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Matters needing attention for the maintenance of the roller drum heat transfer machine

As one of many machines, the roller drum heat transfer machine is a very common one, but it can play a great role in the reflective materials, paper, and packaging of various fabric products. To enable it to play its role normally and smoothly, the staff should not only learn the method of operation and use, but also pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the cloth rolling machine.

After each use, the staff should thoroughly clean the rolling printing machine. In the process of cleaning, both the paper scraps and other garbage should be cleaned and the dust on the machine should be cleaned. It should be noted that do not place any items on the rolls, including metal items and other debris in the factory. Every day of cleaning is a good preparation for the next day’s work.

Staff should also clean the rolls on a regular basis. It has to be said that although the machine will be cleaned every day, it is very easy to get greasy materials on the conveyor belt in the machine for a long time, which will affect the work efficiency. Therefore, the workers should use neutral detergent to clean the conveyor belt of the cloth rolling machine, to ensure that the garment rolling machine can maintain a very clean and tidy state, and to ensure the smooth development of enterprise and factory packaging work.