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SUBLI-220Series Electric Heating Roll Sublimation Calendar

SUBLI-220Series Electric Heating Roll Sublimation Calendar

This sublimation calendar machine works with electric heat pipe heating.  Easy to operate.

Ideal machine for sublimation on paper on polyester textiles.
The Subli-220 series roller sublimator is a device for sublimating polyester fabric using rollers 44/60 inches (1.20/1.60 meters) wide, with a diameter of 22 centimeters. with which you can manufacture stands, displays, banners and much more …


This machine for sublimation works by means of resistance and pressure, it is a sublimator with heat and rollers to sublimate the prints on paper on polyester textiles and thus be able to obtain good quality images.

The use of this textile sublimator is very simple:

First, printing is done on special paper for sublimation, then it is passed through the rollers and the heating cylinder along with the material to be sublimed.

The sublimation equipment or furnace for sublimation polyester fabric has speed control and temperature control easy to operate.


Max. Of Work: 1.20 meters 1.60 meters
Roller Diameter:                              22 cm
Max Working Speed:                      3 meters / minute
Maximum Temperature:                              200 ° C
Heating Type:                       2 metal resistors
Digital Temperature Control:                                  Yes
Speed Control:                                  Yes
Paper Recovery System:                                   No
Emergency Button:                                  Yes
Work Table:                                   No
Feed Reversal System:                                   No
Automatic Plush Alignment System:                                   No
Voltage:                                 220V
Amperage:                                 21-27A
Weight: 160kg 200kg
Packing Size 170 x 43 x 55cm 210 x 43 x 55cm


Equipment for sublimation of polyester fabrics with which you can manufacture

*Blouse decoration
*Sublimation for Displays
*Shirt decoration
*Underwear decoration
*Skirt decoration
*Garment Decoration
*Sublimation for T-shirts
*Cap decoration
*Sublimation for Promotionals
*Sublimation for T-shirts
*Bag decoration
*Sportswear decoration
*Sublimation for stands
*Pants decoration
*Sublimation for Tablecloths
*Sublimation for ties


Can I sublimate any fabric?
No, it has to be 100% polyester fabric or polyester coated materials. if it is a mixture of
cotton and polyester, the integration of the ink will only be in
the percentage of polyester of the fabric and not in cotton.

What time do I have to set and at what temperature?
Regularly the recommended temperature is 210º C for 30 sec.


Does it require any maintenance?
Grease the cylinder bearings every 100 hours of work (every 15
days approx.) 60 grs. In each bearing. With high-temperature
grease between 140º C and 150º C graphite or silicon.

At what voltage does this equipment work?
Work at 220 volts.

Do you have a guarantee?
The equipment warranty is 6 months and does not apply to wear
parts such as resistors and plush.