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How to Adjust the Belt Deviation of Sublimation Calender Machine?

How to Adjust the Belt Deviation of Sublimation Calender Machine?

Sublimation Calender Machine generally blankets before they leave the factory has been adjusted, because the blanket work in high temperature of 250 ° C, cold machine and hot stamping machine blanket appear the phenomenon of heat from the cold, when it began to transfer appear deviate phenomenon. Please use the following methods to solve.

Left one, the normal transfer, blanket, can open the car, the right to stop on the edge of large roller, blanket properly tighten under axial tension adjusting screw 4 the left side, right after unscrew under tension shaft 4 adjusting screw to the right.

If the blanket is still moving to the left after rectifying the deviation by the above methods, please turn the high speed screws on the right side of the upper tension shaft and push 5-8mm forward

Three, blanket right, can drive the car stopped when the edge of the big drum blanket left. After appropriate tighten the tension adjusting screw shaft 4 to the right, under the appropriate after unscrew tension axis adjusting screw 4 the left side.

After correcting the deviation with the above method, if the blanket is still going to the right at this time, please turn the adjusting screw of the upper tension shaft at the left end before rotating, and push forward 5-8mm.

5. Adjust the direction and position, please refer to the following drawing sample position.

6. When debugging the machine, please carefully learn the correction method from the debugging personnel. Please call the factory department for advice on the deviation of the blanket.

Matters needing attention of Sublimation Calender Machine

1. In the normal transfer if meet need to transfer the content is not ready, you can revise your speed properly. It is best not to stop, in order to avoid color deviation is too big, also don’t turn, lest appear shadow.

2. Machine is completed, will make its rotational state, because had just finished using temperature is high. After a halt after it might damage the blanket, reduce the service life of the blanket, must let the temperature within the scope of the security, order to shut off the main power supply.

3. If encountered blackouts in transfer printing, to turn the handwheel. So we can put the blanket out of the drum, is the most important aspect of cooling, estimate to a safe range later can stop running, but must always so as not to call don’t know when the power was turned off.

4. When the machine is running at high speed, it is not allowed to switch between positive and negative gears. So as not to burn out the fuse. Only when the speed is lowered can the positive and negative gears be switched.

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