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Rotary sublimation machine

Why We Say Our Sublimation Heat Press Machine Are Better Than Others?



For a sublimation heat press manufacture, we always say that our machine are better than others, today we will share you the detail advantages we have. As we can see that the high end heat press machine temperature constant printing quality even higher machine stability and life of up to 10 years, in short, for large business users, our high heat transfer machine but has a lower operating cost.

heat press

heat press

Most core components of roller heat transfer machine is heating roller, transfer rate depends largely on the transfer time, temperature and pressure, the same transfer time and pressure, and temperature difference of one or two degrees, the transfer rate is very different. For precise temperature control, becomes the main indicator for measuring heat transfer machine, and that’s all, are mainly on the structure of the heating roller.


As shown in figure, as shown, some rollers are heating roller completely closed, the benefit of this is heat-conducting oil not added on a regular basis, but because of thermal expansion and contraction, it is impossible to make all full of heated rollers, the upper part is a vacuum, in theory, this part of the temperature be lower than other parts.


Our rotary heat press is not although the need to regularly add oil , but the heated rollers are 100% oil-filled, so that not only the entire roller surface can maintain a good temperature, available surface also increased significantly.

textile heat press machine

textile heat press machine


Our machine’s heating roller constructed two machines differ from heating roller heating method, heating wires in vacuum tubes, through infrared radiation to heat conduction oil; and our printing machinery is directly heated, so that preheating and shut down the cooling time of the machine as a whole, are greatly reduced, efficiency is higher.


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Time and Temperature Guide of Heat Transfer Press Machine

Heat transfer press machine is a large machine which plays an important role during the process of sublimation transfer printing. It is used along with large printers that imprint designs or images on garments, such as polyester.  Today’s post will share an guide of time and temperature when we are using heat transfer press machine.

heat transfer press machine

Generally, our heat transfer machine comes with directions of use. These guidelines incorporate a chart that gives us full details about the correct time, pressure, and temperature values to use for different fabrics. Additionally, we’ve broken down the suitable temperature and time settings based on various factors:Generally, our heat transfer machine comes with directions of use. These guidelines incorporate a chart that gives us full details about the correct time, pressure, and temperature values to use for different fabrics. Additionally, we’ve broken down the suitable temperature and time settings based on various factors:

That’s it for our complete heat press calender temperature guide. The list contains the ideal temperature and timer settings we should use for almost all the fabrics you might encounter when doing heat transfer. If we couple the above information with your device user manual, we will have all the information we need to operate our machine using the correct temperatures.

rotary heat transfer machine As we all known, the process of heat transfer printing requires a lot of heat, so never be scared of using a lot it to transfer the artwork to your fabrics appropriately. Because if you don’t use enough heat, you might end up with your design not sticking properly which may cause an issue during washing. Therefore, the rule is just follow the temperature settings recommended on your transfer paper.

Any question, welcome to contact us. Our team will provide you the best service and products. Thank you for your reading.


Do You Want A New Rotary Heat Press Machine With The Good Quality?



Rotary heat press machines like this are used in many types of applications. You can use it to print fabric rolls, make signage, make flags, use cut parts to cut and sew garments, and even make ribbons or long strips.

industrial heat press

industrial heat press

Roll-to-roll rotary sublimation heat press this type of rotary press is used to transfer your design to a roll of fabric. Items required to use a roll-to-roll rotary press include pre-printed transfer paper, tissue and fabric. The pre-printed transfer paper has a slight tack and is used to hold the fabric in place. The thin paper keeps sublimation ink from entering the belt around the drum.

roll sublimation machine

roll sublimation machine

The fabric you use will always consist of polyester, polyester blend or some other polyester coated substrate. A roll-to-roll spinning machine usually has three expansions and three rewinds. The three items listed above are loaded onto the unwinding bar of the rotary press. They gather together and pass through a press, wrapping around a heated drum. This part of the process is called “residence time”, which is where the sublimation process takes place. The rewinding rod then rolls up the now printed fabric, used dye heat transfer paper and used tissue.


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100% Full Oil Drum Rotary Heat Press – Are You Interested?



There is external tank connected to the oil drum to fill the oil drum full. Full oil drum improves the stability of oil drum temperature. It makes sure that density of color is the same throughout the large format fabric. New Rotary Heat Press 100% full oil drum is excellent for roll-to-roll transfer heat press. Moreover, heating power (working) is 20% lower now. It helps sign producers reduce the electrical cost.

heat press

heat press

The main cylinder adopts the latest international standard, the surface has chrome plating, it will not rust. Heating in a special way insures no difference in printing quality, machine operation, noise is little, advance or retreat freely, service life is the 2 times of ordinary alternating deceleration generator. With the installation of wave band of speed adjustment, make generator operation more smooth-going, printing is more grasped easily. The four axis balance positioning technology makes the blanket operation more stable


rotary heat press

rotary heat press


– Aligning Blanket Automatically

– Detecting Temperature on the Surface

– Filling Oil Drum to 100% Full (Saving 30% Power)

– Controlling Temperature Precisely (Controllable Silicon Solid State Relay)

– Minimizing Maintenance Effort (Slip Ring)

– At Least 70% Blanket Coverage

– Blanket Tension Controlled by Piston

– Fabric/Transfer Paper/Tissue Paper Tension Controlled by Compressed Air


Sublicalender is professional roller heat transfer machine manufacturer in China. We can provide you high quality heat press machine with different width and length, if any needs, pls feel free to contact us!

Advantages of Our Calender Heat Transfer Machine

The performance of the calender heat transfer machine in getting better and better under the development of the technology. Compared with the traditional small size heat transfer machine, our Calender heat transfer machine have really too many advantages. Today in order to let you have a deeper understanding about us I will have a detailed introduction about our heat transfer machine advantages.

calender heat transfer machine

1. Speed Adjust

If you want to get a better printing and transferring effect, then have a good choice of textile calender machine is very important. Now more and more people choose the rotary to help them doing the patterns fabric transfer. Because this machine can help them to save their time and money, also more convenient. Then our machine has a better advantage that it has a function can help you adjust your transfer speed with no levels.. So it can help you have a better experience thenothers.

2. High Hiding Power

At last, our heat transfer machine also has a high hiding rate. The patterns can be transferred onto the fabric with different colors. This performance has a very good increase in its practicality. And its adhesion is also very strong, the color does not fall after printing, no deformation, no discoloration.

3. Better Transfer Effect

At last, after used about the heat transfer machine you can see that it can bring you a better effect. After finish the transfer, you can get the final product directly. And you don’t need to do post-processing. Also the color fastness and brilliant are very good.

4. Added Value of This Machine

When you use our rotary heat transfer machine, the pass rate of the patterns transferred are very high.The loss of the product is much smaller than other printing and transferring method and there will no the problem of printing errors.

5. Environmental Printing

Before doing the sublimation transfer, we need to print the patterns firstly and then use the paper printed to transfer onto the fabric with the heat press machine. Our heat press machine can meet the green printing standards. Especially in china, in order to product the environment the government ask strict requirements of the green printing. It will not produce environmental pollution problems, which makes everyone can be very assured to use.

rotary heat transfer machine

6. Longer Service Life

If you have used about the heat transfer machine before, you must know that there is a specialized equipment for pad the pad the sublimation paper. This equipment can help you put your paper onto the machine more convenient. Also it can help you protect your blanket, and reduce the population of the blanket. Then when you use the heat press machine you can clean the blanket less. More importantly , the service life of this blanket can be longer.

Okay, These all above are my share about the advantages for our calender heat transfer machine. If you have any needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you with the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.