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Calender Heat Press Machine: What Are Advantages of the Machine?

Calender heat press machine is simply a machine that lets you imprint your designs or artwork on various surfaces such as t-shirts, mugs, hats, and more.

calender heat press machine

1. The blanket of calender heat press machine is made of imported DuPont raw materials, with a thickness of 10%, a good transfer effect, and long service life.

2. It adopts 100% seamless tube drum, inside and outside the drum, external precision lathe, external fine grinding machine, and iron-plated Folong, to ensure the temperature of each point is consistent. Taiwan stainless steel heating pipe directly heats the oil layer and can be heated to 200 degrees in 45 minutes to 1 hour.

3. The main wallboard (electric box) is made of a 10% thick steel plate.

4. Each of the off-axis is passed through the lathe, grinder, and then platinized. The error is controlled within 2 C. The blanket is not deflected under normal working conditions.

5. Electrical control. High-quality digital display, temperature, time control, higher precision

6. Import speed variable frequency motor can adjust the speed according to different materials transferred.

7. Carbon brush conductive heating, conductive performance is more stable and safe.

8. The blanket is separated. When the power is off or turned off, manually operate the handle to separate the blanket from the roller to better protect the blanket and prolong its life.

9. The roll to roll heat press machine adopts the function of two discharges and two collections. It can be customized according to customer requirements.

10. Automatic machine shutdown function, set automatic idle time can be timed off, saving time for employees.

11. The Independent positioning frame, positioning is more accurate, and the error is small.

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What Role Does A Heat Press Calender Play?

Heat press calender is a large machine which is essential during the process of sublimation printing. It is used along with large printers that imprint designs or images on garments, such as polyester, polyamides. Today’s post will introduce what kind of role does heat press machine play for sublimation printing.

heat press calender

Sublimation is a technology that transfers the desired image on fabrics. The heat press calender is the last executant of this process which makes use of the heat and pressure which a piece of equipment creates. And with a lot of heat and pressure, the calender imprints your graphic design onto the fabrics to make sure that the dye sublimation ink is released from the material and the ink is strongly affixed to the textile.

rotary heat press machine If you are going to start your business of a high-quality sublimation printing , you will need to purchase a heat press which helps you run high-volume production simultaneously. A good heat press can work for many years and continue operating in line with the increased production capacity.

Heat press plays a vital role by allowing the sublimation ink to permeate the fabric appropriately. However, if the heating temperature fluctuates too much or the correct pressure value is not maintained, you can get low quality or inconsistent results. As a result, the color of some areas seems light, while some areas result in darker colors. Therefore, you need to invest in a high quality heat press, or, you will end up with higher costs and waste of time.
(Note: Before placing your garment on a heat press machine for printing, always make a point of stretching it. This helps prevent your prints from cracking.)

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Tips and Applications of Rotary Heat Press Machine for Sublimation printing

Tips and Applications of Rotary Heat Press Machine for Sublimation printing

 sublimation textile machineIf you want to print on the roller fabrics, then a roll to roll heat press machine is essential. But there are many factors may influence the final quality, so we should know some tips.

1. The speed and temperature should be adjusted appropriately. Especially the temperature of the heat press machine should be stable.

2. Adjust the pressure between the blanket and oil drum according to the weight of the sublimation paper.

3. Keep the same tension between the transfer paper and the fabric.

4. Print some samples before mass production, so you can adjust the temperature and speed.

5. Before the transfer printing, remove the adhesions such as paper dust and cilia between sublimation paper and fabric.

6. Make sure the sublimation paper is dry, or the moisture will influence the printing quality.

7. During the transfer, the front of the paper and the fabric can be cut into an inverted V shape to make the middle part go on first. This action can avoid wrinkles when printing.

8. The sublimation paper and fabric should be separated immediately to avoid the ghosting.

9. Pay attention to the security, stay away from the heat drum, because the temperature is very high.

Roller heat press machine is easy to operate even it has a large size. Now, do you get it?roll to roll heat transfer machine


Roller heat transfer machine is used to print a design onto a garment, it represents the advantage of the speed and good effect in transfer printing.


Clothing industry (sportswear, uniforms, classes clothes, uniforms, bathing suits, diving suits, fashion, T-shirts, socks, denim)Advertising industry (costumes, flags, banners, umbrellas, advertising products)Bedding (sheets, blankets, quilt, mattress, mosquito nets, drapery, draperies, pillows, towels, pillowcases)Household items (sofa sets, sofa cushions, mats, cushion, pillow, curtains, shower curtains, towels, bath towels, towel dry hair)Outdoor supplies (tents, mountaineering bags, traveling bags, sleeping bags)Shoes bags (cloth bags, bags, shopping bags, handbags, shoulder bags, woven bags, canvas shoes)Jewelry Accessories (scarves, scarf, scarves, shawls, gloves, wrist, masks, goggles, hats, hairbands)Ribbon products (parapets, hair band, belt, tied belt, elastic belt, shoelaces, shoulder belt, gift belt, with pets)

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What is different Application between Flatbed and Rotary Heat Press

What is the different Application between Flatbed and Rotary Heat Press

roll transfer machineDye-sublimation transfer printing requires the use of a heat press or calender to execute the sublimation process. While both devices are designed to transfer images to a substrate through heat and pressure, each source heat through different methods.

For dye-sub transfer printing, a heat press or calendar may be used.

A flatbed heat press presses fabrics, non-curved objects, and pieces such as mouse pads or doormats, heat presses can also be used to transfer images to mousepads, glass, ceramic tiles, and HD photo panels.roll to roll machine

The heat press calender process includes feeding the material over or under a rotary drum. Widths vary between 1.2m and 3.2m, with large custom orders possible. Drum diameters vary from 200mm up to 800mm and larger, Roller drum size is related to speed. The larger the drum, the faster production speeds can be achieved. However, calenders are limited to only flexible media making them ideally suited for flags, banners, and apparel production industry.

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We are a sublimation paper professional supplier. Our company can supply any need for sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink, printer, Epson ink, heat transfer paper, Roll calendar machine for textile printing!
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Method for Handling Malfunction of Roller Drum Heat Transfer Machine

Method for Handling Malfunction of Roller Drum Heat Transfer Machine

sublimation roll heat pressWhen you are the usage of roller heat press machines, abruptly there is a malfunction, then how do you deal with the failure?

The heat transfer press machine is one of the digital transfer printing devices, which are divided into one of a kind sorts and fees in accordance with the diameter of the roller.

How to deal with the malfunction of the roller heat press machine:

1. When the cloth is printed, the head is broken due to terrible seam or excessive tension, and even if the material head is wrapped around different parts, a principal accident will show up and need to be stopped immediately.

2. If the shade paste is combined with impurities or the shade paste is too thick or too thin, if it does not meet the necessities for use, it should be stopped to pour the shade paste again into the pulp tank, and then adjusted and reused after filtration.

3. When the quantity of flower print is too much, the pattern is smoothed and exposed by way of the scraper. After stopping, the flower tube should be removed and despatched to the engraving workshop for restore or substitute for the new flower tube.

4. If the flower tube is used for a long time, the inner gap will be enlarged, inflicting the axis of the flower tube and the flower tube to loosen and the flower is now not correct. At this time, the flower tube must be removed, the kraft paper strip must be placed, and the paper should be re-tightened.

sublimation printing machines

5. When the rubber bearing roller is aged or cracked or the hardness is increased, the printing impact should be stopped, the flower cylinder ought to be unloaded, and the unique grinding and urgent curler tools ought to be mounted to grind the rubber bearing roller pores and skin to a layer.

6. When the surface of the rubber stress roller is pressed into a pit with the aid of a tough object, some of the printing may be unclear. It needs to be at once stopped and crammed with uncooked rubber to restore it: when the pit is shallow, the warm water can be used to make the pit.

7. When the tube bearing is damaged during operation and generates heat, when the motor load increases, do now not use bloodless water to pour the bearing. Stop immediately, replace the properly tube bearing, and add the grease to the well.

8. If there is too a lot of fiber fluff in the contact between the physician blade and the flower tube, after parking, use a damp fabric to tie the knot at one end, loosen the weight connected to the health practitioner blade, and take the other quit of the moist cloth from the knife edge. Drag it over so that you can wipe the knife.

The roll press machine is suitable for sublimation transfer of giant banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, garb fabrics, towels, sheets, mousepads, etc., especially for non-stop transfer of sheets of cloth.

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