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The Common Mistakes You Can Avoid in Heat Pressing

   As a supplier of roller heat press machine, we find that there are some common problems in using this machine according to our customers’ feedback.Now we will list some of them, wish it can help you.

   Heat transfer printing

   1. Not using the right sublimation paper
   For sublimation paper, different factories have their own standards, even you tell them the same specifications you want, they may give you different products. Besides, sublimation paper can be divided into low weight transfer paper and heavy weight sublimation paper, or fast dry sublimation paper and sticky sublimation paper, they are produc

Process of heat transfer printing

ed for different applications. If you are not clear about the sublimation paper you want, you are easy to buy the wrong one.

   Always make sure to use the right tools for the job.If you intend to work on a particular t-shirt, check if you have the right heat press machine for the job, follow the right process, and most importantly- use the correct heat transfer paper.

   2. Not using the correct paper in the correct way
   Some people can’t produce the best quality prints even they have the correct sublimation paper. This is because they print in an incorrect way.

   First, take note of all the sides of your paper and always remember to mirror your design before you transfer it to the paper.

   Next, you need to make sure that the entire design will appear on your transfer paper when you print it.

   But how to achieve them? It is easy, just make a test.

   3. Not using the heat press machine correctly

   After transferring the images to your sublimation paper, take a quick look at your heat transfer machine to ensure it’s ready for the task. Ensure there are no dust or particles that are likely to distract the transfer process. The paper must be positioned correctly.

heat press

   You can see that most of problems are not big, as long as you pay attention to the details, then it can be easily avoid.


Some Suggestions to You When Using a Roller Heat Press Machine

   Compared with flat heat press machine, roller heat press machine are usually applied to the industrial printing. We usually think roller heat press machine is harder to operate than the flat heat press machine. Then, what should we pay attention when using such a large machine?

Heat Pressing

   1. First, set an appropriate speed and temperature for the machine before starting. And make sure the temperature is stable when working.

   2. Adjust the pressure between the blanket and drum, make sure the pressure is suitable for the paper with different weight.

   3. Make sure the heat press surface, transfer paper and surface of substrate must be close, can not have gaps, otherwise it will make the transferred graphics blur.

   4. Make a test before mass production to make sure whether the speed and temperature are suitable.

   5. Try to clean the things immovably attached to the transfer paper and the textile, or it will influence the image’s quality after transfer printing.

   6. The sublimation paper should keep dry all the time. Too much moisture will affect the paper’s quality, and it will cause many problems in sublimation printing such as the direct of the image is sideling.

roller heat press machine

   7. Cut the front part of the paper and fabric into inverted v-shape, and put the middle part into the heat press machine first. It can help the whole breadth enter the heat press machine at the same time steadily.

   8. The sublimation paper and textile should be separated quickly when transfer printing. If not, it will be easy to cause ghosting.

applications of roller heat press machine

   Please remember, no matter what machine you are operating, the security is always the first concern. When sublimation printing something with the roller heat press machine, keep away from the heat drum when it is working, or you will be easy to get hurt.

What Is the Perfect Heat Press Machine for You?

   When you buy a good inkjet printer at home, the next step is to find a perfect heat press machine (unless you want professional factory to help you). But how to make sure you can buy the heat press machine? heat press machine

   Size is the first factor. The size of the heat press machines are various on the market. You should know the size of your products, and it will be better to take the future into consideration.

   Consistent heat is an important indicator to judge the quality of the heat press machine. Heat presses need to be heated to about 400 degrees fahrenheit for sublimation inks to transfer from the paper to the polymer fibers. This transfer has to be smooth and even for the process to work properly and for the image transfer to be consistent from one pressing to the next. heat press machine      Consistent pressure is another indicator to just the heat press machine quality.  A quality heat press has a heavy platen that generates enough weighted-pressure

   Heat pressing is not a complex job, as long as you choose the suitable heat press machine, everything can be easier.

The Images Are Not Clear At All after Heat Pressing, Why?

   Try to imagine when you print your favorite photo in a t-shirt, but the image is not clear at all. What would you think? You must be disappointed and even want to throw the t-shirt away. Why the images are blurry after heat pressing? How to avoid?

t-shirt printing

   As an important and easily missed reason, the filters plays an important role is this problem.If there is something wrong with the filter, the ink will outflows brokenly.When you meet this problem, just take the filter away, and just use the ink tube to connect the ink cartridge and the print heads.

   Other reasons can be the temperature or the pressing time of the heat press machine. If the temperature is too high or you heat pressing for a long time, the images will look blurry in the end.

heat press machine

   No matter what reasons lead to the blurry images, don’t be angry. Just find the real reason and solve it.

How to Make Sure You Can Heat Press a T-shirt Successfully?

   Using a heat press machine appropriately will help you get a good result in sublimation printing a t-shirt. There are many tips we can use to get a better performance. I’d like to share them with you.

heat press machine

   1. When heat pressing on a t-shirt, the collar is crucial. If you want to have a beautiful collars, remember the collar should be hanging off the lower platen of the heat press. This action can make sure the pressure and heat are even in the whole process.

   2.Don’t forget to pre-press the shirt. It can let the garment without wrinkles and moisture, and allows the transfer to adhere to the garment better.

   3.Put the transfer paper in the right place. We usually suggest our customers that the transfer placement should be 3 to 4 fingers below the neckline, depending on the shirt style and transfer.

   4.The heat press machine should have different settings for different materials. Remember to adjust your settings if you prepare to heat press different materials.

   5.Remember to use a cover sheet. Try to use a cover sheet to keep clean of the platen when you don’t use it.It will save a lot of time of cleaning.

heat pressing

   Try to follow these tips, and you will find they are effective.

How to Set the Correct Heat Press Time and Temperature?

   For sublimation printing, the correct heat press time and temperature is very important in heat pressing. But the time and temperature need to be changed when heat pressing on different materials. Then how to set a correct heat press time and temperature for different substrates? We have some tips.

rotary heat transfer printing

   For Sublimated (Polyester|) materials
   The Temperature : 270 degrees Fahrenheit
   The time: 10 seconds
   Remember to peel when it is hot

rotary heat pressing

   For Multi-Purpose type
   The Temperature : 350 degrees Fahrenheit
   The time: 10- 12 seconds

   For stretch fabric like lycra
   The Temperature : 335 degrees Fahrenheit
   The time: 12- 14 seconds
   Remember to peel when it is cold

   If you want to print your design in full color
   The Temperature : 350 degrees Fahrenheit
   The time: 10- 12 seconds
   Remember to peel when it is hot

   For normal t-shirts or sweat shirts
   The Temperature : 365-375 degrees Fahrenheit
   The time: 10- 12 seconds
   Remember to peel when it is hot

rotary heat press machine

   When trying for a Metal
   The Temperature : 320 degrees Fahrenheit
   The time: 20 seconds
   Remember to peel when it is warm

   If you want to print on such materials, follow our tips will give you a good feedback.