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What Do You Know About A Heat Press Machine?

Heat press machine is the machine that presses a transfer onto an imprintable substrate. Using high temperatures and heavy pressures for a certain amount of time, the transfer is permanently embedded into the product. Today’s article is going to share some common questions about a calender.

heat press machine

A transfer is made up of a carrier paper and inks. When heated to a certain temperature and pressed with a significant amount of pressure for a certain amount of time, the transfer inks are passed over to the imprintable material. Some inks are adhered to and embedded to the surface of the material, while others (namely, sublimation) permeate the coating of the material.

Transfers can be heat pressed onto fabrics (both natural and synthetic) using standard plastisol supplier transfers, color copier, or thermal wax & ink-jet computer transfer paper. Heat transfers can also be printed onto mugs, plates, tiles, mousepads, ceramics, metals, glass and wood. For these substrates, sublimation transfers are used. The important factor when heat pressing with sublimation transfers onto non-natural fabric substrates is to be sure the material has the proper polyester synthetic coating, as well as a UV coating if protection from the sun and other rays is an issue. For this reason it is best to get the materials pre-coated from a supplier.

heat press calenderWHAT CAN I MAKE WITH A HEAT PRESS?
The following are some of the far more common items often heat pressed by a calender heat transfer machine. But, the list by no means ends here.

* T-Shirts
* Caps
* Ceramic Plates
* Ceramic Tiles
* Mugs
* Mouse Pads
* Tote Bags
* Lettering
* Jigsaw Puzzles
* Wood / Metals
* Paper Memo Cubes
* Rhinestones/Crystals
* Other Misc. Fabrics & Materials

The answer to that question depends upon a variety of factors, including what products you plan to press, how much you plan to use your heat press machine, and even how much space you have to work with. To help you weigh the heat press options, please read our “How To Choose A Heat Press” post.

What Role Does A Heat Press Calender Play?

Heat press calender is a large machine which is essential during the process of sublimation printing. It is used along with large printers that imprint designs or images on garments, such as polyester, polyamides. Today’s post will introduce what kind of role does heat press machine play for sublimation printing.

heat press calender

Sublimation is a technology that transfers the desired image on fabrics. The heat press calender is the last executant of this process which makes use of the heat and pressure which a piece of equipment creates. And with a lot of heat and pressure, the calender imprints your graphic design onto the fabrics to make sure that the dye sublimation ink is released from the material and the ink is strongly affixed to the textile.

rotary heat press machine If you are going to start your business of a high-quality sublimation printing , you will need to purchase a heat press which helps you run high-volume production simultaneously. A good heat press can work for many years and continue operating in line with the increased production capacity.

Heat press plays a vital role by allowing the sublimation ink to permeate the fabric appropriately. However, if the heating temperature fluctuates too much or the correct pressure value is not maintained, you can get low quality or inconsistent results. As a result, the color of some areas seems light, while some areas result in darker colors. Therefore, you need to invest in a high quality heat press, or, you will end up with higher costs and waste of time.
(Note: Before placing your garment on a heat press machine for printing, always make a point of stretching it. This helps prevent your prints from cracking.)

Our company is supplier of rotary heat press machine and materials of sublimation printing. Any question, please contact us, and our team will provide you the best service. Thank you for your reading.

Why you Need A Heat Press Calender for T-shirt Printing Business?

Believe it or not, one of the businesses that you could easily start is a t-shirt printing business.  You’re probably thinking that it requires special knowledge and many years of experience. Actually, it’s no truth. You only need a Heat Press Calender.

heat press calender

Huge Demand for T-shirts

T-shirts are a natural choice to commemorate special events. They are functional. They look good. They don’t cost all that much money. Plus, they can be printed up fairly quickly and easily. The same considerations apply to family reunions. The list of events goes on and on. Don’t think of t-shirts as just fashion or items that you seek out at boutiques at a mall somewhere. In most cases, t-shirts are made for excellent remembrance of events.

heat transfer machineHow Does a T-shirt Heat Press Machine Work?

You only need to lay the shirt that you’re printing on a flat surface, then apply the vinyl design (paper surface) that you’re going to transfer. Then apply the t-shirt heat press machine right on top of the transfer paper. Think of it as a giant flat steam iron. That’s all it is! It applies heat on the vinyl transfer so the vinyl sticks to the shirt. No mess. No drama. All good. In fact, after as little as twenty seconds, you have yourself a nice-looking and professionally-printed t-shirt.

It’s very quick. And even if you’re dealing with fairly-high local labor prices, you can still generate a quite decent profit margin with your t-shirt heat transfer machine. These machines crank out shirts so fast that you can save money on labor by hiring one part-timer to take care of all your clients’ t-shirt design and printing needs. Also, due to the huge number of t-shirt brands and direct manufacturers coming from overseas, your biggest cost, the t-shirt, is getting cheaper and cheaper every year. Even t-shirts made of the finest cotton fibers are going down in price.

Put all these factors together and you’ll be looking at a fairly lucrative business with a heat press calender.

What Should You Consider When Shopping for a Heat Press Calender?

When shopping for a heat press calender, you should consider many things. Which style do you like best? What will you be using your heat press machine for? Have you used a heat press before? How concerned are you about potential burns? Each style will have its advantages. The clamshell style heat press is straightforward and shaves off seconds on swinging and drawing out the platens. However, wide format heat press machine will allow you to expand the business.

heat press calender

These questions following will help you to make the best decision.

What Can a Heat Press Do?
When shopping for a heat press machine, you should consider many things. Which style do you like best? What will you be using your heat press calender for? Have you used a heat press before? How concerned are you about potential burns? Each style will have its advantages.

What Is a Heat Transfer Machine Used For?

wide format heat press machine Heat presses make many things, but they are primarily used for making t-shirts. If you want it to put designs on t-shirts, this is the machine for you. But you should know that heat presses can be used for different garments like baby onesies, tank tops, dresses, pants, tops, and dresses. You can also use them to decorate glass using a sublimation transfer and to decorate wood or metal objects.

We have different sizes of the heat transfer machine, so far our products are suitable for different market needs and selling well all around the world. Our company has developed machines that are suitable for continuous roll-to-roll transfer printing and/or fixation of directly printed material.  Accurate control of temperature results in the best possible quality print and reproducible products, with brilliant colors. Any question, please contact us, our team will provide the best service for you. Thank you for your reading. 🙂


Let’s Make Some Gifts With A Heat Press Calender

Usually, we buy a heat press calender only for our business. Maybe we have got a birthday party coming up or we know someone who just had a baby… However, we never know what to get when we leave buying gifts. In this post, we will share some inspiration about what gifts we could make with a heat press calender.

heat press calender

DIY Pillows or Cushions
If we have a cutting machine and a heat press machine, we are no longer limited to what we can find at the store, we can create our own and transfer it on our own pillows and cushions. I think everybody loves getting a handmade heat press project like this. Therefore, choose a design or phrase that sums up our friend and will put a smile on their dial each time they see it.

Personalized Mugs
We won’t go wrong gifting a personalized mug. We can use HTV or adhesive vinyl for this project, but we will need a mug heat press if using the former. Adhesive vinyl is probably the best bet if we don’t have one.

A Reverse Canvas
Make a Reverse Canvas with HTV by using calender. This is definitely a cheap and easy heat press gift. The ‘Amazing Grace’ canvas was made with HTV, but reverse canvases can be made with either adhesive vinyl or heat transfer vinyl. We can buy a canvas in whatever size we like and customize it to our friend’s tastes.

heat press machinePersonalized T-Shirts
T-shirts are generally very easy to make and look fantastic.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these ideas and that there’s something you’d like to try out. Give our friends and family unique handmade gifts by using a heat transfer machine, and they will treasure forever. Any questions, please contact us, our team will provide you the best service. Thank you for your reading. 🙂