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Do you know the Characteristics of Gassing Shaft of Heat Transfer Machine? How to Maintain It in Daily?

Gassing axis of heat transfer machine is a kind of qualities can be rolling shaft, winding, namely, the shaft is a kind of after high pressure air can make the surface of the shaft, on the surface after dealing with the deflated part and can quickly back shaft is called a inflatable axis, you can also call it is bilge gas, inflatable shaft axis and expansion shaft, etc., can be used in machinery and equipment, can be used to, gassing axis is the main maintenance process in everyday use.

How to Maintain It in Daily?

1. Carefully check whether the tools, workpieces and accessories are neatly placed, and whether the lines and pipes are intact

2. Clean immediately after use, and check whether there is any oil leakage, water leakage, electricity leakage, etc., if any, timely troubleshoot

3. Add oil to the machine regularly. Do not add some dirty oil, which will hinder the normal operation and operation of the machine

Characteristics of gas expansion shaft of heat transfer machine

Scroll and fame expansion shaft 1, pressure type, was based on the principle of air compressor, the shaft diameter changes,, in turn, and combined closely with the volume tube, which benefits the whole roll of material sent coiling, ultimately promote the reasonable production line operation, concise, precision and automation;

2. When the air is written in and expands internally, the parts inside the shaft main body are expanded and driven out, and the outer diameter of the shaft main body is increased accordingly, so as to promote the complete width and accurate fixation of the coil tube on the shaft main body;

3. When the internal air is released, the enlarged part is retracted, and the axis can be conveniently removed.

4. The manufacturer of air expanding shaft introduces that the main body of the shaft center is made of high-stress steel or aluminum alloy, and the inner expansion body is made of special imported synthetic rubber.

5. There are a variety of layout modes: middle guide keystrip/slat; External rotating spline/slat type; Independently adjusted slip type;

6. Able to design and customize according to customers’ requirements.

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