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How To Choose Appropriate Heat Printing Machine For Clothing?

In the clothes and fabrics,the digital printing technology has high precision printing and without plate making,mass sensitivity,environmental protection,and the small volume of air etc advantages.So it is liked by every industry. Today we are talking about that how to choose a suitable clothing heat printing machine.

heat printing machine

Heat transfer machine or direct injection machine?

The printing technology is directly decided to choose which type of printing machine.For garment printing fabric,it plays an important part in choosing heat transfer printing process or direct injection technology.Heat transfer printing process cost less money,has high precision printing.But the application of the fabric is limited,it is mainly applied to the fabric of chemical fiber.The direct injection process of common fabric sizing, steaming, washing and other sectors, relatively large investment, but can be used for a wide range of fabrics, polyester, nylon, cotton, linen, silk, wool fabric, modal type.

The fabric decides Printing precision.

The enterprise can choose according to the different material and customer’s demand to satisfy the customer’s printing precision of the equipment. Generally speaking, high fiber fabric compared to lubricating delicate precision such as silk, chiffon etc. fiber compared to rough fabric on the accuracy of the request is relatively low, such as canvas, sweater. In the choice of printing precision should pay attention to, and not the accuracy of the better.As the accuracy and efficiency are the two opposite factors, if the accuracy of the higher requirements, the lower the efficiency.

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