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Why digital printing machine plays an important role in the garment industry?

Why digital printing machine plays an important role in the garment industry? Let me share them with you. Digital printing technology is a combination of computer, new materials, precision machinery and other new technological achievements developed, combined with innovative design technology and engineering technology, can be said to be a breakthrough of traditional printing methods. It is one of the high technologies of textile production and the fastest developing frontier technology of textile processing.

The basis analysis of digital printing machine occupies an important position in the garment industry:

As the digital printing production process completely completes the computerization of digital production, so production flexibility is greatly enhanced. In addition, as a result of the use of computer technology to print a series of images of the same image with different colors, and in the process of production designers to the image to color constant correction has become digital printing production is different from the traditional printing production of a major technical advantage.

Digital printing machine realizes the production process of small batch and quick reaction, and production batch is free from any restrictions. In the process of printing, the use of dye is distributed according to the needs of the computer, so that no waste of dye or waste water occurs in the process of printing. In the process of computer controlled printing, no noise is made, so that there is no pollution in the process of printing, and the green production process is completed. The production process of textile printing is freed from the previous high energy consumption, high pollution and high noise, and the production process of low energy consumption and no pollution is completed.

Compared with traditional printing technology, digital printing has made fundamental changes, and the technological process is greatly simplified. And don’t need to plate making, the technology can do small batch and many varieties, fast delivery, water saving, energy saving, saving dyestuff, civilized, clean production, the end of printing and dyeing production environment and then completely changes appearance, fashion, personalized supply the necessary condition for garment industry, so the digital printing in the clothing industry occupies an important position.

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