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Do You Know These Common Types of Heat Press in the Market?

Each model of heat press is designed with its unique list of features and to carry a specified task. Other than this, these machines might look almost similar in appearance. This might prove to be a bit hard for people which have never laid an eye on this kid of machine before to distinguish between the different models.

Before you set out to purchase a heat press machine, therefore, you are highly advised to learn the different types of heat press machines available on the market. This will help you identify the one that will meet your needs and expectations (based on its features and specialty).

Below, we’ ll look at the main types of heat transfer machines that you’ll find on the market today:

1. Small Format Heat Press
This device is used if you’re planning to sublimate on t-shirts and small items such as caps, mugs, plates, and shoes.

rotary heat transfer machine

2. Calendar Heat Press
These heat presses are large format presses that are built for flags, large exterior banners, and other large soft-signage applications, as well as day-to-day soft signage and fabric sublimation. With the addition of table attachment to your calendar unit, users can cut and sew apparel pieces.

Flatbed Heat Press3. Flatbed Heat Press
Although they can’t effectively manage the kind of rolls and fabric sizes that a Calendar heat press can, flatbed style heat presses are versatile presses that can heat transfer onto fabric as well as aluminium, hardboard, floor mats and other unique media.

4. 3D Vacuum Heat Press
A 3D vacuum heat press is a compact desktop machine that allows heat transfer onto materials with a curved edge or shape. Sublimation blanks and pre-treated objects, such as smart phone covers, mugs, picture frames, sporting goods, buttons and others available for sublimation by this device.

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