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What are the supporting materials for roller drum heat transfer machine?

What are the supporting materials for roller drum heat transfer machine?

Introduction of materials for roller drum heat transfer machine.

Heat transfer off type substrate, paper (light, matte)

Release film or paper (coated with release agent) can be used directly, screen printing, offset printing, gravure. When using offset printing, please note: the universal offset printing ink needs to be permeated and dried, which cannot be printed directly on the release film, and a suitable gloss oil needs to be covered when printing (it is recommended to add wax paste, silicon powder, etc.). Offset printing ink directly to do the color fastness, after the transfer of color, can not meet the requirements of washable clothing. Transfer, when the temperature falls below the melting point of the ink before peeling. Peeling effect is best when cold tear is completed.

With high elastic transfer ink

Good adhesion, anti-fading, elastic, using 200 mesh -300 mesh, white screen used 180-200 mesh. Opening agent for solvent, 783.

Hot melt glue

Hot melt adhesive is suitable for cotton cloth, nylon cloth, chemical fiber cloth, for the spot ink transfer substrate adhesion, soft feel. Suitable hot temperature: nylon fabric 120 ℃ to 130 ℃, the swimsuit cloth 140 ℃ to 150 ℃, 150 ℃ to 160 ℃, cotton cloth hot stamping 6 to 8 seconds. With spot ink, screen printing 80-100 mesh, dilute solvent used ring has ketone, opening agent.

Hot transfer printing hot melt powder

Heat transfer printing hot melt powder has high bonding strength. Washable; Do not affect ink color; This product is harmless to human body and environment. It is a new kind of environmental protection material, suitable for various kinds of textiles. Transfer printing of leather, paper, wood and other materials.

Purpose: 1. Thermal transfer printing; 2. Make printing paste; 3. Screen printing; 4. Bronzing flocking printing; Make hot sols

Heat transfer release agent

Heat transfer release agent is suitable for stamping, heat transfer printing film, heat transfer label and so on. According to different properties, it can be divided into two types: cold tear release agent and hot and cold release agent. Cold tear release agent: the release film is transparent color with high gloss on the parting surface. The release film is transferred with the pattern. Cold and hot tear release agent: the release film is translucent, the release surface is bright, and the hot stamping temperature is between 120 and 220 degrees.

Matters needing attention:

A. 60 degree drying is recommended for release agent drying to improve the adhesion, scratch resistance, solvent resistance and release ability of release film.

B. Transfer of cold and hot tear type agent to PET to hot tear to smooth and cold tear to light; Hot strip paper to smooth, cold tear to matte.

C. Due to the high solid content of the original release agent, it can be diluted with the opening agent and used again. The dilution ratio of cold avulsion type release agent is 2:1. The dilution ratio of hot avulsion type release agent is 1:1. The release agent with diluent must be stirred evenly before use.

D. It is advisable to use 250-350 mesh screen, can be printed per kilogram of about 130 ㎡, printed twice is preferred.


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