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Application and characteristics of ribbon printing machine, do you know a few?

Application and characteristics of ribbon printing machine, do you know a few?

The ribbon printing machine adopts intelligent energy-saving technology of the company, the intelligent controller, a number of advanced technology such as automatic repair smoothness. To ensure that the equipment has high control precision, good stability in temperature control and temperature equilibrium, easy operation, etc.

Ribbon roller printing machine of the scope of application:

1. The big drum, transfer speed, frequency conversion motor, electric heating, automatic put paper, cloth, cloth and paper.

2. Oil heat conduction structure, uniform color transfer printing, equipped with synchronous compression roller, mould positioning error is small, can transfer more ribbon at the same time, the oil heating device, even heating, thermal conductivity is strong.

3. Using the most advanced control system, imported components, automatic spacing, accurate, safe and long service life, microcomputer control, high precision, fully digital display.

4. Single and batch production, large diameter bearings, heating parts, system maintenance is convenient, constant temperature effect is good, continuous transfer colorless difference diameter.

Ribbon printing machine of the scope of application:

Mobile phone belt, camouflage belt, belt, belt, pendant and so on.

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