. Avoid damage.

It can be printed not only on tough crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, but also on soft leather, cloth, cotton and other materials. It can be printed on inorganic materials, or on organic materials with complex composition and variety. With more and better compatibility for materials, the use of the vertix printer avoids the problems of screen printing, water transfer material selection, as well as the damage of heat transfer to other organic materials such as leather, cloth and cotton. It caters to diversified market demands and can provide more comprehensive production services for users.

3. Avoid deviation.

Printer is no longer the traditional printing mode and method, is no longer a simple manual operation of the past and printing craft, with high technical content of computer generated, and the combination of automatic control technology for the better, can be very precise on the printing area and position, to avoid the manual printing house in the position of the deviation problem. As it is a one-off multicolor printing, there will be no matching problem. These advantages can also be combined with engraving and etching in a very effective way, such as printing beautiful images in the engraving area, or precise etching after printing, making good breakthroughs in the engraving industry.


How to use the heat transfer printing machine skillfully?

In today’s printing industry, the technology is more and more new, and people’s ability to innovate is also increasing. The appearance of more printing machines perfectly meets the hot demand of the market at present, and the heat transfer printing machine is the printing equipment which is born with the trend.

Rotary printing machine process has a brilliant solution.

First,turn on the switch, press the general power button, the power indicator is on, turn on the heating switch, the green light of the temperature controller is on, and the machine starts to heat up.

Second, temperature setting.

1. Check the setting of the dial code before starting up the machine to prevent the blanket from burning due to artificially high setting

2. The temperature controller dial decoder digital dial in below 250 ° C, little green light to start automatic temperature control.

3. When the temperature reached around 250 ° C, red light says working temperature is to transfer.

4. Turn on the motor switch, turn it forward, and turn the speed control knob slowly from left to right to the appropriate speed.

5. If the temperature is too low when printing, set the temperature to be raised appropriately, otherwise lower.

Third, power off processing: in order to ensure the finished printing, please turn the motor belt pulley after power off, and it can still be transferred at this time with the same effect (note that the speed should be consistent).

Fourth, in order to ensure the service life of the transfer printing blankets, every time after the transfer, please dispatch dial the decoder to below 95 ° C, the machines continue to roll, until the temperature fell to below 100 ° C, you can stop.

What is the scraper method and the swing knife technique on the printing machine?

When cutting the knife on the head of the printing locomotive, two hands should hold the knife, and the knife edge will move up. Put it on the tray first, then lift the knife edge up and put it in the knife pot. Be careful not to hurt or damage the knife edge. As for the skill of putting the knife, it is only a general description of the printing machine because of the difference between the machine and the flower pattern. Printing machine to determine the height of the knife, that is, the angle of the size of the factors, should be based on the depth of carving, color paste properties, soft and hard blades, blade thickness, pressure size and other factors considered comprehensively, the knife placed high, small angle; the knife placed low, large angle.

1. Lines, moire, snowflakes, flower tips, dry pens and other knives should be lowered, and the hammer should be slightly heavier.

2. Flowers, full ground and other flower knives should be higher, and the hammer should be lighter.

3. The diagonal knife with horizontal bar and horizontal grid should be laid out a little more obliquely. The obliquity direction should be opposite to the oblique direction of the pattern, about l2.7rmn (1/2 inch), but also higher.

4. Easy-to-scrape color paste, thin paste, long-term use of the flower tube, carved lighter flower tube, the knife should be placed higher.

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Sharing tips –maintenance of the garment printing machine

Nowadays, people are very familiar with printed clothing, especially t-shirts with personalized printing patterns in summer, which are especially popular among young people. And because of the low cost and variety of making such t-shirts, they have attracted many young entrepreneurs. Besides the designer’s creativity, these personalized printed t-shirts are also indispensable equipment to complete the products.

At present, our most common clothing printing machines include the following, screen printing machine, cold transfer printing machine, heat transfer printing machine, hot stamping machine. As the garment printing machine belongs to the category of special machine, it meets the requirements of garment enterprises for small batch and multiple varieties of special machine. Therefore, there may be dozens to hundreds of types and specifications of the garment printing machine, and the classification Angle is also different. According to the printing driving mode, there can be pneumatic, hydraulic and computer classification. According to the printing method, there are rotary printing machine and flat printing machine. In recent years, some enterprises have developed and put into production of the cold transfer printing machine. Now, the printing machine can be directly divided into thermal transfer printing machine and cold transfer printing machine, and the biggest difference is that the former printing is required and must be heated, while the latter is completely temperature-free.

The maintenance of the garment printing machine is also an indispensable part. The following content will make up the clothing printing machine maintenance methods listed to you. I hope you can learn how to maintain the printing machine when you buy it. Main maintenance instructions of the garment printing machine are as follows:

First: printing machine bottom wheel, when cleaning the table glue, avoid the table glue to the bottom wheel. After cleaning, check whether the bottom wheel has adhesive glue.

Second: the air source processor on the garment printing machine should be closed and drained twice a day. Air mist oil, adjust to 4-5 drops per minute, and turn off the gas when refueling;

Third: emergency stop switch. In the use process, it is necessary to use as little as possible on the printing machine emergency stop switch to avoid the impact of emergency stop chain, tow chain, synchronous belt life;

Fourth: optical axis (machine movement part), twice a week on butter;

Fifth: joint head, drippable butter (one week/time, 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days/time).

What are the printing methods of rotary printing machine?

With the continuous update of the printing industry, the technology is also continuously enhanced, and more printing machine equipment can better meet the market demand. The appearance of rotary printing machine reflects this point very well. The printing pattern is exquisite, and there is no restriction on the printing fabric, and the covering area is small. What are the printing methods of rotary printing machine? This is not very well known to the layman, today I would like to share with you the rotary printing machine how many kinds of printing methods?

There are mainly the following:

1. Swimming movement of rotary printing machine

The dye in the transfer paper ink layer is selected according to the nature of the fibre. The fabric is first soaked and rolled by the mixture of solid color auxiliaries and pastes, and then transferred by thermal pressure in the wet state, so that the dye is transferred from the printing paper of the rotary printing machine to the fabric and fixed, and finally through steaming, washing and other wet processing. When dye transfer, there should be greater pressure between the fabric and transfer paper.

2. Melting method of roller printing machine

Transfer paper ink layer with dyes and wax as the basic components. Through fusion pressure, the ink layer embedded into the fabric, so that part of the ink to the fiber, and then according to the nature of the dye posttreatment. When using the melting method, greater pressure is required, and the transfer rate of the dye increases with the increase of pressure.

3. Sublimation of rotary heat press machine

This is the most commonly used method, using the sublimation characteristics of disperse dyes, using disperse dyes with molecular weight of 250~400, particle diameter of 0.2~2 micron, as well as water-soluble carriers (such as sodium alginate) or alcohol soluble carriers (such as ethyl cellulose), oil soluble resins to make inks. In 200 ~ 230 ° C roller printing machine processing 20 to 30 seconds, make the disperse dye transfer onto polyester and other synthetic fibers and fixation.

4. Ink layer stripping method of roller printing machine

Use the ink that can produce stronger adhesion to the fiber after the heat, can make the entire ink layer spin printing paper to transfer to the fabric under less pressure, and then according to the properties of the dye do the corresponding fixation.