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Pneumatic Double Station Flatbed Heat Press

Pneumatic Double Station Wide-format Flatbed Heat Press

This heat press machine is suitable for background color logo, photo image or picture on the products with flat, such as T-shirt; mouse pad; Wood engraving; Stone painting; etc. And for advertising, gift purpose with artistic and applied effects.

Full automatic machine, double working stations, use advanced, high-quality components, digital automatic control, accurate safe, very practical.

Suitable for all kinds of sublimation, solvent inks, pictures, logos, and patterns by transferring onto the textile, leather products. Also for velvet cloth and foam heat transfer printing.

Widely used for printing on clothing, umbrellas, advertising, footwear, underwear, swimming wear, toys and handicrafts of the sublimation transfer and so on.

Industrial wide format heat press can produce large surface shaving board, which provides wood-based panel material for furniture, stationery and desk products.

The large-format presses with a height-adjustable bottom plate, they’re maintenance-free, reliable and safe.

Industrial wide heat transfer format press machine is suitable for volume production printing sportswear, piece of cloth, snowboard, textile printing, metal …

Its benefits include comfort and ease of operation while maintaining consistent pressure control.



Model PM-6080 PM-80100 PM-100120 PM-120150
Voltage: 380v/220v
Power: 6kw 9kw 15kw 20kw
Temperature Range: 0-399 degree Centigrade
Time Range: 0~999 second
Working Pressure: 8kg/cm²
Printing Area: 60*80cm 80*100cm 100*120cm 120*150cm
Packing Size: 133*73*156cm 164*119*139cm 225*141*135cm 250*150*165cm

The heating plate surface with Teflon paint, dust, without high-temperature cloth.

The surface of the heating surface is coated with high temperatures and an anti-adhesive layer, which is convenient for cleaning and anti-oxidation.

Intelligent digital display constant temperature controller, temperature control is accurate (+ 10).

Unique front pressure adjustment mode, the pressure adjustment, convenient and flexible.

Digital display of electronic time, the process automatically issued a warning tone.

Two large working stations operating at the same time, fast printing and double your productivity, very suitable for mass production.















The temperature and time required for hot stamping are as follows:

Cotton: 180-220 degrees, 15-25 seconds
Polyester: 180 degrees, 40 seconds
Vinyl film: 160 degrees, 10 seconds
Chemical fiber: 150-180 degrees, 10-40 seconds
Hot drilling: 160-200 degrees, 10-30 seconds
Pearlescent board: 180 degrees, 60-100 seconds
Metal pendant: 180 degrees, 60 seconds
Mouse pad: 190 degrees, 50 seconds
Porcelain plate: 200 degrees, 180 seconds
Keychain: 180 degrees, 100 seconds
Ceramic: 180-220 degrees, 180 seconds