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What Are Benefits of A Rotary Heat Transfer Machine?

Rotary heat transfer machine, also known as a calender heat press is a machine that presses a design onto various materials and surfaces. Whether we do t-shirt heat transfers for fun or for business, small orders or large, it is an excellent approach. It gives business owners the option to print on demand, enabling us to sell at a higher profit margin.  Today we are going to share with you more benefits of this kind of machine.

rotary heat transfer machine

As we all know, industrial heat press machines are suitable for various applications in several market sectors. From technical textiles, recyclable carpet to the printed textile and promotional items. The list is not complete but gives a good impression on our capabilities, experience, and applications. We have developed machines that are suitable for continuous roll-to-roll transfer printing and/or fixation of directly printed material.  Accurate control of temperature results in the best possible quality print and reproducible products, with brilliant colors.

heat transfer machine (1. Easy: Heat printing is easy to do and the learning process is not required a longer time.

(2. Practical: Heat transfer printing also allows us to combine with other decoration methods to create one-of-a-kind products.

(3. Affordable:  The maintenance and raw material of this business are also easy to find at a very reasonable price.

(4. Fast: Little set-up and quick turnaround of rotary heat transfer machine allow us to offer customers great-looking products in a short amount of time.

(5. Diversifications: The beautiful about heat transfer printing is product diversifications. By using one design, we can print it on various types of apparel, bags, mugs, puzzle, balloons, cap, etc.

Sublistar heat press machines are suitable for various applications in several market sectors. From technical textiles, recyclable carpet to the printed textile and promotional items. The list is not complete but gives a good impression on our capabilities, experience, and applications. We have developed machines that are suitable for continuous roll-to-roll transfer printing and/or fixation of directly printed material.  Accurate control of temperature results in the best possible quality print and reproducible products, with brilliant colors.

Let’s Make Some Gifts With A Heat Press Calender

Usually, we buy a heat press calender only for our business. Maybe we have got a birthday party coming up or we know someone who just had a baby… However, we never know what to get when we leave buying gifts. In this post, we will share some inspiration about what gifts we could make with a heat press calender.

heat press calender

DIY Pillows or Cushions
If we have a cutting machine and a heat press machine, we are no longer limited to what we can find at the store, we can create our own and transfer it on our own pillows and cushions. I think everybody loves getting a handmade heat press project like this. Therefore, choose a design or phrase that sums up our friend and will put a smile on their dial each time they see it.

Personalized Mugs
We won’t go wrong gifting a personalized mug. We can use HTV or adhesive vinyl for this project, but we will need a mug heat press if using the former. Adhesive vinyl is probably the best bet if we don’t have one.

A Reverse Canvas
Make a Reverse Canvas with HTV by using calender. This is definitely a cheap and easy heat press gift. The ‘Amazing Grace’ canvas was made with HTV, but reverse canvases can be made with either adhesive vinyl or heat transfer vinyl. We can buy a canvas in whatever size we like and customize it to our friend’s tastes.

heat press machinePersonalized T-Shirts
T-shirts are generally very easy to make and look fantastic.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these ideas and that there’s something you’d like to try out. Give our friends and family unique handmade gifts by using a heat transfer machine, and they will treasure forever. Any questions, please contact us, our team will provide you the best service. Thank you for your reading. 🙂

Ribbon Heat Press Machine for Lanyards

Do you know what made the lanyards in our life? The answer is by using a ribbon heat press machine. Today we are here to tell you what is this kind of machine.

It is a multi-functional printing machine that can be applied for ribbon printing, cutting and cloth rolling. Moreover, it is a new generation of roller sublimation heat transfer machine researched and developed by our senior with tri-location, accurate positioning, and prints with a couple of ribbons simultaneously in the whole roll, thus to get a clear printing result.

ribbon heat press machine Characteristic
1. Multifunctional: Ribbon heat press machine can be print all kinds of fabric.
2. High performance: Apply the most advanced control system,rewind&unwind ribbon automatic
3. Good printing: Consistent temperature, without any color error even in continuous transfer printing,
Thus to get a clear printing effect.



1. Adopt the most advanced control system, imported components and auto spacing, which leads to excellent performance(accurate and sale)and long-lasting life. High precision(0.5℃),all-digital display of time, and high accuracy.

2. The oil thermal conducting structure makes the uniform color of the transfer printing. Equipped with the simultaneous down-roller, which makes minimal mold positioning error. It can transfer printed a couple of ribbons simultaneously.

3. Both single and mass production are available. The large diameter bearing makes the maintenance of the fragile parts of the heating system. The driveshaft is made of Japanese” Shin Etsu”material;Blanket made from Du Pont material imported from the USA and large capacity conducting oil, which makes consistent temperature,without any color even in continuous transfer printing.

heat press machineApplication

Suitable for printing all kinds of mobile lanyard, shoelace, belt, elastic, snow ribbon, and label

Usage: all kinds of ribbon printing, roll to roll fabric printing, mouse pad printing, pillow printing, and cloth piece garment printing, etc.

Sublistar is a machine manufacturer with over 10 years of experience producing heat transfer machine.  Any questions, please contact us.


Rotary Heat Transfer Machine and Platen Heat Press

In the technique of sublimation printing, a heat press is a necessary machine that performs a vital role. As we all know, there are two types of heat press computer in the market: rotary heat transfer machine and platen heat press. Do you comprehend the distinction between them? Read the following and the publisher will share with you the answer. 🙂

rotary heat transfer machine

Rotary Drum Heat Press
Rotary Drum Heat Press Calender is regularly used to print material always(roll to roll) and to print giant material parts such as signs and symptoms and banners which can also be too massive for a trendy platen press. Drum machines can additionally be used to print sports activities clothing and different reduce apparel parts. Drum machines are greater productive than platen machines for sublimation printing to reduce clothing components and are consequently used when production extent is high. Drum machines are now not used alternatively to print onto rigid substrates such as wood, steel or ceramic tile.

heat press machine Platen Heat Press
Platen presses are frequently used for printing on character pieces such as reduce apparel parts, T-shirts, sports activities apparel, tote bags, etc. It is also used to print on rigid substrates such as wood, metals and ceramic tiles.

Platen presses are regularly used for printing on man or woman pieces such as reduce clothing parts, T-shirts, sports activities apparel, tote bags, etc. Platen presses are additionally used to print on rigid substrates such as wood, metals and ceramic tiles. Rotary heat transfer machines are regularly used to print material consistently(roll to roll) and to print large material components such as signs and banners which may also be too large for a popular platen press. Drum machines can also be used to print sports activities garb and others reduce clothing parts. Calender heat presses are greater productive than platen machines for sublimation printing on cut clothing parts and are consequently used when manufacturing extent is high. Drum machines are not used then again to print onto rigid substrates such as wood, metal or ceramic tile.

We are the manufacturer of rotary heat transfer machine, any questions, please contact us.


Do You Know The History Of Heat Transfer Machine?

Wondering about the history of the heat transfer machine? Read on to examine extra about this interesting innovation and how it has simplified the manner of printing image snapshots onto fabric.

A heat press machine was once especially created to transfer designs and graphic pictures onto special kinds of materials. By using heat and pressure over a unique amount of time, these units successfully transfer images from specialized material, such as sublimation paper,  vinyl that has been cut out with a vinyl cutter, and sublimation onto a substrate. Most calenders are used to transfer graphic pictures onto textiles, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, denim, tote bags, and other kinds of fabrics, there are specialty machines that can be used to transfer snapshots onto different substrates, such as mugs and plates.

heat transfer machine HOW DOES A HEAT PRESS MACHINE WORK?
Heat transfer machines are outfitted with a heating element, which is constructed of aluminum. This is recognized as the platen. A substrate is placed into the machine, as nicely as the transfer material, such as specialized paper with a photo picture printed on it (with specialized digital ink), or vinyl that has been cut into specific designs with a vinyl cutter.

Once the heating issue heats up, the machine transfers the photograph sketch onto the substrate (a T-shirt, pillowcase, sweatshirt, etc) through the use of heat and pressure. The end result is a photo that is completely affixed to the substrate.

The heat press desktop was once created to serve as an easier, faster, and a more good value alternative to display screen printing. While screenprinting is nevertheless an approach used to switch photos onto substrates, it is a complex, time-consuming, and high priced process.

heat press machine The heat press calender used to be created as a way to simplify and speed up the production time of substrates with photograph photographs printed on them. A heat press can fuse an intricate, boldly colored photograph onto a medium in a matter of seconds. As such, these devices can be used to produce an excessive extent of printed textiles in an instead quick period of time. Professional grade heat press machines function an array of settings and can produce a variety of results on a couple of substrates in a fraction of the time that it would take to create a single screen printed item.

The heat transfer machine has simplified the process of printing pix onto mediums. These tools are extensively used in the apparel industry to create clothes that feature image images. If you’re wondering about beginning your own T-shirt business, or you just choose to produce objects that characteristic patterns and designs on your own, a heat transfer machine is a profitable investment.