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How to Make Money With A Dye Sublimation Calender?

Have you ever wondered about how the printing on T-shirts, mugs, and pillows are produced? What is the secret behind these printing products? Actually, the secret lies in the usage of dye sublimation calender. In today’s blog, we would like to take you on a journey of discovering how to make money with a heat press machine.

dye sublimation calender

In short, a heat transfer machine is a machine used to print images or certain patterns onto the fabric or surface of sublimation materials. Therefore, let me share with you 4 legit ways as to how you can get money using the machine

heat press machine 1. Start your own T-shirt business

Thinking of starting your own T-shirt line? If that’s the case, consider a heat transfer printing as a method for you to create your T-shirt printing business. You can create your own custom and personalized t-shirts and generate high income using a calender heat press.

2. Gift shop

The dye sublimation calender is only to T-shirts? Of course, is not! Gift giving is a culture embedded in every society. What are the best ways to portray your intention rather than gifts? With a heat press, not only you can create a T-shirt but you can create over 200 gift items which include a custom photo rack for your customer, keychains, puzzles, plates and so much more.

heat transfer machine 3. Phone casing PROJECT

Custom phone casing is in demand nowadays. More people are looking for their own custom phone casing design to suit their needs and personality. WHY NOT? Take advantage of this situation and start your own business now.

4. Door Gift Business

There are tons of future brides and grooms are looking for door gifts for their wedding. Why don’t you start your door gift business now? A nonwoven bag makes a nice perfect door gift for any guests.

Here are 4 ways to make money with a heat press machine, if you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.

How to Operate A Large Format Dye Sublimation Calender?

A large format dye sublimation calender is different from platen heat press machine,which is easy to operate. Incorrect use of industrial calender heat press may cause damage to the machine or other accident occurs. Therefore, today we are going to introduce about how to operate the wide format roller heating machine.

dye sublimation calender

Check before starting the mechanical transmission part is normal, then lift the feed pressure stick, the tone is just the blanket with the tension, until the temperature for the temperature of your work will commence its work.

1) Make sure the body is well grounded and power wiring is correct, onto the chassis circuit breaker, then press the “power” button of heat transfer machine, and then press the “run” button in the inverter control panel, the frequency modulation in the appropriate position.

rotary heat transfer machine 2) Press the “heating” button, set the desired temperature, the data rely on the customers according to the different composition of the fabric. I plant suggested that the first small piece of fabric and transfer paper transfer, the client reaches the set temperature. If the temperature is too high and too low, can be adjusted accordingly, in order to ensure the quality of a substantial transfer of goods.

3) In the workbench put cloth frame and put the paper rack to put away the fabric and transfer paper, the temperature of the transfer effect, the fabric flat clothing pulled up to the board, put down the pressure stick into the drum. Note that the transfer paper ink the face of the fabric, the fabric above.

4) In the transfer process, customers can turn shades of the printed pattern to adjust the temperature increase or decrease, but also adjust the speed of the cylinder to control.

5) After the end of the transfer work, turn off the “heat” button of dye sublimation calender, and turn the hand wheel to the blanket out of the drum, the machine stops heating when the temperature dropped to 100 ° C and can turn off the host.

rotary heat press 6) Special circumstances, you can turn off the “power” and “heating” button, will automatically shut down when the host is running after a certain time, under normal circumstances is not recommended to use this feature.

7) A power outage or staff leave work shall be pneumatic pressure silicon roller lift to prevent burning or scalding blanket of rotary heat transfer machine.

Any question or need, welcome to contact us. Thank you for your reading.


Introduction of Roatry sublimation heat transfer machine

Introduction of Roatry sublimation heat transfer machine

roll to roll heat pressHeat transfer printing is clean and environmentally safe, which makes it attractive in today’s health and safety conscience work environments. different from traditional textile printing, there are no polluted liquid by-product. The only by-product is paper, sublimation transfer paper, heat transfer paper. Heat Transfer printing is the primary element in apparel manufacturing operations. It is the perfect medium for the demands of today’s market- short run and sample production.

Generally, sublimation heat transfer machine is divided into two kinds, flated heat transfer machine and rotary heat transfer machine. of course, they use different heat rtansfer materials, and printing for different product.

Flated heat transfer machine, usually it’s suitable for shirts printing, operators often use A3 or A4 size sublimation treansfer paper for polyester or t-shirt heat transfer paper for cotton. the temperature and time setting is based on printed product.

sublimation roll heat press

Roatry sublimation heat transfer machine is applied for continuous roll to roll heat transfer printing, it’s very high effective, high speed, high-volume printing to meet customer demand. different from flated heat transfer machine, rotary heat transfer machine heat transfer images from roll size sublimation inkjet transfer paper and has wide application, such as mouse pad/pieces, bedding, curtains, large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, apparel fabrics, towels, blankets, and other products.

Heat transfer printing is very essential step for heat transfer printing, so how to choose heat transfer machine depends on customers’ situation.

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