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What Kinds of Equipment are Needed for the Process – Sublimation Transfer Printing?

The principle of sublimation transfer printing is to use advanced printing technology to special dyeing and printing (water or oil), put all the need of design and color design is printed on special paper, made with all kinds of fancy transfer printing paper, and then on the transfer printing machine, will transfer printing paper is patterned on one side and closed after the printed fabric by heat and pressure, the use of color paper dye sublimation, moved to the printed fabric, on the printed fabric needed for the formation of a variety of patterns.

What equipment is needed for sublimation transfer printing?

The manufacturer of heat transfer printing machine tells you that the equipment and materials required for the production of heat transfer printing process are as follows:

1. Printer supply system: continuous ink supply system for “color spray crazy” heat transfer printing;

2. Printer: one desktop printer of any type;

3. Roller heat transfer machine: one tablet printing machine, or a baking pan machine. And a cup baking machine and other transfer printing equipment;

4. Special coating solution for heat transfer printing: in order to adapt the heat transfer printing ink to more surfaces (mainly non-cloth). It can cooperate with the heat transfer printing coating to achieve a satisfactory output effect;

5. Printing media: the fabric is mainly polyester and polyester/cotton blended fabric. Hard goods are made of high temperature resistant materials, such as film, metal, glass, ceramic (ceramic tile, porcelain cup), PVC and other materials.

6. Thermal transfer from: thermal transfer from can evenly, sufficient to absorb thermal transfer ink. In the condition of high temperature and can be absorbed completely release from the paper. Thermal transfer ink to transfer color to the heat transfer surfaces;

7. Sublimation ink for heat transfer printing: heat transfer printing ink is also called heat sublimation ink. Ink dispersion stability, effective protection of sprinkler head; Good compatibility, good printing reproducibility. Compared with other ink, thermal transfer ink to go through high temperature to color transfer printing to the item to show the original color, at first on the transfer paper printing color is not the final color, must after a certain time of high temperature to show the original color.

Okay, these all above are the equipment of sublimation transfer printing needed. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.