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Steps for Maintaining Garment Sublimation Transfer Printing Machines

At present, the most common garment printing machines include the following types, screen printing machines, cold transfer printing machines, sublimation transfer printing machines, and printing machines. Due to the garment printing machine belongs to the category of the special machine. And meet the clothing enterprise to the requirement of special machine for small batch and many varieties. So garment printing machine may have tens to hundreds of varieties, specifications, the perspective of classification is also different. According to the printing driving mode, there can be pneumatic, hydraulic and computer classification.

According to the printing method, there are roller type printing machine and plate type printing machine. In recent years, with the enterprise research and development production of cold transfer printing machine. Now, or can be divided into thermal transfer printing machine and printing machine directly to the general cold transfer printing machine, and one of the biggest difference is that the former is needed and must be heating when printing, the latter work is no temperature.

The maintenance of the garment sublimation transfer printing machine is also a part of learning. The following is clothing printing machine maintenance methods listed to everyone. I hope you can learn how to maintain the garment sublimation transfer printing machine when you buy it.

The main maintenance instructions of the garment sublimation transfer printing machines are as follows:

First: printing machine bottom round, when cleaning platform of the table glue, avoid what wheel adhesive. After cleaning, check whether there is a sticky glue, bottom round if you have any available dry dishcloth day that brush try, or directly affect the precision of printing;

Second: the air source processor on the garment printing machine needs to turn off the air twice a day; Air mist oil, adjust to 4-5 drops per minute, and turn off the gas when refueling.

Third: emergency stop switch. In the process of use, the emergency stop switch on the printing machine should be used as little as possible to avoid the impact of emergency stop on the life of chain, chain and synchronous belt.

Fourth: smooth shaft (machine movement part), butter twice a week;

Fifth: joint head, drips butter (once a week, 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days/time).

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