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Do You Know these Knowledge? – Choosing High-quality blanket for Roll Sublimation Printing Machine

Roll Sublimation Printing Machine is a roll to roll heat press machine to print on roll to roll fabrics and cut pieces ,which is easy operation through continuous system ,Eletronic contactor switching for noise free and zero maintenance ,Rewind roller adopted to roll the finished printed paper,and use digital micro controller to control all the parameters like, drum rotation, temperature etc.

Applications of  Sublimation Calender Machine

Roll Sublimation Printing Machine can suit for sublimation transfer T-shirt, large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, apparel fabrics, blankets, towels, mouse pads, scarves and other products in the piece, Especially the roll fabrics need to continuous print.

From above, now you have known about rotary printing machine. Then, do you know the blanket of roller heat press? It is one important part of sublimation calender machine. If you want to choose high quality felt of rotary heat press machine, you must know these knowledge!

What is blanket of Rotary printing machine?

Roll To Roll Transfer Printing Machine used Industry Endless blanket have a relatively high temperature resistance, our belt have two specification: 160-180℃ and 230-260℃. All of the felt belt could meet the different needs of different customers. The interior of the blanket is specially added with a kind of base cloth which are made of endless industrial silk, which can ensure that the blanket does not run out of position after being machined, does not arch up, has a long service life, and the shrinkage rate is controlled at about 2%.

The features of  Blanket:

1.The blanket belt adopts the imported high-temperature-resistant aramid fabric. And the medium substrate can be divided into two kinds,namely polyester dry net and Kevlar substrate.

2.The use temperature can reach less than 250℃.At the end of usage,the convergence shrinkage is 2% and the extending rate is 3%.

3.It is the transferring printing blanket belt special for all kinds of textile fabrics,curtain cloth and decoration cloth.

4.This blanket also named as Thermal Transfer Printing Felt, Heat Resistance Roller Sleeve, High Temperature Seamless Blankets.This blanket is the most important component of heat transfer printing machines.

5.The specifications of all the products above can be customized according to the needs of the clients.

Okay, These all above are my share about the knowledge of roll to roll heat press machine blanket. Hope my article can be benefit to you to choose high quality blanket. If you have any other needs or questions welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.