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Do You Know How to Control the Pressure of Heat Press Machine?

   Appropriate pressure is crucial in heat pressing. Without a good control of the pressure, the whole print will be destroyed easily. Then how to control the pressure when working? Here are some tips.

heat press machine

   1.Make sure that your heat press machine has a digital pressure display

   Compared with the traditional machine, more and more heat press machine will equip a electronic display, it will tell you the current pressure. With this little tool, you can control the pressure accurately.

   2.Read the instruction book
   Always remember to read the instruction book, it will be a good teacher for you.

   3.Help your heat press machine wear a garment
Threading a garment on your heat press allows you to drop seams, buttons, and zippers off the platen creating a smooth even surface for application with even pressure.

heat transfer printing

   4.Different size, different requirement for pressure
When using an 8″x 10″ vs. a 16″x 20″ flatbed printer, More pressure is very essential. Please check your setting before working.

   5.Different material needs different pressure
   For different materials, the pressure they need is different.

   Control the pressure is just one point of heat pressing. Want to use your heat press machine well, there are many things you should know.