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What are the color mixing methods of digital printing machine?

Digital printing refers to the printing of expected patterns and colors on textiles through digital technology. Digital printing is used for printing proofing and small batch production, both convenient and cost saving, which mainly saves the process and cost of plate making and network making. The key practical techniques for proofing and production of digital printing are color, graphics and color fastness. The expression of pattern can be achieved through color separation and design software. Color can be achieved through screen display, color card toning, color measurement, experience toning and other methods.

The following mainly introduces four kinds of digital printing machine toning method, for your reference.

1. Screen display. To adjust the color of an image by adjusting the color displayed on the screen, usually by selecting or adjusting the color on the screen through the color menu. This method is very useful when matching colors or starting to mix colors. It is a common method used by designers. However, because the hair color principle of fluorescent screen is different from the hair color principle of dyes on fabrics, the colors displayed on the screen cannot be fully expressed by dyes on fabrics, and the subtle differences between the colors displayed by dyes cannot be clearly displayed on the screen. Therefore, this is a general method of color mixing, and cannot be used as an exact color mixing.

2. Color card toning method. Adjust colors by comparing the colors in the color card.

3. Color measurement. With the help of color measuring instrument, the target color block is measured, and the color measurement results are input into the computer, and then the color is printed. This method USES instruments to determine color and thus excludes many human and environmental factors.

4. Empirical toning method. The speed of its toning process, the accuracy of the results completely depends on this need operators in the daily work of continuous analysis, accumulation.

Digital printing technology and traditional printing technology are two completely different printing mechanism, digital printing machine proofing has become the mainstream production mode in the western printing industry. At present, more than 90% of the printing enterprises in Europe have adopted digital printing machine for proofing. These enterprises generally believe that digital printing machine has rapid response, low cost and good consistency of proofing effect. Digital printing machine has become an indispensable tool for the printing industry in Europe.

How does the calender heat press complete heat transfer printing?

How does the calender heat press complete heat transfer printing? Clothing drum printing machine is one of the heat transfer printing machines. It can be divided into different types and prices according to the diameter of drum.

First of all, according to the situation of printing fabric, the temperature of the clothing roller printing machine is raised to a certain height, generally speaking, it is between 190 and 220 degrees.

At the same time, the fabric and paper needed for printing should be prepared. If it is a cutting piece, the lining paper should also be prepared to avoid the part of ink and pigment exposed during printing sticking to the fabric after high temperature and affecting the overall effect.

Then as long as the material and paper into the clothing roller printing machine, until the cloth out of the time has been completed printing, the whole process is very simple.


It can be said that the clothing roller printing machine is a good choice for heat transfer printing, not only has strong operability, but also has low cost. However, it should be noted that the pressure roller of the clothing roller printing machine is in the state of high temperature and pressure at work, so safety is the most important.

Applicable objects:

Clothing roller printing machine is suitable for sublimation transfer of large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, clothing fabrics, towels, sheets, mouse pads and other products, especially for continuous transfer of pieces of cloth.


If you are interested in roller printing machines, our official website offers drum heat transfer machines of various sizes, and ensure quality.

How to solve the transfer printing problem of natural fibers?

Because transfer printing has many advantages and the products produced are also of great commercial value, it has developed rapidly since it was put into production in the 1960s. However, because it is only suitable for synthetic fibers with clear glass transition temperature, its development is hindered and can not be applied to natural fibers. How to solve the transfer printing problem of natural fibers has become a hot research topic at home and abroad.

So far, the main solutions are as follows:

1) Grafting denaturation, such as acetylation, benzoylation, etc. This allows the fibers to accept disperse dyes.

2) Surface polymerization. This method is to polymerize macromolecule materials on the surface of fabrics, so as to accept disperse dyes like synthetic fibers, such as polyester method, styrene method and so on.

3) Fiber expansion. Expansion phenomena in amorphous region of heated polyester fibers were simulated and disperse dye gas was admitted. However, the fastness is insufficient due to the lack of fixation with fibers. So this method can only be used in conjunction with other methods of fixing dyes. Polyethylene glycol (200 molecular weight) is generally used for fiber extrusion. It is not only an extruder for cotton fibers, but also a solvent for disperse dyes.

The common feature of the above methods is that natural fibre fabrics must be pretreated before transfer printing, which increases the production process and cost. More importantly, in order to clean the remaining non-functional materials on fabrics, it is necessary to wash and dry them. In this way, it is impossible to eliminate wastewater discharge and increase the consumption of heating energy, which makes it difficult to get rid of the heavy burden of traditional printing and dyeing production.

This natural fiber transfer printing method does not retain the characteristics of synthetic fiber transfer printing method, and is difficult to be accepted by manufacturers. Some methods still leave harmful substances such as formaldehyde on fabrics, which do not meet the requirements of environmental protection. In addition, after printing, many fabrics migrate over time, resulting in blurred patterns. Therefore, although this method has been applied, it is not ideal. Others use spraying pretreatment liquid on the part of natural fiber clothing and printing after drying.

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How to use the heat transfer printing machine skillfully?

In today’s printing industry, the technology is more and more new, and people’s ability to innovate is also increasing. The appearance of more printing machines perfectly meets the hot demand of the market at present, and the heat transfer printing machine is the printing equipment which is born with the trend.

Rotary printing machine process has a brilliant solution.

First,turn on the switch, press the general power button, the power indicator is on, turn on the heating switch, the green light of the temperature controller is on, and the machine starts to heat up.

Second, temperature setting.

1. Check the setting of the dial code before starting up the machine to prevent the blanket from burning due to artificially high setting

2. The temperature controller dial decoder digital dial in below 250 ° C, little green light to start automatic temperature control.

3. When the temperature reached around 250 ° C, red light says working temperature is to transfer.

4. Turn on the motor switch, turn it forward, and turn the speed control knob slowly from left to right to the appropriate speed.

5. If the temperature is too low when printing, set the temperature to be raised appropriately, otherwise lower.

Third, power off processing: in order to ensure the finished printing, please turn the motor belt pulley after power off, and it can still be transferred at this time with the same effect (note that the speed should be consistent).

Fourth, in order to ensure the service life of the transfer printing blankets, every time after the transfer, please dispatch dial the decoder to below 95 ° C, the machines continue to roll, until the temperature fell to below 100 ° C, you can stop.

What is the requirement of rotary printing machine for transfer fabric?

In the market more heat sublimation transfer printing equipment, small output, most of the heat transfer stamping machine to solve, for the small batch, small heat transfer stamping more flexible. However, for large volume printing, rotary printing machine is the best choice.

The rotary heat transfer machine also has certain requirements for the transfer of the fabric, the rotary printing machine is the best effect on the pure polyester fabric, because the cotton fiber is not dispersed dye color on the polyester blended fabric, the color to be lighter than the pure polyester fabric, large flower shape and “snowflake” (white) phenomenon. Pure polyamide fabric can also transfer printing, but less color, wet treatment fastness. The transfer printing process consumes twice the length of the fabric, the waste paper and the residual dye after printing are difficult to recover, and the printing color is difficult, so it is mainly used for partial printing of some fabrics, such as deformed silk fabric and knitwear, as well as some decorative printing.

Of course, roller printing machine is not omnipotent, nor is the transfer effect perfect. For cotton, real silk, linen and other fabrics pattern printing, roller printing machine is not competent. This had to be done by printing patterns on the fabric using a direct spray printing machine.

How to avoid the problem of short blanket life of rotary printing machine?

The blanket quality of rotary printing machine affects the quality and effect of transfer printing. Blanket, as an important component of calender heat press machine, is not a perfect body. Usually our blanket service life is about 2 years. However, due to the improper operation of workers often caused the blanket deformation, dirty, burnt or burned.

So how to avoid the blanket’s short life? Here are my Suggestions:

(1) Before shipment, we will conduct constant temperature finalization for the blanket to extend its service life.

(2) Special training will be given on matters needing attention for blanket maintenance and machine operation during machine installation.

(3) In addition, we have developed new functions of automatic preheating and automatic shutdown for this problem and machine safety operation. For details, please consult our business staff.

(4) It is suggested that the customer factory should be equipped with a master who can operate the machine specially, and should be responsible for the maintenance and care of the machine at ordinary times, and timely contact our after-sales staff if any problem is found.

Feiyue roller printing machine with dupont materials blanket, the use of special materials resistant to high temperature of 250 ℃, alkali resistance, acid resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion. Blanket surface flat, uniform density, good wear resistance. Stable operation, no deviation, long service life. Because the supremacy blanket has such advantages, so the supreme roller printing machine by the majority of business.

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What is the scraper method and the swing knife technique on the printing machine?

When cutting the knife on the head of the printing locomotive, two hands should hold the knife, and the knife edge will move up. Put it on the tray first, then lift the knife edge up and put it in the knife pot. Be careful not to hurt or damage the knife edge. As for the skill of putting the knife, it is only a general description of the printing machine because of the difference between the machine and the flower pattern. Printing machine to determine the height of the knife, that is, the angle of the size of the factors, should be based on the depth of carving, color paste properties, soft and hard blades, blade thickness, pressure size and other factors considered comprehensively, the knife placed high, small angle; the knife placed low, large angle.

1. Lines, moire, snowflakes, flower tips, dry pens and other knives should be lowered, and the hammer should be slightly heavier.

2. Flowers, full ground and other flower knives should be higher, and the hammer should be lighter.

3. The diagonal knife with horizontal bar and horizontal grid should be laid out a little more obliquely. The obliquity direction should be opposite to the oblique direction of the pattern, about l2.7rmn (1/2 inch), but also higher.

4. Easy-to-scrape color paste, thin paste, long-term use of the flower tube, carved lighter flower tube, the knife should be placed higher.

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Sharing tips –maintenance of the garment printing machine

Nowadays, people are very familiar with printed clothing, especially t-shirts with personalized printing patterns in summer, which are especially popular among young people. And because of the low cost and variety of making such t-shirts, they have attracted many young entrepreneurs. Besides the designer’s creativity, these personalized printed t-shirts are also indispensable equipment to complete the products.

At present, our most common clothing printing machines include the following, screen printing machine, cold transfer printing machine, heat transfer printing machine, hot stamping machine. As the garment printing machine belongs to the category of special machine, it meets the requirements of garment enterprises for small batch and multiple varieties of special machine. Therefore, there may be dozens to hundreds of types and specifications of the garment printing machine, and the classification Angle is also different. According to the printing driving mode, there can be pneumatic, hydraulic and computer classification. According to the printing method, there are rotary printing machine and flat printing machine. In recent years, some enterprises have developed and put into production of the cold transfer printing machine. Now, the printing machine can be directly divided into thermal transfer printing machine and cold transfer printing machine, and the biggest difference is that the former printing is required and must be heated, while the latter is completely temperature-free.

The maintenance of the garment printing machine is also an indispensable part. The following content will make up the clothing printing machine maintenance methods listed to you. I hope you can learn how to maintain the printing machine when you buy it. Main maintenance instructions of the garment printing machine are as follows:

First: printing machine bottom wheel, when cleaning the table glue, avoid the table glue to the bottom wheel. After cleaning, check whether the bottom wheel has adhesive glue.

Second: the air source processor on the garment printing machine should be closed and drained twice a day. Air mist oil, adjust to 4-5 drops per minute, and turn off the gas when refueling;

Third: emergency stop switch. In the use process, it is necessary to use as little as possible on the printing machine emergency stop switch to avoid the impact of emergency stop chain, tow chain, synchronous belt life;

Fourth: optical axis (machine movement part), twice a week on butter;

Fifth: joint head, drippable butter (one week/time, 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days/time).

How to prevent wrinkle when rotary heat transfer machine works?

The process of printing on the fabric with concave copper drum is called roller printing, also known as copper roller printing. The carved drum is called a cylinder. When printing, first make the surface of the cylinder stained with color paste, and then use sharp and flat scraping to scrape off the surface color paste of the uncut part of the cylinder, leaving color paste in the concave pattern. When the cylinder is printed on the fabric, the color paste is transferred to the fabric and printed patterns. Each cylinder prints a kind of color paste, if at the same time in the printing equipment installed several cylinders, may continue to print color patterns. Roller printing has the advantages of clear pattern gallery, full color and high productivity.

How to prevent wrinkle when rotary heat transfer machine works? The methods include:

Dyeing printing roller resists in dark cloth to offset some of the reducing agents; Work, scraper, sharp blade, low position, slightly heavy hammer; Surface finish of polished cylinder is improved; 1, 000 test eccentricity on automobile front cylinder; Color consistency, when necessary, control the lubricating oil properly; Insoluble azo dye printed fancy light cloth to prevent scratching, whiteness, often in the foundation of chromophenol, adding appropriate amount of sodium bisulfite (but should be noted in the blue green brown black salt, salt V should not be used.)

In the roller printing machine operation, if there are various creases. Some are due to the wrinkles of the semi-product itself, some are due to the crimp caused by the edge of the fabric, some are due to the uneven splicing, or tilt, resulting in uneven fabric tension and wrinkles, these belong to the process before printing should be corrected in time, especially after the mercerizing setting is difficult to correct some creases, printing. But most of the printing process of wrinkles, such as poisson locks, roller pressure unevenness, tension is differ, the distance of two guide roller contact is too big, printing part of moisture, special printing paste shrinkage and weight, cotton and wool step village is not straight, on both sides of the dry cotton pulp, and the expansion of the middle part of the other, there’s a big difference in the roller, tended to wrinkle. Creases and guides, uneven surfaces tarnish too much.

In addition, some of the molecular structure of synthetic dyes on the fabric surface, or too much dye, if frequent wrinkle problems occur, mainly because the accumulation of more dyes on the fabric surface does not easily penetrate into the formation of wrinkles inside the fiber.

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What is the importance and correct maintenance method of rotary heat transfer machine?

Women need cosmetics to beautify their appearance and maintain youthful beauty, and rotary heat transfer machine also needs proper maintenance. The difference is that the machine is maintained for its life, to create more benefits, to make it more effective for us to generate benefits and improve efficiency. If at ordinary times neglect to rotary heat transfer machine maintenance, the first damage is parts, resulting in a shorter machine life. Therefore, we provide some maintenance work and matters needing attention to avoid the loss of time, manpower and financial resources caused by improper maintenance. We hope that every machine will help you produce high economic efficiency.

Main maintenance instructions are as follows:

1. The air source processor on the rotary printing machine shall be closed and drained twice a day; Air mist oil, adjust to 4-5 drops per minute and turn off when refueling.

2. Joint head, drippable butter (one week/time, 10-20g), oil (1-2 drops, 3 days/time).

3. Smooth shaft (machine movement part), butter twice a week.

4. Emergency stop switch. In the process of use, to minimize the use of the printing machine emergency stop switch, to avoid the impact of emergency stop chain, chain and synchronous belt life.

5. The bottom wheel of the printing machine shall avoid sticking to the bottom wheel when cleaning the rubber of the table. After cleaning, the bottom wheel should be checked for adhesive. If available dry cloth wipe day wipe, or directly affect the printing precision.

Good clothing printing, only a good rotary printing machine can be produced!