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How To Correct Blanket By Hand For Roll To Roll Heat Press Machine?

How To Correct Blanket By Hand For Roll To Roll Heat Press Machine?

Our factory is made of DuPont raw materials which used in the manufacture of Shanghai, the drum is a double explosion-proof drum, double layer than the single layer of more secure, more reliable.

Mechanical configuration, we also presented two gas up the shaft, mechanical weight of about 2500kg, effective door format can be customized according to customer needs.


1. To protect workers hand into the roller (when they are working)

2. Correct the deviation of blanket automatically, intelligent adjustment.

3.To avoid the scissor damage the blanket

4. Correct the deviation of conveyor automatically, To avoid damage the conveyor because of the deviation.

5. The Blanket fled the roller completely, About 8cm distance. Don’t need cooling when you want to stop the machine, More save energy and To prevent the blanket burn out.

6. Machina has explosion-proof equipment, More safety.

7. The Blanket synchronously forward and backward automatically, More save manpower. It can also adjust by hand.

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We are a sublimation paper professional supplier. Our company can supply any need for sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink, printer, Epson ink, heat transfer paper, Roll calendar machine for textile printing!
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Some tips on mistreatment Rotary Heat Press Machine

Some tips on mistreatment Rotary Heat Press Machine

dye sublimation transfer machineRolling fabric heat transfer process have to be compelled to master the talents, there square measure some reasons for having an effect on printing performance. the subsequent tips on mistreatment rotary heat transfer machine from the operation of a number of the shoppers :

① Setting transfer speed and change roller drum temperature to the acceptable temperature to achieve the set temperature to attend for the temperature fluctuation thrice, the temperature is stable then transfer operation.

② per the load of the paper or stiffness, change the pressure between the blanket and hot roller drum.

③ Heat transfer a little sample to make sure stable and acceptable tension.

④ Please build the transferred sample before batch transfer to see whether or not the temperature and speed of the color square measure acceptable.

⑤ Before heat transfer, take away scraps, cilia, and alternative attachments on paper, that avoid these dust caught within the paper and cloth caused by printing defects.

⑥ guarantee your sublimation paper dry as a result of massive water in paper are going to be within the sublimation method within the heat generated heaps of water vapor, creating the paper softening the loss of stiffness, leading to oblique and water ripples and alternative failures.roll to roll heat press machine

⑦ once the transfer of paper and cloth is turned over the front of the inverted formed to the center of the primary to travel, you’ll be able to conjointly use the breadth of the cardboard than the transfer cardboard guide the front, in order that the whole surface is swimmingly into the transfer machine Avoid tilting the skew to cause wrinkles throughout transfer.

⑧ transfer method, to try and do the fast separation of paper fabric, paper fabric to stop re-exposure caused by secondary sublimation transfer and manufacture ghosting.

⑨ transfer method to concentrate on safe operation, is strictly near to the recent roller, concentrate to avoid high-temperature burns.

More than the expertise is simply a matter, after all, the bulk of users have a wealth of application expertise is that the real expert! I hope you may enlighten Maine, can American the expertise and also the paper to boost the necessities to inform us that we have a tendency to square measure willing to win-win approach with you to boost the standard in order that our product adds color to you.


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We are a sublimation paper professional supplier. Our company can supply any need for sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink, printer, Epson ink, heat transfer paper, Roll calendar machine for textile printing!
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Normal Model of Calender Heat Press Machine In Market

Normal Model of Calendar Heat Press Machine In Market

roll sublimation machineThe width of a roll to roll heat press machine is sometimes expressed at one.7 meters or 68inch, then 2.6 meters or 100” and up to three. 2 meters or 130” wide. the particular heat press is way larger, with this being the drum dimension and approximate Nomex belt dimension. Our Sublistar oil-filled drum heat press machine comes during a type of configurations that meet entry-level, middle level and intensely massive volume necessities. we have a tendency to work closely with you to pick out the proper size heat presses for your current and future production wants.

Our machine assembly line covers the one.2m and 1.7m entry level with a 200mm diameter of oil-filled heat press drum. Belt widths area unit slightly larger on these and that the area unit quite cheap, cost accounting regarding 1/2 but most presses on the market. The oil-filled drum rotary heat press offers additional uniformity and consistency than the IR or electrical heat kind. If you’re serious regarding quality, then the oil press rotary heat transfer machine is that the selection.
Multi-function versions run within the one.7 meters or one.9m, then 2.6 meter or 100” and up to three.2 meter or 130” wide on the RTR or roll to roll larger unit, as well as automotive vehicle feeding system, automatic adjusting device prevents blanket deviate whereas operating, one expansive shaft ensures golf stroke artifact and paper with no excursion. Often, the warmth press units area unit used for industrial heat fixation of wider materials written directly in addition.

roll drum heat press

Sizes of oil-filled drums within the additional strong versions run from 420mm, 600mm, 800mm, and 1-meter sizes. there’s additionally a one.5-meter size within the HS or High-Speed model for very massive volume necessities. a close chart with drum sizes and drum or press dimensions is obtainable on our computing device or by contacting the U.S.A.
As consultants and suppliers to the dye-sublimation trade, by providing the proper dye-sub wide format printers and matching them to the proper heat press solutions, we are able to provide your blood group peace officer instrumentation package to satisfy your production wants.

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We are a sublimation paper professional supplier. Our company can supply any need for sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink, printer, Epson ink, heat transfer paper, Roll calendar machine for textile printing!
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SUBLI-220Series Roll Sublimation Calender is Coming!

The Subli-220 series roll sublimation calender is a device for sublimating polyester fabric using rollers 44/60 inches (1.20/1.60 meters) wide, with a diameter of 22 centimeters. with which you can manufacture stands, displays, banners and much more …

What are the features of Subli-220 series rotary heat press machine?

roll sublimation calender

(1. This calender heat press for sublimation works by means of resistance and pressure, it is a sublimator with heat and rollers to sublimate the prints on paper on polyester textiles and thus be able to obtain good quality images.

(2. The use of this textile sublimator is very simple:

(3. First, printing is done on special paper for sublimation, then it is passed through the rollers and the heating cylinder along with the material to be sublimed.

(4. The sublimation equipment or furnace for sublimation polyester fabric has speed control and temperature control easy to operate.


FAQ about Subli-220 series roll sublimation calender

rotary heat press machine

1. Can I sublimate any fabric?
No, it has to be 100% polyester fabric or polyester coated materials. if it is a mixture of
cotton and polyester, the integration of the ink will only be in
the percentage of polyester of the fabric and not in cotton.

2. What time do I have to set and at what temperature?
Regularly the recommended temperature is 210º C for 30 sec.


3. Does it require any maintenance?
Grease the cylinder bearings every 100 hours of work (every 15
days approx.) 60 grs. In each bearing. With high temperature
grease between 140º C and 150º C graphite or silicon.

4. At what voltage does this equipment work?
The heat press machine works at 220 volts.

5. Do you have a guarantee?
The equipment warranty is 6 months and does not apply to wear
parts such as resistors and plush.

In general, this sublimation calendar machine works through resistance and pressure.  is an oven for sublimation. Any question, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.

These Types Of Heat Transfer Machine, Do You Know?

How many types of printing machinery and equipment do you know? Now I will introduce 4 common use heat transfer printing machines to you.

1.Roller heat transfer machine

Heat transfer printing machine is a newly emerging in the printing equipment. It was introduced into China from around 2000, and so far, it has been formed

2.Heat press machine

Heat press machine is one of the heat transfer equipment,it is generally used for small batch, garment printing,can not do mass production,also can not transfer roll fabric. The cloth printing area is a rectangle fabric. So the production is not big,and it is very waste labor.

heat transfer machine

3.Digital direct injection printer

This is a wide range of applicability of a printing machine. The machine is more expensive, higher production costs, more suitable for proofing, so in general, is not very high, it will use heat transfer printing equipment.

4.Screen printing machine

Screen printing machine is the use of slurry. Is more suitable for an umbrella, printing clothing stereo pattern. There are still a lot of doing business. But the serious water pollution. So the country vigorously remediation. So more and more north area selection screen printing and thermal transfer combination.

heat transfer printing machine

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