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Choose A Suitable Calender Heat Press For Transfer Printing

All plotter manufacturers recommend installing the plotter in rooms where there is constant temperature and humidity control, for rapid drying of the ink. This is because sublimation paper swells up when it is very wet, running the risk of being touched by the heads on the printing carriage, which would completely ruin the job.

It is also advisable to leave the rolls of paper for at least 24 hours in the room where they will be used, possibly in a vertical position for them to acclimatise to optimum room conditions.

calender heat press

The best fibre for dye-sublimation printing is polyester because it offers the best reaction to the thermal shocks caused by the high temperatures that can reach up to 215°C and the residence time that can often reach well over 60 seconds. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and advice with due care when handling or moving the equipment on account of the high temperatures and potentially dangerous operating conditions that demand your complete attention throughout the production process.

The calender machine enables roll to roll fabric processing and the use of practically any type of fabric including woven or knitted fabrics, as well as stretch yarns, non wovens, rugs with low pile. For higher piles, such as carpet, flat presses (especially aspired versions) produce more in-depth absorption of the ink. They are generally used for transfer printing on fabric pre-cut to the required shape, and this is called “garment-laid print”.

Bear in mind that every fabric has its own properties and must be tested to define how it should be worked, and that every batch can give a different end result. Therefore, it is always wise to do a quality test run before starting actual production, even if you are using the same fabric/design.

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How to maintain rotary calender heat press

How to maintain rotary calendar heat press

roll sublimation machineThe rotary calendar heat press machine needs support, similarly as the vehicle needs upkeep. The machine keeps up its life, which makes it progressively viable for us and improves efficiency. If it generally fails to keep up the machine, the first is to harm the extra parts, bringing about a shorter existence of the machine. Therefore, we give some upkeep techniques and insurances to stay away from loss of time and HR because of inappropriate support.

The rotary heat press machine receives consistent cylinder roller, inside and outside of the drum, and the exactness machine is cleaned outside the drum to guarantee the uniform temperature at each point. The drum heat is progressively uniform, the exchange impact is no shading contrast, and the power sparing is 30-40%. The tempered steel heating tube legitimately heats the oil layer and can be heated to 200 degrees in 45 minutes.

At that point what is the upkeep strategy for the roller heat press machine:

1. The day by day switch machine should check whether the power supply is empowered, regardless of whether the power supply is typical, and whether the ground association is ordinary.

2. The air source processor on the heat press machine needs to close off the air and seepage two times per day, change the gas fog oil to 4-5 drops for every minute, and mood killer the gas while refueling.

3. The optical hub needs multiple times of margarine per week.heat press transfer machine

4. Crisis stop switch, in the utilization procedure, the crisis stop switch on the heat press machine ought to be utilized as meager as conceivable to stay away from the effect of the crisis stop on the bearing inside the heating pipe.

5. In the high-temperature state, when the crisis stop or power disappointment is halted, it would be ideal if you modify the felt to a most extreme safe separation of 5-8cm from the drum in the first run through to guarantee that the cover won’t be injured.

6. Every one of the courses of the entire machine must be included with high temperatures spread once per week to guarantee the ordinary activity of the bearings.

7. At the point when the color sublimation calendar is warmed, the machine must be diverted to keep the cover from consuming out. During the revolution procedure, so as to keep the cover from being harmed and harm the cover and to guarantee wellbeing, if you don’t mind make certain to manage it.

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The Difference Between Flatbed and Rotary Heat Press Machine

The Difference Between Flatbed and Rotary Heat Press Machine

roller drum heat transfer machineA rotary heat press machine, also known as a calendar heat-press, is used to continuously transfer the dye-sublimation print onto the fabric. Machines like this are used in many kinds of applications. You can use it to print fabric rolls, make signage, make flags, use reduce parts to cut and sew garments, and even make ribbons or lengthy strips. Heat press desktop along with rotary warmness press computer and flatbed heat press machine.


1. What is a flatbed heat press machine?
Flatbed heat press machine is regularly used for printing on person pieces such as reduce apparel parts, T-shirts, sports activities apparel, tote bags, etc. Platen presses are also used to print on rigid substrates such as wood, metals and ceramic tiles.


2. What is roll to roll heat press machine?
Rotary heat press machine: This kind of rotary heat press is used to switch your diagram to a roll of fabric. Items required to use a roll-to-roll rotary press consist of pre-printed switch paper, tissue, and fabric. The pre-printed transfer paper has a mild tack and is used to preserve the cloth in place. The thin paper keeps sublimation ink from coming into the belt around the drum. The material you use will always consist of polyester, polyester combo or some other polyester covered substrate. A roll-to-roll spinning computer normally has three expansions and three rewinds. The three gadgets listed above are loaded onto the unwinding bar of the rotary press. They collect collectively and omit through a press, wrapping around a heated drum. This phase of the method is called “residence time”, which is the place the sublimation system takes place. The rewinding rod then rolls up the now printed fabric, used transfer paper and used a tissue.

3.The benefit of roll to roll heat press machine
Rotary Drum Heat Press is usually greater efficient than its platen counterparts. These types of presses get rid of the need for registration marks and garment templates. The garment components – fronts, backs sleeves can be cut in quantity. The paper is printed in a roll and fed into the computing device with the picture facing up. The cut parts are positioned down onto the paper as it is fed into the machine. This is a great deal greater environment-friendly way to run the work. These advantages make Rotary Drum Presses perfect for production factories looking to function successfully in a lean manufacturing environment.

roller heat press machine

4. What’s the difference between roll sublimation machine & flatbed heat presses?
Flatbed presses are frequently used for printing on man or woman pieces such as cut apparel parts, T-shirts, sports apparel, tote bags, etc. Platen presses are also used to print on inflexible substrates such as wood, metals and ceramic tiles. Roll to Roll Heat Press machine is frequently used to print material consistently (roll to roll) and to print large material components such as signs and banners which may also be too giant for a widespread platen press.
Drum machines can additionally be used to print sports apparel and others reduce garb parts. Drum machines are extra productive than platen machines for sublimation printing on cut garb components and are therefore used when manufacturing quantity is high. Drum machines are now not used alternatively to print onto inflexible substrates such as wood, metal or ceramic tile.

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We are a sublimation paper professional supplier. Our company can supply any need for sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink, printer, Epson ink, heat transfer paper, Roll calendar machine for textile printing!
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The Tutorial of A Heat Press Machine Work?

The Tutorial of A Heat Press Machine Work?

sublimation fabric printing machineHeat printing also known as heat transfer printing is the process of applying heat-applied substances to various items (i.e., substrates) with a heat press. Heat-applied substances include a heat-sensitive adhesive on one side; when heat is utilized through a heat press to the material, the cloth adheres to the substrate to which it is being applied. Now, let’s examine greater statistics about heat press.


1. What is a Heat Press Machine?

A heat press machine is truly an iron press laptop that allows you to transfer creative designs by way of making use of strain and heat to special materials, such as t-shirts and more. They come in a range of sizes, depending on the size of the garment that you wish to work with.


2. How Does A Heat Press Work?

Step one – Adjust Temperature:
Time to set your temperature that is required to warmness press your garment. Scan over the instructions that are printed on the switch paper to locate the accurate temperature that’s best.


Turn the thermostat knob in a clockwise path till you see the purple heating light.
Wait for your computer to warmth up to your required temperature.
A flashing mild will indicate that the heat press is appropriately heated.
At this point, you should flip the knob counterclockwise until the flashed light turns off.
Don’t be alarmed when the mild switches on and off at some stage in your heat press. two It is an indication that your machine is regulating your preferred temperature.

Step two – Set Up your Tee & Design:

Open the heat press through lifting the front handle of the machine. If you bought a clamshell machine, your higher platen will go upwards. two If you bought a swing-away press, your higher platen will swing out to the side.


Pop your garment on the heat press. The aspect that is being printed on has to be facing upwards.
Close the lid for a few seconds to heat up the material. This step will get rid of creases and moisture which will result in a better press.
Open the lid and lay the transfer paper face down on the garment.
Bring the manage down such that it locks firmly in place.
Remove the peel off of the switch paper to reveal the top-notch printed photo on your garment.

roller drum heat transfer machine


Step three -Pressure:

You would possibly want to modify the strain on the machine.

The amount of pressure that needs to be applied is established on the type and thickness of the material of the item.

For example, a garment that is one hundred percent polyester requires less strain than different materials due to the fact that the fabric is so smooth.

On cheaper machines: Turning the strain adjusting-knob clockwise so that you can efficaciously increase the pressure. (By turning the knob counterclockwise you can reduce the amount of pressure). two
On expert machines: More high priced machines have an honestly handy strain gauge. A strain gauge will generally have vary from one to nine. For mild pressure, pick a putting from 1-3. For medium pressure trial out setting 4-6 and for heavy strain pick out from 7-9.
Pressure is possibly the trickiest of the heat urgent elements to master. two You would possibly experience greater cozy doing a check run to locate the fantastic placing for your fabric.

Step four – Time:

Press the start button to start the heat press timer (information about the time required can be located on the transfer paper packet instructions).
When the timer alarm goes off, actually elevate the cope with to open the machine. (simply press the timer to reset it for the subsequent press)
Check your switch paper directions to see whether your paper is a hot-peel (peel while the layout is nonetheless hot) or a cold-peel (leave the format to cool down before peeling).


3.The Importance of Correct Pressure

The right quantity of stress is enormously vital to the pleasant of the completed product. Too a good deal pressure and you can push the ink too ways into the fabric, which will result in a dull coloration and vibrancy of your carried out design.

Too little strain should lead to the warmness transfer no longer adhering properly. two You would possibly additionally locate that the fibers on the shirt may stick via your design, which will lead to a fuzzy-looking graphic.
The proper quantity of stress is quintessential in order to allow the inks to treatment and to securely link. two This will make sure that the bond will out survive heaps of washes and will out survive the lifestyles of the t-shirt.

4.Which Transfer Paper to Choose

You will need to make certain that you choose the right switch paper for each printer as nicely as for your design. Most switch papers are for inkjet printers.
If you are printing via a exceptional method, you will want to make certain that the transfer paper is compatible with your printer. It is additionally essential to suppose about whether you will be working on a white, black or color tee.
two two Again, as with many other components of heat pressing, you will most in all likelihood have to go through a process of trial and error to discover the kind of paper that you love working with the most.

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How To Correct Blanket By Hand For Roll To Roll Heat Press Machine?

How To Correct Blanket By Hand For Roll To Roll Heat Press Machine?

Our factory is made of DuPont raw materials which used in the manufacture of Shanghai, the drum is a double explosion-proof drum, double layer than the single layer of more secure, more reliable.

Mechanical configuration, we also presented two gas up the shaft, mechanical weight of about 2500kg, effective door format can be customized according to customer needs.


1. To protect workers hand into the roller (when they are working)

2. Correct the deviation of blanket automatically, intelligent adjustment.

3.To avoid the scissor damage the blanket

4. Correct the deviation of conveyor automatically, To avoid damage the conveyor because of the deviation.

5. The Blanket fled the roller completely, About 8cm distance. Don’t need cooling when you want to stop the machine, More save energy and To prevent the blanket burn out.

6. Machina has explosion-proof equipment, More safety.

7. The Blanket synchronously forward and backward automatically, More save manpower. It can also adjust by hand.

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We are a sublimation paper professional supplier. Our company can supply any need for sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink, printer, Epson ink, heat transfer paper, Roll calendar machine for textile printing!
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