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What are the common failures of rotary heat transfer machine?

What are the common failures of rotary heat transfer machine?

Common failures of rotary heat transfer machine

Tow the pulp

Under the flower pattern, some of the non flower patterns that are of the same color or different colors are pulled out. The reason may be:

1. The scraper device is too high.

2. The color paste is too thick, so that the fabric can not be absorbed instantly and is brought into the stripes by this later flower tube.

3.Flowers placed unreasonable. Generally, it can be solved by adjusting the cutter angle, the thickness of the paste and the knife.

Jump knife

The transverse striations left on the fabric are flicker due to the blinking of the blades. The primary reason may be that the scraper device is too low to make the blade flicker or the weight hammer pressure is not formed, of course, the flower tube device is not appropriate and the gear bite is loose can also form a jump knife.

Knife bar

One or more lines of color are formed on the surface of the fabric. The first is that the scraper has small notches (knife used for a long time, the surface of the flower tube rough, etc.) or sticky impurities (velvet, color paste insoluble matter, etc.) resulting in the color paste on the flower tube not scraped clean.


From the edge of the knife, some spots of color fall onto the fabric. This kind of blemish occurs easily when the scraper device is too low, the speed is too fast, the slurry is too thin, and the flower tube is cross stripe. If the adjustment can not be resolved, it can be covered with a cloth over the top of the flower barrel. In addition, if there are trachoma on the flower tube, the formation of color points are regular according to the circumference, and splash is not the same.

The field

The print patterns are somewhat revealing. Causes: fabric low efficiency, too thick slurry, too fast speed, pressure can not be, shade is too shallow. If the shaft is bent, it will form a left middle right chromatic aberration and even a field.

After knowing the causes of these common failures, do you know how to avoid them and make better use of the roller drum heat transfer machine?


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