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sublimation paper

Best Support For Sublimation Printing From Subli-calender




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When you take the time to get the perfect sublimation paper for your high-speed printing, you show clients that you take your products just as seriously as they do. Getting the right paper the first time around will save you time and money. High quality fast dry sub paper ensures your printing will be rich in color and fulfilled to the fullest extent. Investing in a high-speed printer means that you also have to take the time to invest in quality, fast drying paper.

sublimation paper

sublimation paper

As we can see, that quality has also achieved better results.It is because the digital sublimation printing machine in the use of a very wide range, so it became a recognized universal printer equipment for businesses to print a variety of patterns to provide more convenient, the advantages of the show is definitely the most prominent, naturally for customers Bring more convenience, so in the purchase time must start from the well-known manufacturers, they are more satisfied with the requirements in the manufacture of equipment.


heat transfer paper

heat transfer paper


As mentioned above, you use the sublimation heat transfer papers during the printing process. The process is divided into three steps: printing your image, transferring your image, and washing. You need to carefully follow the instructions and do all the right things to achieve perfect results. When printing your image, print on the bright white side of the paper. Also, remember to flip your image before undertaking the printing.



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How Much Pressure is Needed for Perfect Heat Transfer?

rotary heat transfer machineGarment decoration is a high margin business. As businesses adopt the technology of thermal transfer from vinyl graphics, it is seen that pressure poses the main problem in the process. This is paramount when spot color graphics are applied to fabric through the use of any adhesive-backed film.

Thermal transfer films are of different kinds and thus the temperature and dwell time could vary for each kind of film. Harm causing factors Other than temperature and time, the pressure needs to vary as well. Too little pressure makes a bad product. The graphic will peel off quickly or after some time. It is thus important to make a nice job of it.

For a majority of the thermal transfer products, there is a certain formula consisting of temperature, pressure, and dwell time. When it comes to CAD films, the need for pressure takes the form of a standard guideline, heavy, medium or light. On a few print applications like dye sublimation, the recommended pressure is printed in pounds. To give an example, a ChromoBlast pressure setting is 60lbs. Correct pressure is important for a quality product. Thermal film adhesives get activated by both pressure and heat. Insufficient amount of any of these two will result in the film not sticking to the garment.

A few film manufacturers have claimed that the output stated by heat press is wrong, and the operator needs a digital thermometer to get the needed application temperature. Importance of pressure Heat is only a small component of the equation. Inadequate pressure will make a weak bond between fabric and film. Too light a pressure means the adhesive will not bond with the garment fibers. The latter will be overwhelmed by the stress generated by liner removal. The turbulence, water, and heat of laundering may also cause the applique to move away in case it has not sealed in a proper manner. Thus there is a possibility that there can be sufficient pressure for the first transfer to be held, and insufficient to be a wash-fast.

sublimation paperIt is apparent that correct pressure is extremely important. A thumb rule is to put a little more pressure than recommended. Excessive pressure is perfectly okay for most films. An effective technique to make sure that the print remains fast is to repress that transfer post liner removal. You should peel the liner, and reduce time setting to approximately five seconds, and then press again. This process will assist the film to recover from the weakening effect generated by the liner pulling at the fresh bond between fabric and film.

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Mistakes Need to Avoid When Using Heat Transfer Paper

If you are using a heat press, a lot of the quality of the final product depends on the heat transfer paper you use. Make sure you pay attention to all the key factors that ensure a perfect print each and every time you use your heat transfer machine. Here’re some tips when using a heat press.

sublimation printing

1.Use the Right Heat Transfer Paper Material
Heat transfer paper products are not created equal. There are many different companies who produce heat transfer paper, but they specialize in particular types of T-shirts. Now, if you are going to be producing a certain type of T-shirt, and it doesn’t fall within that range of specialization, failure shouldn’t surprise you. You shouldn’t be shocked when you don’t get the quality that you are looking for. It really boils down to using the right tool for the right job.

Unfortunately, too many T-shirt makers try to use the wrong tool for the wrong job. They pick the wrong transfer paper and they expect their T-shirt to come out the way they assumed it would. Well, this really is assuming too much.

If you have a specific type of T-shirt in mind, make sure that you use the right heat transfer machine, you go through the right process, and most importantly, you use the right heat transfer paper. Otherwise, regardless of how awesome the vinyl design of your T-shirt is, you’re not just going to get the look that you’re looking for. You will miss the mark. It really all boils down to that. It’s really important to make sure that you use the right paper.

sublimation printing2.Use the Right Paper the Right Way
Now, while 50% of the battle involves picking the right heat transfer paper, you’re not in the clear yet. It’s not that simple. There is the other matter of using the equipment the right way. Be aware of the sides of the transfer paper and don’t forget to mirror code your design before printing.

A lot of otherwise creative people come up with these amazing designs, but they forget that there’s actually a mirror mode printing. What happens is that they end up printing the design the wrong way. It’s like you printed a negative. You wouldn’t want to do that so make sure the printer settings are correct so you can print the design on the heat transfer paper the right way.

Next, you need to cut around the image carefully and you must choose a flat surface. If you’re using a heat transfer press machine, make sure it doesn’t have any dust or particles on it that may get in the way of proper heat transfer. Once the heat transfer paper is positioned correctly, make sure the iron is really hot. Don’t press down when the machine is just warming up. The resulting transfer is not going to look all that good. Chances are quite high that you will let go of the heat machine too quickly and the transfer won’t take place optimally.

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