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Advantages of Our Calender Heat Transfer Machine

The performance of the calender heat transfer machine in getting better and better under the development of the technology. Compared with the traditional small size heat transfer machine, our Calender heat transfer machine have really too many advantages. Today in order to let you have a deeper understanding about us I will have a detailed introduction about our heat transfer machine advantages.

calender heat transfer machine

1. Speed Adjust

If you want to get a better printing and transferring effect, then have a good choice of textile calender machine is very important. Now more and more people choose the rotary to help them doing the patterns fabric transfer. Because this machine can help them to save their time and money, also more convenient. Then our machine has a better advantage that it has a function can help you adjust your transfer speed with no levels.. So it can help you have a better experience thenothers.

2. High Hiding Power

At last, our heat transfer machine also has a high hiding rate. The patterns can be transferred onto the fabric with different colors. This performance has a very good increase in its practicality. And its adhesion is also very strong, the color does not fall after printing, no deformation, no discoloration.

3. Better Transfer Effect

At last, after used about the heat transfer machine you can see that it can bring you a better effect. After finish the transfer, you can get the final product directly. And you don’t need to do post-processing. Also the color fastness and brilliant are very good.

4. Added Value of This Machine

When you use our rotary heat transfer machine, the pass rate of the patterns transferred are very high.The loss of the product is much smaller than other printing and transferring method and there will no the problem of printing errors.

5. Environmental Printing

Before doing the sublimation transfer, we need to print the patterns firstly and then use the paper printed to transfer onto the fabric with the heat press machine. Our heat press machine can meet the green printing standards. Especially in china, in order to product the environment the government ask strict requirements of the green printing. It will not produce environmental pollution problems, which makes everyone can be very assured to use.

rotary heat transfer machine

6. Longer Service Life

If you have used about the heat transfer machine before, you must know that there is a specialized equipment for pad the pad the sublimation paper. This equipment can help you put your paper onto the machine more convenient. Also it can help you protect your blanket, and reduce the population of the blanket. Then when you use the heat press machine you can clean the blanket less. More importantly , the service life of this blanket can be longer.

Okay, These all above are my share about the advantages for our calender heat transfer machine. If you have any needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you with the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.

High Temperature State For Rotary Heat Press-What Should You Take Care?



When you use the rotary heat press In the high temperature state, the emergency shutdown or power outage is, the first time the blanket should be transferred to the maximum distance roller to observe whether the blanket completely from the high temperature drum, the normal to ensure that the distance of 5-8cm. All the rotating bearings of the machine must be added once a week high temperature butter to ensure that the bearing rotation.

rotary heat press

rotary heat press

Fabric heat transfer machine blankets advance and retreat when the indicator light flashing as normal, if blanket advance and retreat no action indicator flash is not normal, the machine blanket with automatic edge correction function, the edge of the action when the indicator light flash is normal,if the edge indication Non-stop and long flashing Wei is not normal.


When machine in high temperature, emergency shutdown or power outage, please put the blanket from the maximum maximum distance of 5-8cm from the drum at the first time, so that no damage to the blanket, When the machine in the heating state, in order to prevent the blanket burned, the machine must be rotated: and the machine in the process of rotation, in order to prevent the blanket deviation and damage to the blanket and ensure safety, please be someone to supervise, All bearings must be added once a week butter high temperature, to ensure the normal operation of the bearing.

heat press machine

heat press machine

These all above is my share about some tips you should pay attention to before or when you use the rotary heat press machine. If you have any needs or some other questions welcome to contact us . We will try our best to provide you with the best quality product and service.


What Size Heat Press Machine Do We Need?

Heat press machine can transfer your preferred artwork( numbers, images, and letters) to varios substrates, such as garments, banners, flags…and so on by producing a lot of heat and pressure. Nevertheless, they are available in different sizes, from small, medium to large sizes that are used for industrial and commercial purposes. Therefore, here is a common question: how big a heat press machine should we buy?

heat press machine

Small Heat Press
Sometimes we call it, “label presses,” is only used on small fabrics like baby clothes and tote bags. This machine can’t work on large materials and high volumes of work. They are suitable for smaller volumes of work and for hobby purposes. And, this type of heat press also takes lesser space, something you can easily fit in the laundry area.

calender heat press Medium-sized Heat Transfer Machine
Medium-sized calender heat press can handle more work and take a little more space. They may be suitable for people with medium-sized businesses.

Large Format Heat Press Calender
The large presses are often for commercial and industrial use. As a result of their nature, they take more space and require a large work area. With the ability to work efficiently all the time, they create a lot of prints and of high quality. They are suitable for various applications in several markets sectors. From technical textiles, recyclable carpet to printed textile and promotional items.

We have different size of the heat transfer machine, so far our products are suitable for different market needs and selling well all around the world. Our company has developed machines which are suitable for continuous roll-to-roll transfer printing and/or fixation of directly printed material. Accurate control of temperature results in the best possible quality print and reproducible products, with brilliant colours. Any question, please contact us, our team will provide the best service for you. Thank you for your reading. 🙂

Apparel Fabrics Printing with Heat Transfer Machine

Apparel Fabrics Printing with Heat Transfer Machine

heat transfer printing

Roller heat transfer machine can suit for sublimation transfer T-shirt, large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, apparel fabrics, blankets, towels, mouse pads, scarves and other products in the piece, Especially the roll fabrics need to continuous print.The heat transfer machine is designed to print your design onto fabric using pressure and preheat. Roller style heat press machine for sublimation transfer paper digital printing on fabrics Chinese manufacturer

The heat transfer machine is designed to print your design onto fabric using pressure and preheat.

Heat distrain printing is commonly used inward the creation of t shirts, logo garments and advertising banners. It is moderately economical and can produce a high volume anent printed items during a single congregation. Heat diapedesis printing of the kind referred to above, though, creates a much larger potential volume of waste than sublimation printing using a radical bibliomaniac, as it requires the transfer themselves unto remain created, which become refused once a hand is complete. The sublimation printer has no comparable run-off and so is commonly seen as more environmentally friendly.rotary heat transer machine

If i are using heat presses in favor of heat transfer printing, you can set by an inventory of transfers for one-off prints – similarly you can, for example, shower the same design on a customer’s elect regarding shoulder pad size and colour. Bulk separation printing finished using a this boat works so two-year college, by storing the print jobs in files that can be called up whenever required.

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Importance of Calender Heat Press for Sublimation Printing

Calender heat press allows the sublimation ink to permeate the fabric appropriately. It plays a vital role in the sublimation printing because this process requires the use of a heat transfer machine or calender to execute the sublimation process.

heat transfer machine

Sublimation is a technology that transfers the desired image on fabrics. The heat press machine is the last executant of this technology that makes use of the heat and pressure-which a piece of equipment creates. And with a lot of heat and pressure, the calender imprints our graphic design onto the fabrics to make sure that the dye sublimation ink is released from the material and the ink is strongly affixed to the textile.

rotary heat press machineThe speed of heat transfer calender is dictated by the size of the drum and consistency of the heating element. The larger the drum diameter, the faster production speeds can be achieved.
A high quality heat press will help us run high-volume production simultaneously. And a good machine can work for many years and continue operating in line with the increased production capacity.

calender heat press However, if the heating temperature fluctuates too much or the correct pressure value is not maintained, you can get low quality or inconsistent results. As a result, the color of some areas seems light, while some areas result in darker colors. Therefore, you need to invest in a high quality heat press, or, you will end up with higher costs and waste of time.
(Note: Before placing your garment on a heat press machine for printing, always make a point of stretching it. This helps prevent your prints from cracking.)

At Sublistar, we can provide you with not only the best quality calender heat press and related consumables, we also offer you with the best quality sublimation transfer service and suggestions. Any question, please contact us. Thank you for your reading.

What Situation Need You Consider A Rotary Heat Press Machine?




Once you’ve printed your design onto a piece or roll of transfer paper, you need to transfer that design to your substrate. This requires a combination of heat and pressure to cause the solid dye particles on the transfer paper to change into a sublimates, so that it separates from the paper and is permanently bonded to the polyester threads or coating.

heat press

heat press

So what should you be looking for when purchasing a rotary heat press for wide format sublimation printing? What are the options


If you’re mainly printing onto made-up apparel, small areas of substrate, or you are likely to also want to print onto hard substrates, then a flatbed is the way to go. However, if your sublimation printing operation is geared more towards high volume printing of textiles, sports and fashion wear, or you wish to print long lengths of substrate then you’ll want to consider a rotary press. These ‘tend’ to be more expensive than flatbeds, depending on the individual press’s size and spec, but they also offer much faster production speeds.

heat press

heat press

Rotary heat press machine have a cylindrical felt covered drum, which is filled with oil. The oil is heated to the required temperature (200°C) creating an even and stable heat across the entire width of the drum. For roll-to-roll printing, rolls of the substrate and printed transfer paper are transported together around the heated drum, remaining in contact with the drum for a given length of time.

rotary heat press machine

rotary heat press machine

A roller heat press machine is used to apply tension to the tubular felt, which in turn applies pressure to the substrate and paper, holding it against the heated drum to facilitate the sublimation process. Separate rollers may also transport ‘protection paper’, which is used to prevent any excess gas that doesn’t sublimate into the substrate from transferring to the felt on the drum, which could lead to unwanted transfer of the dye back onto the roll of substrate.


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Do You Want A Smaller Roller Heat Transfer Machine To Make a Proof?




For the heat press machine, there are two main types of heat press for dye sublimation printing – flatbed or rotary, plus a third option; a rotary press with a flat automated feed table at the front. Today we will introduce you the detail of the flatbed heat press machine

heat press

heat press

Roller Heat press machine comprise a table onto which the substrate is positioned. A sheet of printed transfer paper is then placed on top of the substrate. The table transports the substrate and paper under a platen that is heated to a given temperature, depending on the substrate. The heated platen is brought into contact with the transfer paper under sufficient pressure to cause the dyes on the paper to sublimate and transfer to the polyester substrate underneath. On the larger more industrial machines the beds are lifted using hydraulic rams to apply the pressure.

heat press

heat press

Heat press machine with twin tables are generally regarded as a good investment. While an item is being pressed and sublimated on the first table, the operator can be positioning the next item to be printed on the second table. This avoids delays between each cycle and ensures that the press runs continuously, maximising production. If your budget is limited or you have relatively low volume production, then a single table press is an affordable, albeit significantly less productive, alternative.


Roll heat press calender are available with tables in a wide range of sizes . A press with a bed measuring 1.5/1.7 m x 1 m is a perfect starting point for most new wide format dye sub printing operations using a 44” wide printer, In general, heat presses operate faster than digital dye sub printers, so a single press can service multiple printers.

roller heat press machine

roller heat press machine

Wider tables allow the printing of larger items and also enable you to print a larger number of smaller made-up garments, panels or products simultaneously, potentially increasing production.

Easy Gifts You Can Make With A Heat Press Machine

Do you own a heat press machine but only use it to your business? Maybe you’ve got a birthday party coming up or you know someone who just had a baby… However, you never know what to get when you leave buying gifts. In this post, we will give you some inspiration about what gifts you could make with a heat press machine.

heat press machine

DIY Pillows or Cushions
If you have a cutting machine and a heat press, you are no longer limited to what you can find at the store, you can create your own and transfer it on your own pillows and cushions. I think everybody loves getting a handmade heat press project like this. Therefore, choose a design or phrase that sums up your friend and will put a smile on their dial each time they see it.

sublimation transfer printing A Reverse Canvas
Make a Reverse Canvas with HTV by using heat transfer machine. This is definitely a cheap and easy heat press gift. The ‘Amazing Grace’ canvas was made with HTV, but reverse canvases can be made with either adhesive vinyl or heat transfer vinyl. You can buy a canvas in whatever size you like and customize it to your friends tastes.

Personalized T-Shirts
T-shirts are generally very easy to make, and look fantastic.

heat transfer printingPersonalized Mugs
You can’t go wrong gifting a personalized mug. You can use HTV or adhesive vinyl for this project, but you will need a mug heat press if using the former. Adhesive vinyl is probably the best bet if you don’t have one.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these ideas and that there’s something you’d like to try out. Give your friends and family unique handmade gifts by using a heat press calender , and they will treasure forever. Any question, please contact us, and our team will provide you the best service. Thank you for your reading. 🙂


heat press machine

How to Choose Suitable Calender Heat Press Machine?

For garment industry, calender heat press machine is essential. Roller printing machine will show the effect will be better. Now the production of printing on the market more manufacturers. But need to remind is that the purchase of equipment, pay attention to the performance of equipment. Because different manufacturers in the manufacturing process used in the technology and technology are not the same. If you do not notice the purchase process, it may have a certain impact on the normal use of the future.

calender heat press machine

However, most of the calender heat press machine in the use of the effect is still a great guarantee, the first printing machine manufacturers in the production process using the technical process is very advanced. In fact, when buying equipment, people are most concerned about is the printing effect, and with the general printing press, because the operation of the way more special, so the requirements of this will be even higher. Manufacturers in order to solve this problem. In addition to the production process will use advanced technology, but also from abroad to buy a lot of advanced parts. So basically a device in the production of all the quality of the material parts are guaranteed, so that no matter how long the use of the results brought about by the use will not be any impact.

Followed by rotary heat press machine in the market when the price advantage of the relatively large, the basic printing machine manufacturers in the sales price will be strictly in accordance with the relevant standards to carry out, so no matter when the purchase, the price is not There will be problems.

rotary heat transfer machine

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What’s the Advantages of Rotary Heat Transfer Machine?

With the development of the technology, the rotary heat transfer machine is getting more and more popular. Today I will share you the advantages of this machine.

rotary heat transfer machine

Rotary heat transfer machine is a roll to roll heat press machine to print on roll to roll fabrics and cut pieces ,which is easy operation through continuous system ,Eletronic contactor switching for noise free and zero maintenance ,Rewind roller adopted to roll the finished printed paper,and use digital micro controller to control all the parameters like, drum rotation, temperature etc.

Firstly, from the side of the working efficiency. The rotary heat transfer machine is a wide format machine. So just from the transfer size, you can transfer a large quantity patterns at a time. So if you use it for the T-shirt or sportswear , you can transfer a lot in a time and don’t need to make this process one by one. This advantage can help you save a lot of time and cost.

Secondly, from the side of textile transferred. The working principle of the rotary heat transfer machine is to make the sublimation paper and textile under the high temperature and pressure. Then the patterns can be transferred successfully. Well use this machine for transfer, the patterns on the textile can have brilliant and vivid color. What’s more, the textile after transfer may also have high color fastness. So you don’t need to worry if the patterns would be washed out or shined out.

rotary heat transfer machine

At last, from the side of operation. This rotary heat transfer machine can help you save a lot artificial. Sometime only one people can operate this machine. Transfer speed is equipped with continuous speed adjustment system, feeding equipment is convenient for operation with swiftness and high reliability. Apart from this, our this calender heat transfer machine can have long service life. Of course it has one year warranty, if you have any problems about this machine you can contact us at any time. We will help you at the first time.

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